What is the summer solstice?

it's a good thing it's not officially

summer yet because today does me feel

100 but timing is you know it's

everything and I guess we're gonna have

some pretty warm temperatures coming up

to greet summer we certainly are

tomorrow is the first day of summer of a

Thursday's the first full day of summer

because it cursed during the day

tomorrow and the heat will really show

up during the day on Thursday so spring

is fading away summer begins as the

spring just kind of runs out of time

5:09 Mountain time this is 709 Eastern

time so that is tomorrow just after 9

minutes after 5 p.m. we have the first

day of summer summer arriving so what

actually is happening here and so

basically what we have is the Solstice

it's comes from the Latin word which

means Sun stand still when the Sun

stands over had seemingly four days and

that's really the case what's happening

is it appears that the Sun goes from up

here to the Tropic of Cancer so what's

happening is it's as far north as the

Sun will be basically for us so that's

why we have with the earth tilted this

way we have the warmest most direct rays

of the Sun that's the Tropic of Cancer

this is the equator this is the Tropic

of Capricorn so with noon tomorrow

basically noon the first day of summer

you basically have it right over half

the tropic of cancer this is spring and

fall as the Sun makes its journey back

and forth this would be the first day of

winter with the Sun angle the lowest in

the sky furthest away from us so as the

sun's going back and forth it it goes up

it accelerates that it slows down this

is why the sunset is at 9:30 for almost

15 straight days because the Sun gets

here it slows down and it starts to come

back it's the first day of spring and

the first day of autumn that the day

length is changing rapidly but then it

slows down for that first day of winter

as well so tomorrow we've got the Sun

right there it begins here and it will

end here this will be yes a sad day if

you like summer times we're heading

towards the first day of autumn so the

summer solstice tomorrow 5:09 where will

you be hopefully you'll be watching one

of our newscast weather at box 9 now

calm if you have a weather question

excellent I'm excited for summer I know

finally taters here finally thanks guys

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