WE'RE GOING TO HAWAII!! Disney's Aulani Resort Villa Room Tour! #1




okay guys it's 4:30 a.m. today we are

going to Hawaii we've been to Hawaii

before but you guys remember the last

time we went I kind of fell off a bike

on a volcano and couldn't make videos

while we were there but this time

hopefully we get some good footage to

show you guys you know I gotta go wake

up the kids right now so a lot of people

wanted us to make a 3 a.m. video but

this is sort of like the 4:30 a.m. video

I don't know if anything weird happens

at 4:30 hey you come on get up get up

wake up wake up get up gonna miss the

Shane still dark outside

Evan Evans usually the first will not it

is an hour before he usually gets up I

think you're supposed to sleep on the


not the pillow sleep on you we got an

early flight so we can get to Hawaii

early in the day and still be able to do

stuff when we fly to Florida we get

there and it's like midnight but

Hawaii's the other direction so we gain

a few hours okay got my oatmeal


sleep on the plane girls are slacking

they went to the bathroom

that one's gay this one just have all

eight toes made it through security our

plane is boarding right now we're in the

back of the plane they got some island

programming on TV


playing Mario Kart for these

whoever places higher gets the dummy



yeah it doesn't really like onion






go find our bag hey guys we're taking

out of the car here at the car rental

okay we are lost and trying to find the

freeway we go under it

eventually we will get there and find

some pimp as we are all starving


there's a little lizard right there

right there oh you just wear that okay

guys we made it




under five on five

I got some jewelry

let's see what's outside

it's a little bright look it there's a

lazy river

we need to find the bathroom you need to

know where the restrooms are got a store

I see the Disney cruise ship

to watch cartoons in here


just leading us in the wrong direction

all right the girls are getting us look

at this place TV this must be my room

two beds whoa look at that it's like a

room in the bathroom

hey Mickey Mouse welcome to my office

here put my equipment right there

check out this snazzy bathroom your man

is called the couch this here's one bed

yeah a little hard but sure you guys can

manage and here's the other bed there

you go

voila hey there's the king the king

that's right here it is do you think

it's a TV well hey we gotta read the

instructions how to use a bed

you can't really watch TV on that okay

and then when we're done yeah so we got

a pullout sofa bed TV bed watch out

watch your head I just woke up look at

this microwave oven toaster dishwasher

and rice cooker and an ice bucket and

then over here we have a washer and


Oh Evans going outside don't fall off

the balcony let's check out the view

look at that lighthouse up there I think

it's pretty cool looking so this is our

view we got the backside we have a view

of this resource there's an ocean view

well we can see the ocean right there

but we also got the view of the four


and also the little pool area back here

and the parking lot

it's a nice parking lot okay so there's

the ocean over there we'll get a better

view when they actually walk down ah Oh

Evan Evans climbing the side of the


so Jill is out here on my balcony and I

actually have chairs out here hey what

you guys do the Mickey what I didn't

pick it up from charity up there really


he's a noodle what is this what can look

at me making this some flag yeah Jill's

all ready for bed okay mommy roll things

up like a ball okay so it's a 430 right

now we got here a little later that we

expected because of that mishap with the

plane but here let's set up office all

right guys we're down here at the pool

right now the only thing open is the

lazy river come on Lakes it's too cold

just go down the river wait








we're crashing into everybody


we're in some line to go on some water

slide and we don't really know what it

does or how it is but we're gonna try it


we're all plumper on her shoes and her





number two we got the rest

going solo this time




okay we're back from the pool and these

guys are falling asleep yeah we still

need these dinners but they're watching

TV we're gonna have to buy some food to

cook next time make it easy yeah we have

now our just flowers need some ice cream

okay we found the pizza place


that one's falling asleep there's still

one more piece there being right now

this guy wants to sleep they already did

all the chairs and their closest place

down my job they're gonna close okay

guys we're back in the room and these

little guys are out it's been a long day

but we're gonna have some more fun

tomorrow I'll be back to the pool and we

might even check out the beach so see

you then good night