Summer Christmas vs Winter Christmas | Southern & Northern Hemisphere


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for today's list is going to be the top

team differences during Christmas in the

southern hemisphere and northern

hemisphere if there's anything you think

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number 10 to start off our list today is

the most notable difference between the

northern and southern hemisphere

Christmases and that is the weather

during Christmas the northern hemisphere

is in winter while the southern

hemispheres and summer number 9 due to

the difference in seasons between the

northern and southern hemisphere it also

means that people are more likely to go

to bed at different times on Preston

disease but people in the northern

hemisphere more likely rooted early

whereas people in the southern

hemisphere are more likely to stay up

late to see if they can catch a glimpse

of stanton number 8 everyone in the

world who hears a real Christmas tree -

a fake one right well apparently not in

this subtly in the sphere it was wildly

popular to have a Christmas tree in the

southern hemisphere whereas real

Christmas trees and all the cranes in

the northern hemisphere number seven

even the presents received and awarded

of the southern hemisphere can be

different due to the fact that is summer

in the southern hemisphere

you have a lot of higher chance of

receiving some sort of outdoors gift

like a cricket see or lie low for a pole

and then northern hemisphere though you

can expect something along the lines of

an ugly Christmas sweater or sermon doll

toy like a board game number 6 most

people in the northern hemisphere

wouldn't be a tray travel on Christmas

Day due to the weather there is a high

chance of there being road closures so

it's easiest just to stay put but in the

southern hemisphere it is not unheard of

people to travel to multiple places to


day number five the hot weather in the

southern hemisphere makes for very

different activities in the northern


for example the fairly common to go to

the beach on Christmas Day in the

southern hemisphere forever diathermic

day number four there's one thing

Christmas movies have told me is that

people sure love going from door to door

singing Christmas carols or the

world-famous room where as if he did the

same thing in sudden human spirit people

would probably end up a three year

number three

poor old Santa the hate the southern

hemisphere must be very annoying for him

nose reindeer we needs a blower in

prison it's not unusual to see a picture

of the jolly ring man and a pair of

talks and thongs on his feet in the

southern hemisphere at least saying that

definitely needs to keep his coat on the

northern hemisphere though number two

while receiving a Christmas card is a

nice gesture looking at such cards often

causes those in the southern hemisphere

to lead our side just imagine opening a

card with a cliche stanza standing by a

blazing fire with a picturesque hear of

a snow-covered Mountain only for it to

be summer number one and topping off

unless this lake is food those are

northern hemisphere enjoys the winter

future and Christmas time the southern

hemisphere intro is December 3rd

replacing the turkey in egg nog for

things such as a barbecue or pavlova and

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