LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Ultimate Summer Travel Guide!

there is truly nothing like summertime in the city after six months of

hibernation the city comes alive from late May to late September in this video

is sponsored by DJI I'm going to show you the ultimate New York City summer

Travel Guide number one on my list is have a sunset picnic at sheep's meadow

in Central Park now sheep's meadow is a 15 acre field

located in the southwestern section of Central Park

it's a sea of green amid all the concrete in the glass and steel of the

city and it's the perfect place to spend a hot summer day the lawn is open from

April till mid-october from dawn to dusk in fair weather the meadow was

originally designed as a parade ground and it was once a potential location for

military usage which was strongly opposed so instead it was converted into

an actual pasture with sheep until 1934 today the meadow is one of the best

spots in the city to come and relax at sunset and have a dinnertime picnic when

I'm going around New York City you know a lot of the times you don't want to

have a huge DSLR camera it can be a burden but the Osmo pocket is so light

and so portable I can put it in my pocket and take it anywhere around the

entire city we're having an evening picnic here in sheep's meadow I'm

actually filming this clip right now on the Osmo pocket the best thing about the

Osmo is the fact that it's so tiny but it doesn't compromise your image quality

it also has active tracks so you can put this thing down and run around see the

whole view of sheep's meadow from the Osmo pocket it's all you need to film

your beautiful scenes in sheep's meadow it's such a juxtaposition with all the

solar skyscrapers on billionaires row off in the distance and then the endless

green in the foreground up you really can't get this scenery anywhere else in

the entire world my girlfriend Hanna and I have been

coming here a good amount so far this summer bringing some watercolors and do

a bit of painting or simply run around in the grass barefoot and have some fun

if you're visiting or even if you are a local you can't go wrong with spending

the day at sheep's meadow jump on a train downtown as the Sun sets and the

moon rises over the city for the next activity on my list stargazing on the

that's right stargazing in New York City each Tuesday night from April to late

October head down to 14th Street in the High Line for free stargazing put

together by the amateur astronomers Association of New York City the night I

stopped by you could see crystal clearly the craters on the moon through the

telescope I was actually shocked at how crisp the view was and on Sun lights you

can even see Jupiter and the rings of Saturn head to the High Line each

Tuesday night for a walk along the park and a chance to take a closer look at

the Stars for the next activity on my list I

recommend heading down to Brooklyn Bridge Park and just enjoying the lawn

right by the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge right behind me there you have all the

views of lower Manhattan financial district

you see One World Trade Center then over this way one of the most iconic pieces

of architecture in the entire city the Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1883 and

has become an icon of New York City if you're going to walk the bridge to the

park I recommend going at sunrise to beat the crowds it's a very unique

feeling to be one of the only people in such a busy tourist destination but I

think the most scenic way to get to Brooklyn Bridge Park from Manhattan is

by taking the NYC Feria the ferry departs from 34th Street in Midtown and

cruises down the East River giving you incredible views of the Chrysler

Building the eastern skyline of Midtown and of course the Empire State Building

the ferry only costs two dollars and seventy-five cents at the filming of

this video which is a pretty affordable way to see the city from the water once

you get to Brooklyn Bridge Park grab a bite to eat at Luke's org naw ciose for

some classic pizza stroll on down to the green lawn at the foot of the bridge and

taken the best views of lower Manhattan from Brooklyn

next up on my list is visit the most famous statue in the world

the Statue of Liberty is a colossal structure on Liberty Island I think it's

a hands-down bucket list item that everyone should check off their list but

get into the island is easier said than done

I made the huge mistake of booking tickets at 2 p.m. on a Friday

the crowds were out of control the line to get through security takes 20 to 30

minutes so make sure you arrive early my next tip is book well in advance they

have different levels of tickets with the most basic reserved ticket for

$18.50 which allows you access to Liberty and Ellis Island now the crown

ticket access will let you into the interior of the Statue and up to the top

these tickets were all booked out three months in advance so if you're looking

to come to New York City in the summer make sure to book your tickets in early

spring now once we got to Liberty Island the crowds were on another level I've

never seen a place so packed in the city other than Times Square so again my

number one tip if you're going to the Statue of Liberty in the summertime both

well in advance and take the first boat at 8 o'clock in the morning or if you

want to beat the crowds entirely for a very unique view of Lady Liberty you can

always just rent a jet ski the next activity on my list is jet skiing in the

Hudson now the best time to do this is early in the morning when the winds are

calm waters not too rough you usually be in a small group three four other people

let's go get it you just to click 15 minute drive from midtown Manhattan to

Pier 13 in Hoboken you will arrive at New York Harbor jet

ski tours I opted to do the New York Harbor tour which is just one hour long

the tour cost $160 plus an extra $50 for a dumpling

now before you head out the guides give you a full safety briefing and we were

told that no prior jet ski experience was required although I would not

recommend this if it is your first time on a jet ski the tour company provides

wetsuits and definitely needing them the tour runs from pier 13 in Hoboken down

the Hudson River south it's very very bumpy you're gonna get some huts and

water in your mouth and your eyes but to see the city from a jet ski I mean look

at this saying that you might get wet on this

tour that's a gross understatement the day that we went the wind chop and the

outcome tide made for some heavy I'm talking heavy waves in the Hudson

especially around the East River I swallowed a fair amount of East River

water which is pretty disgusting definitely not too proud of that but if

you plan on doing this go on the day with absolutely no wind and hot

temperatures we went in mid-june and it was freezing but all this aside it is

such a unique way to see the city speeding down the Hudson on the back of

a chest and my final thing to do in New York City during the summer time is to

actually leave New York City and head to one of the beautiful beaches nearby most

people don't know but a short subway ride or train ride or car away from New

York are some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world I recommend

taking a day trip out of the city escaping all the noise in the chaos and

of course when you're going on a little day trip you're not gonna want to bring

a huge bag so I have my Osmo pocket here you can still get those steady shots

running down the beach catching the sunrise again a huge thanks to DJI for

sponsoring this video comment down below your favorite thing to do in the summer

time in New York City and with that I will see you in the next video

let's go