EVERY Country In The Southern Hemisphere

hello I'm second welcome backs on the

second channel jacory video this is M

series way to about drug free and the

world and stuff except when I'm talking

about the world and stuff on this

channel I'm usually only talking about

the top 50% of the globe the northern

hemisphere as it is actually known

because when you slice the globe in half

most of the people in fact you wish miss

video probably live in that Northern

Hemisphere and most of the countries

most of the land area and most of the

economy ends up on the top half of the

globe and this is kind of interesting

because it means that the global South

is kind of under represented on the

internet and in general and although

there's reasons for that because again

obviously all those other things don't

line up it does still kind of mean that

you know even though half of the world

exist down here you know a lot less

about it than the northern hemisphere

most of the world's famous countries are

in the northern hemisphere in fact the

three major powers in the world you

could say the US the EU and China are

all entirely in the norm hemisphere so I

figured with today's video why not talk

about exactly what's going on south of

that line by talking about every single

country south of the Equator every

single country in the southern

hemisphere and give me at least one fact

about them so you can learn a bit more

about them and you can understand the

global South bit better because fun fact

the southern hemisphere every single

country there has their seasons flipped

and a lot of the wins by the way also a

flip a lot of the you know like earth

temperature stuff also flip which means

that if you are in for instance

Australia you can celebrate Christmas in

the you know in the summer heat with a

BBQ whatever it's a common thing and

there's a lot of just tiny things like

that you don't realize until you talk

about the global south

so let's talk about every single country

one by one again mostly focusing on them

as a country not them in the south but

it kind of helps you understand what's

in the south of the world so we're going

to start with Ecuador because it's a

good example of one the fact that the

southern hemisphere is defined by the

equator again literally earth is roughly

a sphere object you cut it in half down

the middle that's what the equator is

and Ecuador is literally you know

Spanish for equator so it's named after

the equator on which it lies and it

mostly is below the equator today we're

only be talking about countries which

are mostly or entirely below that learn

if the equator because some countries

have the tiniest bit of territory or the

tiniest bit of thing

today we're in talk about countries that

are mostly down there like Ecuador so

yeah the fun fact about Ecuador is the

fact that it's named after the equator

which is kind of cool for today's video

it's also I have no to see and noting a

lot people don't know this but the


Islands the ones that are famous for you

know Charles Darwin's evolution fairy

are a part of Ecuador they're pretty

well separated from Ecuador they're all

the way over here but the Galapagos

Islands are a pop Ecuador and yet

without these weird islands which are

well apart from everything else we

wouldn't have that kind of thing and

given that later on we're gonna be

talking about a lot of island countries

which just haven't be in the south in

case you think they're kind of useless

you know without these islands we

wouldn't have the theories on which a

lot of the world argues and/or is based

on so yeah with that said let's move to

the second country which is mostly in

the southern hemisphere because again

when you look at the the equator you

look at Brazil you start to realize that

like it's super super southern and in

fact most of Brazil even the pots North

fit because technically speaking any

country divided by the equator they have

a you know like right now it is autumn

in the hemisphere I had to check that

one which means that it's spring in the

southern hemisphere so some of her

Brazil right now is in spring some is in

autumn again practically speaking even

when it's summer and winter they just

all kind of have the same season because

along the equator it doesn't matter too

much your day night is pretty close to

even but it is an interesting thing that

they technically have two sets of

seasons in Brazil even if they don't

treat it that way

also of note saying is Brazil is one of

the most again famous influential

countries in these southern hemisphere

in fact it's the you know like most like

populated blah blah and I would say it

is you know cuz I could tell you a

billion facts about like Brazil and how

big some fit cities are and how it has

some of the most populated cities in the

entire southern hemisphere but I could

also tell you about the fact that you

know because so many facts pampers

though you can learn so let me give you

my prediction about Brazil because

Brazil is in the BRICS group of like you

know fast-growing countries not

traditionally doing well but what would

you well in the future I think Brazil is

one of the countries that as soon as

like we get better at like linking land

together and terraforming all that sort

of stuff Brazil has so much land that is

just untapped and unkind of used right

now and so many problems of using you

know in the places that argues that I

think Brazil in like a hundred years is

one of those countries that could go

from where is now to like global soup or

at least Brazil and the South American

countries that go along with it

because it's worth noting as we move

into Bolivia right now that you know

because Bolivia is named that country is

named after Simon Bolivar

he was basically one of the freedom

fighters upset well South America to

very much simplify things and not really

get a perfect comparison its

like the in America more independence he

did that but for all of South America so

you notice how Bolivia is named after

