What To Wear and What To Pack Going to Norway for Summer holiday/yourway2norway

Hi everyone, today I'm going to teach you how to dress smart and perfect for your

next summer vacation in Norway. Norway is a long country very far North.

But, here we are in Oslo today. In the south, this is Bergen and the West Coast with all the fjords.

This is Tromsø in the north, and the red line here, is the Arctic Circle.

Most of you guys do a huge mistake dressing like me when you arrive here at summer,

but at the end of this video, I will teach you the perfect way to dress for a comfortable, flexible

and for a cool summer vacation. Are you ready? Welcome to Norway in the summer.

And we will start with the shoes. Well, these shoes are actually ideal if you're going trekking,

mountain climbing, walking in Norway. But that's only for trekking. I mean, if you just coming

to visit, walk in the streets and in the cities and so on .... Water resistant sneakers are your best choice.

Because, even though it's cold in Norway, it's not that cold during summer.

And, you have to walk a lot in the cities, outside of the cities. And also if you're going trekking.

So you need comfortable light shoes, water resistant. Here the weather can change within hours.

It could be rain, it could be sun, it could be wind, and it could even snow a bit on the mountaintops in

the north, like during July. So what to pack then? Instead of this heavy very winter jacket that will only

make you look like a penguin and not very comfortable. In Norway. I mean, it could be sun, you actually should

have a sweater like this. Because it can be cold all over Norway also in, for instance, July.

And this is essential: A ... a .... A wind jacket, like this, because there can be wind.

Especially if you're on the west coast. In Nortern Norway, a lot of wind! It is not only the wind, so it will

rain a lot in Norway. So you need a good rain coat. But, with this under, you will stay kind of warm.

But I will tell you later the best trick. And some of you might ask, well, couldn't I just bring my umbrella?

Well, you could ... if you're going to use an umbrella ... You need to buy it in Bergen.

Don't bring your own, because I'm sure your umbrella is not suited for the heavy wind and the heavy rain

you will experience in the Bergen area in Norway.

Sometimes it can be nice weather. So, yeah. So, if you need a T shirt, you know what to do?

Check out our store. And then you will find a T shirt or something suited for Norway.

Because yes, here in Oslo it can be 30 Celsius degrees during June and July - and even in August.

And, actually, you didn't bring it, and you didn't think about it, when you were planning your vacation

to Norway. Sunglasses. Absolutely! Because, yes, because it can be sun.

And you know what? Bring a shorts too. Yes, you need a shorts too, because suddenly, it's very hot.

And if you are stuffed only in clothes like this, it won't work at all. But, I mean, this is easy to pack.

And then ... are you ready for the smartest tips? The best tip I can give you to have all the weather

conditions covered. You have all these items, against rain against wind. Then you need. And this is so

essential. You need wool! You need wool. But it doesn't have to be thick. You can have these kind of

very, very light wool stuff. And it cannot be polyester, acryl or anything like it.

It needs to be a 100% wool like that.

And you can even bring something like this. Ehh, I'm not sure what this is called in English.

And I would also recommend some thick wool socks, because in the end, you will be cold on your feet.

Then, just put on some wool stockings and you will be fine. It's easy to walk, you can run and all that

and you don't need to feel like that uptight penguin.

So these are actually the best advices I can give you. Wool on one side and shorts and sunglasses

on the other side. You don't need all that heavy extra gear. Like the jacket, like these shoes,

and all of that. It's too heavy. It will only make you uncomfortable.

Okay, if a me and Mads is coming to your country, what's essential to have in our suitcase

during summer? Subscribe, push the bell and we are waiting for your comments.

See you Bye bye! And, you know, welcome to Norway. We appreciate your stay here.