The truth about living in New Zealand | An American's point of view

the people there were so much nicer than

the people in california

i was so surprised i was like this this

can't be real these people are so humble

the people in california were just jerks

you know you know they didn't yell at us

it's kind of like a paradise really they

love to sing you know they sing they

they don't always sing in tune but they

sing they sing a lot

they sing loudly the culture there is

slower than the united states

it's very more family oriented they put

a lot of fat in everything but not as

much sugar

so in america we love our sugar right in

new zealand

the food will be fatty but it won't be

as sugary there's one crazy food that i

like the maoris eat it it's called kenna

it's like sea urchins and they get them

from the ocean and they like put them on

toast and it's really good

marmite is so nasty don't try it it's

not worth it

and then one time i had a like a raw i

think it was either squid or mussel

oh it was so bad so that was weird

fish and chips yeah fish and chips

that's a big thing and that could be

really good or it could be really

natural because sometimes they just put

the whole fish in there and they fry it

up and the bones are still in there

but that's kind of weird but mostly it's


the tongans eat horse you might eat that

i didn't and they put eggs on their


so love the hamburger then they'll put

eggs on it and the ice cream and the

dairy is really fresh

the cows you know they're pretty i think

they're free range over there so

when you eat the ice cream you'll be

like oh this is the best ice cream i've

ever had it's called tip top that's the


it's really good the milk is better than

here shepherd's pie

it's kind of like potatoes on top of

meat and vegetables

with some gravy wheat fix it's a

breakfast cereal it's really good

you could eat it with honey or with

brown sugar taro which the polynesians


it's kind of similar to a potato but


more filling it's really it's really


then there's a kumara which is a maori

food it's

kind of like a sweet potato but it's

sweeter it's kind of like

dessert but you eat it for dinner it's

really good the chop suey

which is kind of like vermicelli noodles

with meat and this

sauce i think it's samolin corned beef

the tongans eat

then there's this dish called the lou

they cook i think it's pork they wrap it

in these

i think it's taro leaves and they cook

it that's really good

they have meat pies so if you like go to

the gas station and buy some food it'll

be like

a mince pie you know they call soda

fizzy drink

it's kind of interesting they have this

drink called cordial

it's a it's basically like kool-aid with

a little bit less sugar and they don't

drink hot chocolate they drink milo

so they have nestle milo mix you put it

in the boiling water and you put some

teaspoons of sugar in it

and it's good you'll probably drink a

lot of that because it gets cold once

you come back to united states you'll

never want to drink hot chocolate again

you'll say give me some milo

if you eat at a samoan person's house

sometimes they'll have the manny first

and the women later it's kind of


the samoans and tongas they're very

delightful people you know they're very

friendly they like to laugh they like to

eat if they like you they really like

you you know

then the kiwis the european new

zealanders they're nice

there's a lot of older people there's a

lot there's some retirement communities

you know

you want to get some shoes that you just

slip on and off because

you take your shoes off before you go in

you know well i guess if you're eating

dinner you know make sure that

head of the table eats first or just

like says now it's time to eat you know

they have a day called waitangi day it's

kind of their independence day

they uh the maoris they sign this treaty

of waitangi with the british which

you know the british they like to take

over countries and take everything

but the maoris they like retained a lot

of their lands from this treaty

so that's important then this guy fox

day which is kind of like the day they

light all the fireworks basically

christmas in new zealand it's the summer

time so people go to the beach

at christmas is kind of funny you know

they don't celebrate thanksgiving


but we did once because one of the

families was like we want to celebrate


okay it was really cool well english in

new zealand is more british english

which i guess is the proper english you


instead of apartment they say flat

instead of the chunk of the car they say

the boot of the car

instead of dinner they say tea or the

maoris call it kai

a lot of times lunch they'll call it

supper they say sweet ass

which means if something's like cool

they'll be like oh sweet ass bro

which is like that's really cool or if

something is hard that's

be like oh that's hard ass or if

something is

ugly that's ugly ass it just means like

it's really ugly

so they'll put ads on the back you know

like sweet as pie

they say sweet ass like that kind of

thing they say heaps a lot

instead of a lot of they say heaps oh

that's heaps of food but when they say

like bring a plate it means like bring

something to eat it doesn't mean bring

like your plate i got confused about

that one time

it was funny like we say yes right yes

they say yes

like that yes they say straight away a

lot instead of that i'll do that

immediately they say i'll do that

straight away

but you'll hear some maori chants they

still have their traditional chants

they're really cool there's a lot of

teas and caves

compared to samoan and tongan it's

completely different than them

it's it's a lot more harsh samoan and

tong is very flowing and smooth a lot of

o's and odds and ooze

and maori is take a poo it's just harsh


and it's kind of cool you know i would

like to learn maori if i could you know