the same thing that the Venezuelan

currency is named after and these fun

facts just go on and on and on for

instance so yeah Bolivia named after the

bottle / also by the way it's one of the

two landlocked countries in South

America the of one being Paraguay right

here so yeah Paraguay and Bolivia are

both landlocked they're the only two

countries in the entire world which are

landlocked outside of Africa Europe and

Asia the afro-eurasian landmasses it's

not because they're all connected to

each other on these are you know on this

big constant you'll see a lot of land up

countries outside of that in America the

Americas let's color as well as

Australasia and anything else you wanna

say there are no other landlord

countries besides Bolivia and besides

Paraguay so there you go fun fact for

you so I'm moving back up to Peru

because Peru is I feel like it's one of

those again really famous South American

countries everyone goes there at one

point you see YouTube videos there from

whatever however I want to should

mention that Peru is mostly covered in

the Amazon rainforest most people think

that because Brazil is famous for the

Amazon because they literally have a

state it's the state of Amazonas like oh

yes a Brazil EKOS Amazon right well no I

mean Jeff Bezos Equus Amazon but besides

awful jokes aside Peru actually has a

lot of the Amazon rainforest too in fact

looking at the Amazon rainforest you can

see how it doesn't really learn it with

national borders in the slightest and

yeah it's something like two-thirds of

Peru's landmass is covered by the the

CEO of the Amazon forest which means the

only 5% the population lives in this you

know 66 in the country most of their

country lives by the sea and as another

fun fact about Google Maps in particular

because that's what we're doing right

here today Peru

their capital is listed as the Lima

district but cording to any other source

I can find it's just Lima the city as a

whole I don't know why only one district

of their capital it shows up this as

their capsule on Google Maps but it does

and there you go fun fact about the tool

we using today and actually you know

just for a fun little switch things up

let's switch over to satellite the rest

of this so you can see what the the

actual world looking like as we're doing

this because you can always see like

near the equator as we do all of this

but let's move into the next South

American country because I wanted to

talk about Chile Chile is one of the

most fascinating countries which I guess

where she kind of need to see the

satellite view if the map view for this

one because Chile is one

the you know tallest countries for its

whip in the world you can see the height

of Chile from south to north is really

really absurd and because the fact that

it claims from Antarctica it has like

the you know the ratio of height to

width is one of the biggest in the world

it's one of the very tallest countries

in the world it's right up there in the

very very top them and there you go

have you ever thought to yourself I wish

there was a tool country the answer is

probably not and the reason there aren't

many tool countries because most

countries expand wider than they do to

the bay the best example is Russia right

it just goes all the way it just keeps

going east you just keep going east

until eventually you get close to Russia

again and the reason that you know like

that's possible is because generally

speaking for most of history it makes

sense to have countries with similar

climates because climate can lead to

culture and culture leads to nations etc

but Chile is the biggest exception to

that rule having a huge spread in the

temperatures the climates the people's

etc as you go north to south another

country that does a similar thing but

it's a bit fatter so you don't know as

much is Argentina so Argentina I'm gonna

give you the fun fact you kiss a lot of

people can be like else so you're gonna

talk about the whole thing no I want to

talk about the fun fact that Argentina

is one of the first countries to give

birth on Antarctica so the reason they

did this is because as you can see right

here Argentina the UK and Chile we have

a little bit of disagreements as it

seems about exactly what's going on vent

Arctica again most of the claims they

just claim by one country that's kind of

that New Zealand Australia France okay

easy as there's a bit unclaimed stuff as

well but then yes you can see the free

countries here disagree and other the UK

and Chile we're pretty much Chile about

chill eat about it Argentina is very

much asserting their claim and the way

they do that is by sending babies be

born and on tadka it's really absurd

it's dangerous the mother involved but

it's kind of cool again I'm not I I

wouldn't say it's a good idea in fact

I'd say it's a very much bad idea I

don't like that it's happening but it's

kind of cool right you have to give it

like that at least some points so yeah

there are babies being born in

Antarctica every now and then to prove

to the Argentine soil although it

doesn't prove anything to anyone they

just go for a lot of effort to kind of

make that happen so yeah next up we'll

talk about Uruguay and this is

interesting because you know this isn't

necessarily a geography fun fact I don't

usually care too much about football or

the soccer Zuma

cool it if you're you know outside of

Europe or if you're in America let's be

honest but the interim thing about

football is if you look at the winners

of the World Cup which I believe we have

right over here

you'll notice how it's only won by like

European countries and South American

countries and the South American

countries haven't won in quite some time

for size like Brazil and yeah Uruguay is

always on the list of World Cup winners

more have won more times by the way than

England or then Spain and that's because

they played it very early on when the

sport wasn't too developed so yeah

Uruguay I put a country with a

population of certainly low by the way

