Ellie's Summer Fun in London!!

hey guys it's Ali and this week's theme

on sevensupergirls is some fun so I'm

gonna show you some very fun things that

I did this summer so enjoy the video so

as most of you already know one of my

favorite things that I did this summer

was I went on vacation with my best

friend Mimi and some of you may have

already seen the videos that we post it

together and if not you should check

them out but some of my favorite things

we did together was eat snow cones take

photos at the beach and went in the sea

and swam and there was some really cute

fish and Mimi named them the Minish fish

so it was a really fun time so another

thing that I got to do that was so fun

is I got to go on a day trip to London

so I'm gonna show you my four day that

everything that I did and it was so much

fun so we went on the train I'm not

gonna lie I slept most the way there but

when we finally arrived I was really

excited the first thing we did was stop

for a quick drink which was super yummy

and then the first place we visited was

Buckingham Palace and it was so pretty

so cool and the flag was up so that

means that the Queen was there so that

was really cool


hey SSG welcome to my crib


so then I did some perk sees outside and

obviously the Queen saw just how good my

curtsies were and invited me in to take

a quick selfie okay

I'm just kidding that didn't actually

happen but we'll get onto that bit later

so then I got some ice cream and I got

salted caramel which is my absolute

favorite flavor and it was so nice and

and then we went to some shops just a

few real quick which were really cute

and had some really cool


and not gonna lie I was kinda scared of

this guy he was gonna creepy but hey its

water and then we went to in wax museum

why I met this guy and that was a

YouTube section which was my all-time

favorite clothes village of his life and

there was TD was there you may have

heard of them you may know and then

there was also a sports section which

it's really cool

of all the Olympians so I got to do some

gymnastics he named you be me and then

also I posed with the Olympic torch

which was so fun and then of course like

I said earlier the royal family it

wasn't the real role for me it was wax

figures but a girl can dream oh and then

I became the Prime Minister so here's

some new rules that I decided to put

forward again and then we got to watch a

really cool show which was bordey it was

so cool and I had this really cool

glasses and a blue slushie which is my

favorite and popcorn because what's

better than that

so then we went on the London

Underground and we took a train to the

London Eye if you don't know what the

London Eye is it's kind of like a huge

ferris wheel in the middle of London and

it goes up really high and you can see

so many cool things is one of my

favorite things in London some of the

things you can see from it is the shard

which is the tallest building in the UK

Big Ben which is the famous clock tower

in London it's currently guitar makeover

and the River Thames which is a big

river in London


and yeah that's basically everything I

did on my day in London hey guys thank

you so much for watching my video this

week on sevensupergirls

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Sunday and I'll see you next week bye