‘Summer Vacation in Hawaii Gone Wrong’ 🌴 Official Clip | The Thundermans | Nick

Now here's a site they don't mention in the travel books.

Mount I Wanna Date Ya and Mount Please Give Me Your Number.


Sorry Max, the Gilcaster 600 X is a powerful machine!


Wait, don't go, I don't even know these people!


Max, this is supposed to be a family vacation,

so come over here and flex for us!


There's waterfalls on each side of this volcano.

Found the Weeping Volcano!

Time to go!

Oh, Phoebe, come, we're gonna take a family selfie!


Oh, er, aloha, um...

Do you have anything that could distract my entire family while I go wreak havoc?

Oh, great, thank you and nice fanny pack!

Said no one, ever.


Everybody say Thunderfam!

- Thunderfam! - Thunderfam!


Great, family!

Anyway, I picked up some brochures, there are so many fun activities here!

Oh, look, there's an art class at the crafts huts

starting in five minutes!

I wanna go there!

Of course you do, because you're not an idiot!


Here's a brochure for kite surfing!


- That looks kinda cool. - I'm down!

Wait, wait, wait, we're supposed to be doing things as a family.

Yeah, well, Hank, just let him go kite surfing

and we'll take Chloe to the craft hut.

Alright, fine but we are all gonna meet up later

at the Luau for pork time!

Er... family time.


Perfect, now everyone has a fun Hawaiian thing to do!

Go do them, bye!


- You can't just go off by yourself. - Yeah, tell her, dad!

Well, if I'm stuck with our annoying family so are you!


Max's horrible words are right,

you can either go with them or come with us!

Fine, guess I'm going kite surfing!

- Great! - Let's go!

- Wait, shouldn't we-- - Un-bury Billy? Yeah!


[music playing]

OK, let's start with the kite surfing lesson,

who wants to go first?

- How about you? - How about I hit you with a coconut?


- I mean, Billy, why don't you go? - I'm in!

Hey, hey, hey, where do you think you're going?

You need to film me kite surfing so I can show every girl on the island.


Both feet in the straps, awesome.

Now you're gonna grab this, you're gonna hold on tight.

Time for an evil distraction.

Kite surfing is the safest extreme activity in Hawaii,

as long as you properly train.

[wind rushing]

I'm not properly trained!



The good news is it's almost the end of shark season.




That thing is dragging him out to sea!

Phoebe, we gotta help him!

Wh-- where'd she go?


This is bad!


- Use your telekinesis to drag him back! - Ok.


My telekinesis can't reach him!


OK, there's no one looking,

Nora, try to use your lasers to cut him down from the kite, OK?




- Nailed it! - Nice, saved him!

- Help! - From the kite, not the sharks!

Oh, come on!



Hey, goggle slinger,

what's the fastest way to the Holimakalaka volcano?

You must soar with the hummingbird as he follows the rainbow

- across the hibiscus-- - Just tell me!

ATV, $100 an hour.


Charge it to Hank Thunderman.

[music playing]

[engine revving]


- You OK, buddy? - Yeah.

I think so, hold on, I have some water in my ear.


Much better!

Now to find Phoebe and figure out what's going on!