it's about 4 million they have won the

World Cup more times than a country we

have 40 million and especially more

times the country for injured million

and even more times than a country of

1.3 billion population and that's mostly

because they'd gone there early because

South America is just a country that is

you know the big on their foot boys it

turns out and fun fact you require big

part of that they got that you know

journey competition early and then like

kind of having that forever is one of

the big benefits of playing in something

like the World Cup nice gnarly so with

that said let's move on next to talking

about like if that's every South

American country covered unless you want

me to talk about the colonies but like I

said I'm not talking about countries

that are only partially below the

equator because otherwise you know if

you want to talk about like the Falkland

Islands it's not a country it's a part

of our way it might be powerful tennis

to you it's a part of either Argentina

or the UK

I guess South Georgia and the South

Sandwich Islands much much easier

situation it's a part of the UK right ok

so let's talk about it but the UK most

in the North hemisphere this is just

like an outreach post it's a tiny bit of

land it's not really a southern

hemisphere country which is why we're

gonna ignore a lot of colonies in the

south and instead we're gonna move on to

the you know the African countries

because a decent amount of Africa is

south of the Equator

not most of it most of it is north and

the sub-saharan area however if you

yourself you find a little country's

here so again only talking about

countries mostly below the equator which

in this case includes the DRC which is

the Democratic Republic of the Congo the

DRC is my it's a country that I like

bring up because whenever

colonialism comes up a lot of people

assume that I am defending colonialism

because all I say by the way is like oh


don't assume it was an all bad thing it

is not objectively bad on every level

they're a good

and there are bad bits and probably in

most cases the bad bits outweigh the

good bits that's all I'm saying

and people go so you're clueless right

and you're British so therefore you want

to colonize Africa again it's like oh my

god man you can't have a complex you

know opinion on the Internet or people

try to you know tear you to the ground

for it

however the DRC is one of those

situations where this is the excuse a

Oakland isn't it's awful then I guess

the DRC clone isn't it's just as bad as

you know like Canada or Australia or

something and yeah DRC is again look

into it sometime if you want to have a

horrifying evening I won't tell you too

much but I'll just say it was owned by

Belgium it's one of Belgium's only

colonies they technically had some other

tiny states houseware but it was

Belgium's big colony there was a

personal possession of their King at the

time so their King is just like you know

I want to make some mad money and he

gets a greet with the other you know

European powers that this slab of land

should be his so that's crazy to begin

with but then he abuses the Sabol and

again he there's no interest in

developing a country there he has no

interest in really even long term profit

he's just like I want money I want it

fast I got a bright people gonna do

SawStop and along the list of atrocities

is the fact that he chopped off a lot of

hands the number of chopped of hands in

the Democratic Republic of Congo is so

depressing you might think like oh yes

we're talking like what is that like you

know like you chopped off like you know

50 hands or 500 hands well that's a lot

of hands

no we're talking millions of hands

because for every bullet you shot yet to

chop up a hand it was a whole basically

DRC is one of the biggest messes of a

colonial thing and if you want to point

to be like oh yes so cologne isn't bad

this is a good example don't be like oh

yeah that one country that does really

really well today because of these past


that's colonialism in that's worst I

know look at the Aussie and be like oh

yeah that's that's that's that's the

peak that's sorry that's the the ball of

the dip and everything else is kind of a

step up from that so similarly nuff you

might notice how there's two countries

called the Congo there's the Congo and

there's the Congo and they're both

Republic of the Congo except this one's

democratic and this one I guess

apparently is not however again

interesting split there the basic split

is that you know this part the Congo was

owned by the French this part was owned

by the belt were owned by the Belgium

King and then by Belgium and then you

know eventually became independent so

yeah what we talked about the public of

the Congo it was owned by the French and

they are the smaller version but

generally speaking the better off

version and it's not hard to be given

the history but it is worth noting that

also their capitals Brazzaville and

concession at Kinshasa I can't say right

now but they're very very close to each

other with no fixed link even though

they're two countries they're very close

by as you might expect the name even

though their capitals are right next to

each other and they're both major

metropolitan areas they are not

connected by anything but air you take a

flight from one to the other and I can't

believe that's still the case you can

take the ferry to but it's really

unreliable I can't believe that in

2018-2019 almost that is still the case

but it is it's one of these things where

I want to bring it up from claims plan

just to really drag home how ridiculous

that is so next up we have Gabon here

Gabon is a French former colony and it's

also a pretty weird-looking country

right is that is there enough facts fee

I hope it is that's one of the countries

that's only obviously partially below

the equator mostly is and interesting

enough even though to the north it but

for a French colony like I said to

Norfolk we have Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is not below the

