Spending Summer in New Zealand

hey everyone we a package you feelin for

a couple of weeks over the Christmas and

New Year period to spend time with our

family and friends to say we hit at home

as to Tonica but we thought we'd do a

quick stop up to show you guys some so

beautiful you feelin scenery

check it out


yeah shout out the cowboy just making a

quick stop off at the massive limit

Empire role here in pyroar because we're

going to shoot a little segment about

iconic things here in Kiwi land and

since pyro is on the way that are longer

if you're going in from Oakland you know

it all fits in perfectly alright do I

cut this out because I need to shoot the

scene now


Allu we're almost here now so I'm gonna

do an intro this is Yin

this is the place or the entry to the

place I'm pretty sure that's hold on the

ocean over there and then over there is

the tiny little entrance into the place

I think it's a abakada far we've been

here one time before someone's about to

pull up we'll be together okay let's go

oh yeah look at this place for a key

impressive right for a holiday huh lucky

that we have caller ID and hook us up

cuz we would not be staying in a place

like this normally yeah how I just

showed us our room whoa look at this

place which was the master river let's

go follow Kauai to the last the room is

this way he's sleeping now wing

that is a nice room and look at this

view oh wow we've seen a lot of awesome

bathrooms on MTV Cribs and things like

that this is like a page out of those

books check this out from this little

puddings yeah that's pretty bad see


pink pink I was what the person oh I

always have so about Beijing food all

right let's go take a look at this pool

oh man this place is just crazy how much

does this place go for not do some

advertising right now do you sell fish


yeah man I think it's a 1,700 a night

yeah six bedrooms about 13 people why

would I hire this place with 1,700 or

not look at the view wow we're in pretty

flash place right yin and I really lucky

to be able to stay here thanks to Cara

and ping ping can I get the drone and

take it up for a little bit of a view

around this entire area


he ain't about to do a tour of the place

so this is like its own self-contained

unit on this is where we stayed last

time with coming in yes but this time

I'm staying upstairs

how hang if you guys remember he was in

the monopoly the one that was locked and

it's got its own living area to another

bedroom so how many bedrooms is that in

total I mean his life



oh there's a really cool thing secret

room you have to push a lever it's not

really a secret room this is just a

pantry I don't ever remember seeing down

here oh it's your bedroom holy crap how

many bedrooms is this place


gumboots okay no more beer at the one of

our fellow youtuber friends was actually

asking us a question recently about what

was our favourite destination that we've

been to from our travels so far that's

Lana so shout out we've been travelling

for four and a half months and Southeast

Asia and Asia a very tough one because

all the places are really special in

their own ways as well

thankful myself China definitely has to

take the cake mainly because it's where

I was born and also just seeing some of

the like massive like bucket list items

like a Great Wall of China and also the

Forbidden City was just like yeah and

it's always awesome to see my grandma

anyway so then Vietnam was also super

cool with like nimbin especially I think

really enjoyed Ninh Binh I really like

annoy Hanoi yeah I like the chaos and

the hustle and bustle you really like

Hoya sounds like we just really we just

really like Vietnam and in fact we're

going back to Vietnam next year in

January because we've done like a lot of

the central Vietnam and a lot of the

northern Vietnam parts so we're going

south this this time around ho Chi Minh

we actually have some pretty big travel

plans for the year coming up so stay

tuned there will be a lot of interesting

travel and food happening on this

channel but these colors sorting out the

barbecue right over here

I was preparing my meal right now eight

states yeah things that Peter is really

sweet because you came and surprised me

with sausage before I even got the



how many cages days life 200 see

everybody having us y'all it's Christmas

Eve now 24th December and we are headed

over to my parents place to have a big

Christmas feast yeah

Peters parents will come join us soon

toots and our family we tend to

celebrate Christmas evil and then stay

up till really late and then open

prisons at midnight

yeah past couple of years we've been

opening them a bit earlier than midnight

cuz we can't wait

where you going mom those are months

prized heirlooms from China

oh good see what mom's doing she's gone

in showered now some makeup will present

what are you cooking them


yeah well pump it's my favorite one

because it's made with the chili going

that mom makes it's like the fried chili

slightly salty spicy so good and sweet

as well this is one of my favorite

things yeah the chicken thing raining

down oh man look at that so it's like a

dry curry and another one of my

favorites is this coconut rice because

mom always adds a ton of coconut milk on

it mm-hmm so much goodness I get some of

this potato too because I love potato

and mom bought a bag of like 20 potatoes

just for me I probably get through a

half of them Tim potatoes 100 mm-hmm

it's almost midnight so we did pretty

well holding out the feeder

yeah we got presents here for my parents

it's parents beam here yeah and to all

of you that are watching hope you'll

have Adam okay

amateur mistake I didn't pack an extra

battery and it just went red

phones now it is almost present opening

time yeah and to all of you guys with

you thank you so much for joining us for

the last couple of years and hope you

have an amazing 2020 welcome to any

channel hope you enjoy our upcoming

videos too got a bigger plan to hit

definitely lots of food lots of

traveling you know the good stuff okay

get your later