Pest Control Summer Sales Jobs For College Students: A Catalyst for Success-

I didn't see myself doing the things

that I'm doing or achieving success I've

had because I didn't see the potential I

had I didn't know what kind of person I

was until I went out there and did it

my experience with altera is special to

me because it provided for the needs of

my family I was able to go to school to

not work to be debt-free when I

graduated college it's special to me

because it's shaped me into the person

growing up I wasn't really confident

myself well Tara helped me see my full

potential as a person I'm able to look

at something and know that I can do it

because I've done the hardest job there


my goals are to be a good father to be a

good support system in my family to have

them look at what I've done and know

that I was a hard worker and I have set

goals and achieve that I was able to

provide I was able to be there for them

cuz I I never had that

Haden's experience with altera has been

such an advantage in our lives it has

helped shape the person that my husband

helped him become an amazing husband and

an amazing father because of all the

totals and the things that he learned

working on Terra he was able to get a

great job right out of college

honestly after working for Altera he has

not had a tutor I think I would run a

few audiology practices here in

Indianapolis the first month I started I

was very successful I doubled what the

average person did in one month my first

year a murky the year the way I did that

was just implementing all the things

that I've learned

being persistent working hard making

goals and achieving tonight always

trying to be better always trying to

make my time more efficient Altera

who is a huge spring

because I knew walking away from this I

could do whatever I wanted and I had

that mentality looking for jobs and they

saw that and that's the reason why they

hired me the tools that altair gave me I

use every single day being able to

communicate running morning meetings

with my staff just making ourselves


Who I am is shaped by what I did