equator for the most part so there you

go fun fact or terrible fact I know you

can take that either way you want next

up we're gonna move on soup the fact

that we have Tanzania right here I want

to mention Tanzania because Tanzania is

famous but being a different name Park

Tanzania it was two colonies that

combine two British colonies and one of

them was sensible and do you ever hear

exactly the word Zanzibar you like so

where'd that come from

it was one of the two countries that

formed into Tanzania except again it's

not widely known I didn't know about it

so maybe I saved you and you're like oh

yeah it sends a bar that's Tanzania yeah

one of your two sensible go to Tanzania

and you know I want to go to Tanzania

posh lake maybe like ten percent more

just because I know that it's called

like partially Zanzibar it's like ooh

that's got some culture to it that

there's ends of our hoax and all these

other things

it's from Tanzania so let's talk a lower

fee because we've mostly been talking

about history and fun facts and stuff so

yeah joke free with Tanzania it does

contain Mount Kilimanjaro it is it is

worth mentioning which you know because

it's either famous mountain or because

you listen to Toto Africa which is be

very few lakes in the world which is

divided by free countries also they have

three lakes one each of their

extremities basically Tanzania is like

close to being an island in some ways

even though it's very clearly connected

to a huge blow of land they have a leg

to their South a link to their West at


and obviously the huge you know think

that east also there's a city called

sensible here isn't that a fun fact so

yeah well that said that is Tanzania

let's talk about Rwanda

so Rwanda I'll just be nice and quick

because it's a fairly small country you

know except surprising fact about my

other interests are flying a lot so

Rwanda is that airline like the name by

the way for a one-day catchy little

thing so the airline it's kind of cool

you know like it's it's just University

rated is like one of the best African

airlines because airlines in Africa are

generally just known as like below par

you know again I don't know if that's

too offensive to you but it is how it

seems to be veranda is meant to be

really good check it out sometime what

you might we don't want to check out is

Burundi because Burundi has the world's

lowest rating on the world's Happiness

index which is pretty sad if you asked

me to give the fun so with that said

let's move on to the next week countries

because we've got Malawi over here

Malawi is one of the countries which has

most of its era taken up by a lake in

the world a third of its land area is

taken up by the linked Malawi which is

named after it doesn't even get up an

hour to itself which is kind of tragic

if you ask me but there you go there's a

fun fact also as you can see two of the

islands around Malawi sorry two of the

islands but John in the Malawi area up

there instead in Mozambique belonged to

Malawi because that's how the it's a

really weird you know and claim exclave

situation but it's a water border so it

does it still count you tell me it's

kind of interesting though to me at

least so maybe as to you speaking of

Mozambique we're gonna be talking about

Mozambique splat because again these fun

facts they don't have to follow a set

theme we've come from Airlines to

happiness to Lakes to now talking about

flax so let me show you the Mozambique

flag because what I want to talk about

with it will become immediately obvious

so the Mozambique flag is famous for

having something nor the flag has you

might be like what is that is that a red

triangle some black green yellow combo

which I've knit up green black yellow

combo it's ninety first things it's the

ak-47 there are free flags in the world

which have a firearm and the other two

are like super old like you know rifles

of you know things this is an ak-47 this

is the world's you know most used I

don't know what this is doing here but I

do know it's kind of interesting so yeah

there you go

mozambique's flag is one of the only

ones in the world to have a literal

firearm and especially an ak-47 and it

just a really weird flag because of that

like again just no no in your head what

country has the coolest flag even the

least coke or the coolest or the most

sad or the most tragic or just the most

interesting Mozambique has got you

covered all the way here in East Africa

so moving from Mozambique let's talk

about Zambia and Zimbabwe because both

countries actually used to be part off

there yeah you know former colleague

British Rhodesia as of mildly fun factor

and my granddad yeah obviously he's like

pretty British and he's lived you know

he's like 70 something egg still refers

to like them in the news as British

Rhodesia I thought that was a fun fact

maybe you hate maybe you hate him for

that maybe you hate me for being you

know related to him for that you

shouldn't that's mean but that's just a

little fun fact about you but yeah well

that said Zambia to the north one of the

weirdest [ __ ] countries in the world as

you can see it's like this the reason

for this is natural borders the whole

river thing you know obviously the DRC

when it was just a person possession it

