SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Summer School

good class this is how the P gives birth

you guys alright see you you got the the

palapa buzz

squiggly tail it's because I have your

report card here my dad's gonna meet me

since I got all F well hide beat YouTube

well you can't use the excuse that you

got one be here oh you just didn't apply

yourself throughout these other classes

you too sir oh you're more likely gonna

have summer school oh man I got all apps

my dad's gonna beat me well I mean it

might not be so bad I got one B let me

see what chef Phoebe has to say about it

pasta pasta chef peepee what do you want

to you I'm about to cook what could you

possibly want well today was my last day

of school okay and we got report cards

mm-hmm and my report cards really really

bad and I think when my dad sees that

he's gonna beat me again with a belt so

can you look at it and tell me if it's

bad I guess a quick look won't hurt just

hurry up or show me please okay here it

is chef peepee Oh God Epps in math

science history some work come on now

have you found all the classes you gotta

get at least

credit well I mean in attendance of beat

yourself by a Nazi there's a night go to

school well I don't go to school every

day you sure we're not gonna get in

trouble for this okay okay well I mean

school stupid and it was dumb people and

I turned in some of my work but the

teacher just doesn't like me and neither

does the printable and I really think

when my dad sees you I don't think you

want to be around here right now I'm

about to get beat by my dad well oh but

I don't think my dad's gonna fall for

that he wants to see all A's on my

report card oh he's gonna beat me so so

what do I do

what's your idea okay all right can we

get next one today okay yes phrases

coming on oh I love it show

oh nothing can ruin this

charleen friends is filmed in front of a

live audience

oh hi guys i'm charlie we're in a

library quiet

oh hello oh hello yes I'm principal

starting back and I'm calling to inform

all parents that their children received

up report cards today and I think it'll

be quite interesting if you looked at it

Oh Junior got his report card ha thanks

for notifying me he has to show me it

i'ma see where is that that looks really

good job looks really good yeah we got

you more okay

better not have one elsewhere all right

dad here's my report card I just got it

today I was about to show it to you hmm

maths you got an A plus plus I got a

little mathematician science a plus plus

you'll be a scientist one day history a

a plus okay history major English not

enough then what is it then um my

teacher said he would email you the Greg

for that one email me now you'll call

you and tell you this seems suspicious

let me get chef peepee to look over this

well no yeah sounds like pasta

I need you to look at Julie's report

card it's C suspicious oh let me see


and I'm not taking you

cuz I'm only watching charlie I wonder

who I'm gonna get thank you then jr. I

can't believe your father has me take

you to summer school that means every

morning my morning is ruined because I

take you that means nobody makes me mad

I'm sorry I didn't mean to fail what do

you mean I'm sorry please don't make me

go in there looks really scary no you

have to go in there you're going in

there you gotta take your summer classes

you're going just get the hell out of my

car doors get happy Mills nerd it's a

medical disorder no it's not your

four-eyes that's a medical disorder for

us begins in videos that's right home

hey hey no arms norms oh you got no arms

well you have ya know your eyes dammit

dammit I don't wanna go to summer school

he's stupid

yeah man this

I only feel one glass Joseph you're here

yes it's dumb

yeah you said it Joseph this is dumb oh

you're here yeah the boy you know you

gotta get in a well this is just dumb

everyone's in summer school I was gonna

be hello you got that guys Stein back

for all of you fellas welcome to summer

school bunch of failures no laughing in

my class

Oh mr. Stein don't kay

this isn't our culinary cheesecake

clothes well I guess my questions been


goodbye everybody anybody else want to

be the class clown anybody wants to be


anymore blackness I I have a question

what is it

are you our teacher no one's a teacher

he'll be here shortly

and now that's your teacher right there

you guys gonna behave if I hit one thing

out of him oh come on Asian guy hurt up

a teach these idiots Oh big class and

they're idiots but if they give you any

trouble just let me know and I'll crush

them okay come on crash that's right

hello crash my name is Jackie chew and

get some at school and you all here

because you don't do dumb I have a PhD

in calculus so I'm gonna make you all

small it's all does anybody have any

questions to start off the class mr.

Jackie Chu yes

that doesn't look like a name they look

like a bunch of scribbles oh well is

this time too well okay yeah Joe

Steinbeck's going so any more questions

class no okay so now we're gonna play a

fun real game we're gonna start on this

side of the class and you can't stand up

you gotta say your name and tell me how

dumb you are

and how you know how PhD in calculus all

right so go ahead

and say coming up my name is Cody they

have a medical disorder and I'm not here

because I failed I'm here because they

want to learn motor dude

my name is Tanner and I'm just so cool

the coolest guy ever

and I just bully everybody because

they're nervous and I'm here because I

failed and failing is cool

my name is Paul and I don't have any

arms and I'm here because they don't

have any arms hi guys my name is Joseph

his friend from school and I'm a turtle

I'm just really bad at school show nice

one here hi and did you guys know wrong

wrong wrong

you know how place you're cowgirls cuz

you don't you don't next okay um my name

is junior and I like toys and Happy


and I'm here because I cheated on a test

with a cucumber hi I'm pixie Goblin and

I really don't know why I'm here because

I was born like a few weeks ago hi guys

I'm Charlie and today I'm in class I'm a

learn all right hey let me holla

this should more black yo see I play

call of duty I get him kill streaks

though I'm healing my baby girl Delilah

I pull holes in the back of the

classroom to cool her back

so go ahead eat eat scorpions each


okay got everybody okay I got your boots

ready grass and it wears cuckoo wrasse

so I'm a hand on your button in your

it'll call for your homework for you

advanced calculus oh yes made favorite

for you'll look at a VHD for Tommy's

glasses and for you cuckoo wrasse I

don't wanna do calculus you can do it

could you dumb for you yeah parents for

dummies cuz Utah and for you YouTube for

dummies because you dumb for everyone

got A's let's walk okay

your homework is due tomorrow see you