good morning everyone it's currently

about 6:00 in the morning

and I'm so excited because Trevon and I

are headed to Cabo

so we made it to Mexico it's our first

day it's about other like 6:15 and we're

about to walk down the beach to a little

restaurant hop some dinner


father dentist on



good morning everyone it is our first

full day in Cabo I think we're just

gonna spend the day relaxing and they



we just women got our fishing licenses

we're gonna go see fishing tomorrow but

today we just buy the pool


so a little update we were lost about 30

minutes but I think


going so today Claire and I we went out

on a fishing trip with my grandfather's

friend Domingo

we went out at Paul mia and we went and

caught three rooster fish today I got

one by myself Claire got one by herself

and then we both reeled went up into the

boat after we came back from that we

went swimming out in the pool and set

out in the Sun for a little bit and we

took a good three-hour nap when we woke

up we both got ready we went to dinner

down the beach at zippers it's about a

five-minute walk from us and we took the

fish with us that we've caught earlier

and they did a week or you catch we cook

and it was amazing


good afternoon everyone today is our

last full day in Cabo we still have the

majority of the day tomorrow before our

flight leaves but today is our last

actual full day earlier we went down and

we went like trinket shopping and like

looking for souvenirs and stuff I think

it was called downtown san jose del cabo

pretty sure so that was super cool I got

to go eat at a little rooftop Mexican

restaurant it was really good today I

think the rest of the day we're just

gonna hang out and go out to dinner and

relax play the games


it's our last night


on our way to a restaurant called the

seven seas that was recommended to us by

a guy that we met

it was also from California

I was looking at the menu online earlier

and it looks so good so I'm really




just found the most handsome crab on the

grass when the ocean is like way beyond

the fence that's over there and here's

this crab discharged


our last morning

they're watching this birthday


hey guys so we are back home from Cabo

it was so much fun so relaxing and it

was just nice to be able to spend time

with Trevon as a couple because we

haven't really done much of anything

just the two of us since Blake was born

so it was super fun but I hope you

enjoyed this video thanks for watching

like and subscribe and stay tuned for

more adventures bye guys