was like I want something to hunt we

just go all the way down to the river

and as you can see that whole thing

let's one of the messiest border

situations in the world it's fine

because it's Africa though question mark

question mark aside no it's gonna be

worth mentioning the Africa is one of

the most dense countries in terms

population in the world so next up we

have some bub way I've been doing a lot

of research into english-speaking

countries and into the Commonwealth

because future video it's like a it's

just one of those interests them like oh

yeah I'm just gonna keep diving into

this one and Zimbabwe is one of the very

few countries to leave the corn well do

you want to know why they left the

Commonwealth because they said that it

was neo colonialism and that you know

it's the white people keep him Zimbabwe

down and you know it's suspicious that

you know Zimbabwe is economy it

collapsed shortly after that clearly

it's the Queen's doing it's the white

people conspiracy to keep Zimbabwe down

as you can tell being very serious right

now and I definitely believe that it's

worth noting I have some Bob we and

friends who hate the regime and hate all

the things that happen there because I

love people when you know when

hyperinflation happens in a country like

Zimbabwe which is by the way the most

famous example of hyperinflation you

know the joke of like oh one trillion

Zimbabwe does that's basically a real

thing it's more real than that but they

read it nominated it so you never said a

trillion but still Zimbabwe over the

example hyperinflation and there are

some people on YouTube even have been

defending countries like Venezuela and

Zimbabwe hi

inflation's really good because you know

hurts the rich the most and it's like

you can't just say you're gonna hurt the

rich the most because my friend and I

was in Bob Wian friend I I assumed he

was rich in Zimbabwe by their standards

by the fact that you know he's rich boy

British standards even and the Spector

like he just got out of there whereas

the people in Zimbabwe still a people

who can't get out it's a terrific thing

on so many levels

and yet trying to be like well it's okay

because you know white people did bad

things before it's like no never to the

two wrongs don't make a right thing

definitely has to be true here and

hugging everyone just to try and spite

people you don't like the most

definitely isn't a good idea and

Zimbabwe look into it sometime if you

want to see why not so if you have that

said angry took a Trent out of the way

let's talk about Angola

so Angola as again airline talk has one

of the most interesting airlines in the

world there she flies to a surprising

number of destinations in Europe B yeah

Angola former Portuguese colony

colleague I'm not mistaken alongside

Mozambique he's one of those weird

things were like Portugal has a

surprising number of African colonies

but lawanda is famous as a city for

being the most expensive city to live in

the world if you look up most expensive

cities it'll be like okay expectable

like oh yeah so are you gonna find some

Japanese city you're gonna find

Switzerland cities you're gonna find

like Singapore you're gonna find a bunch

of cities up there they're really

expensive to live in and then at the top

of every single list always ends up

being lawanda and then some articles

that want to kind of hide the truth a

little bit from you will say oh yeah so

if you look at the price of a you know

pint of haagen-dazs ice cream it's like

twenty dollars if you look up the price

of a two-bedroom flat it's like six

thousand dollars it's it's absurd if you

want to get basic necessities by Western

standards but the truth behind that is

is they index the decides lawanda is the

most expensive city again a random

African city is more expensive than

everything else the index that decides

it is an index which base it on the

costs for expats so if your company has

to send you there and they want to give

you the same living expenses they will

have to up your salary by the amount

required for that and basically the

reason they do that is so that you can

have your same life regardless where you

go however in the wonder getting a

comparable western lifestyle is not easy

like the reason Haagen Dazs is $20 is

because who's buying haagen-dazs in

Luanda you know how they getting a ship

there in those quantities that's why

absurdly expensive there's a lot of

things like this like their country they

had civil wars they have to rebuild it

all so there aren't many housing

projects that have been built

specifically for you know expats so it's

pretty expensive the local people don't

spend six thousand dollars a month on

their apartments and yeah it's just an

interim like thing when people say

Luanda is the most expensive city in the

world it's kind of true like if if your

boss says to you tomorrow want to move

to LA under you need to ask for a lot of

money to be willing to do that but if

you know you think to yourself like all

those poor London's they can't even

afford haagen-dazs or you know a nice

flat or a company you know like a

Mercedes Benz car it's like you know

they in Angola

that is not the priority system they

have in place right now fun fact so with

that said let's move on next to Namibia

so I like me beer as a country because

it's interesting to me that it is a

German colony it was a German colony

obviously they got their stuff

confiscated doing some bad things the

first half of the 20th century but yeah

Namibia is interesting because it's one

of the very few places in the world

outside you know Germany Switzerland

Austria and [ __ ] and Stein or let's

just say outside of Europe where German

language actually kind of took hold it's

still one of the major languages there's

a and in fact a lot of Namibia is still

named after Joan thinks so this place

right here is house again I can't

pronounce German despite having had a

German girlfriend for those years all

those months maybe I don't know but you

know like house means exit and German

look at that Oh spike oh look there's

this just German all over the place I

looked at all these places there German

names all over no beer so ya know maybe

a slightly German kind of cool also used

to be part of South Africa which talked

about South Africa now I guess South

Africa interesting for having three

separate capital places there's Pretoria

there's bloom I can't say it anymore and

there's Cape Town over here so that's

kind of cool also Johannesburg it's like

the biggest city which I always bought

the cattle and you might think fit too

but it's kind of all those things which

like air there is no one capital

checkmate although they do a big airport

there so that's why you might think of

that that way also worth noting I just

bought this on the fly there's a Port

Elizabeth in both South Africa and also

one in other close enough it's late at

night as I'm recording this so my

apologies on that one however let's move

on to the next country because Botswana


here is an interesting country because

it is one of the very few countries in

the world that is doing super well in

terms of I guess any real measurable

thing they have you know the corruption

is the lowest in Africa their GDP is

growing super fast and it's just like

you know Botswana you don't hear enough

fat Botswana because they're not having

these terrible tragedies but SWANA it's

making a name for itself you know

so go Botswana everyone just like you

know give a quick thumbs up for boots

wanna yeah you go you have no corruption

unlike lots of the surrounding countries

so we I said let's move on next to the

island nations because I'm going to talk

about Lesotho and Swaziland soon

actually not right now switching the

order on the fly so let's talk about

Lesotho Lesotho has a king it's a whole

crazy thing and is that enough of fun

fact for you their border is really

close to South Africa it's at that

capital sorry really close to the border

with South Africa also there in the

South African customs union alongside

Namibia and Botswana and Swaziland or

well gets the name later but that means

that there it's basically like the EU

customary or like any other country

thing where it's just like the same kind

of area makes things easy they also all

drive on the left side of the road never

fun little fact for you next up we have

Swaziland most recent countries change

their name they've officially changed it

to East 14e but a lot of places aren't

changing it because they maybe they

renamed it in such an arbitrary wave a

lot of organizations just aren't

changing it yet that will become

official sometime maybe probably we'll

have to kind of wait and see on that

next up we've got the island countries

the biggest one is of course Madagascar

so Madagascar is a country let's you

know you know it from the movies with

the talking giraffe that's voiced by

Ross from friends like that's how you

know let's just be honest with ourselves

jump that one out of the way and say

that yeah if you look at Madagascar

it's fascinating gnarly because there's

a talking giraffe that sounds like Ross

from friends but it's also kind of funny

because obviously the people group

diversity is huge in Madagascar like you

don't realize one the size of Madagascar

it's a mega island it's one of the

biggest in the world in fact but also

the diversity within it is kind of crazy

and yeah it's one of those kind of

places that really is untamed in a lot

of places because it's huge and it's not

very populated and they do that do live

there a very much fun relate to each

other I wanted to bring that fun fact

for literally like a year and a half on

this channel now and just Madagascar's

never come up so boot checkmate

Madagascar is filled with so many tribes

look how many different tribes that are

they're all referred to as like

Madagascar gorian but like that this is

complex this is like a full-on consonant

style thing and it's one country so yeah

they get to use that fun fact and close

this tab forever now so with that said

let's move on next to tuchus again

that's Madagascar let's talk about the

other countries around here so Mauritius

is a novel island but these again French

colonies they're everywhere in this

region of the world and there's also

some British territory up here but yeah

let's talk about Mauritius so Mauritius

is one of those countries which is again

like one of the first East parts of

Africa and it's very very close to

reunify it's a former French colony as

you might be able to suspect and you

know can we leave there's the fun fact I

had a teacher when I was nine who went

to Mauritius on holiday and when she

came back she was nicer and she's like

gifted me a book even though I never

really knew her and she was meant to

people like best student and I

definitely wasn't the best in and always

appreciate her for that and therefore

indirectly I've always appreciated

Mauritius is that a good fun fact that's

a terrible fun fact sorry it's just what

we're doing today it's it's 119 a.m. so

as I said let's move on next to Comoros

so Comoros is a Island based country

intriguingly enough to me is the fact

that Comoros and way up which is a

French territory they're deeply linked

but miles apart France

whereas Comoros is this a full

independent thing they had a referendum

on they were had referendums on the

independence and may not decided to stay

with France but I can I find that stuff

just fascinating like why did they want

independence than they don't you know

let you can dive into be a whole bunch

but for today we can't do the deep dive

because we're instead talking about

Seychelles so Seychelles if you again if

you care about travel and whatever stuff

then one this is the channel for you but

also it's a kind of tree you've probably

seen on some like places like oh this

this airline flies the Seychelles well

that's all about

so yes Seychelles is at one it's one of

the few countries where every airline

seems to list it as Seychelles they

don't list that you're flying to

Victoria they don't list where you're

flying to they say you're flying of mahi

I think is the actual place they say

you're flying to Seychelles which I find

is interesting the second thing about

Seychelles that's interesting

is that they're doing really really well

they have the highest GDP per capita in

Africa I mean like is it Africa or not I

mean some islands all the way over here

but let's just say it's the highest you

hear in Africa and I think that's fair

however intriguingly enough to me is any

country that does really well in the

international world they get rich of it

the GDP per capita goes crazy high but

they also get a high income inequality

with the exception of Europe the richest

countries in any given region of the

world look at the Middle East look at

Southeast Asia of Singapore is always a

country that gets high inequality but

that means even though the inequality is

high it sounds bad it always looks super

often you know if you ideal not to have

that but then you see that even the

poorest there you know like the the the

poorest in a country like that do a lot

better than the you know the poorest in

countries where it's more equal around

them and it's just a kind of like key

point right there that one

you know like inequality and well you

know like just because people are poor

relation to others it doesn't mean

they're not poor but also it's

interesting that although I thought

would be a trend worldwide that the

countries that do the best in their

regions the ones that are most

international also are the most unequal

it seems as though some countries know

like in Europe do it the opposite way so

yeah just kind of an odd fact you know I

feed it through a point won't go at

first and then it kind of proves both

points you want it's proof so yeah no

real conclusions besides high inequality

and high income often linked outside of

Europe it's just one of those weird

things about the world and Seychelles is

one of the best proves off that so we've

gone through other countries today but

you better believe there's more to come

because we're here in Asia right now so

one of my favorite ways to mentally mark

the the equator because let's be honest

when you picture the equator you assume

in like ger fruit rain or something you

know half of the landmass but it goes

all the way down here one of my favorite

ways to kind of mark the equates and

mentally when you can't see it like

right now where's the equator who knows

is that Singapore is one of the closest

cities or closest major cities to the

equator it's just very slowly north the

equator it's basically on the equator

again like basically depends on how

close she is but it means that they're

you know their season varies very little

year by year it's kind of crazy in that

way and that if you want to mock where

the equator is just go slightly south of

Singapore and speaking of slow South

Singapore you know what countries there

it's Indonesia so Indonesia is the

world's fourth to fifth most populated

country depending on stats and lobe of

law however they usually meet

the fact that it's a one it's the

world's largest Muslim country Muslim

population in a country and two is the

fact that it's so diverse so Indonesia

it's a hard country to even pin down an


this is Indonesia so this is Indonesia

this is India

this is Indonesia this is Indonesia this

is Indonesia and so on and so forth and

yeah I'd love to talk about my

experience of Indonesia sometime because

it's like one of those countries I'm

like genuinely a little bit scarred from

my experience with like I sometimes have

like flashbacks which is not not good

thing that's like unhealthy

psychologically because Jakarta whole

story about that again sometime we'll go

into that but now in Tunisia is one of

the most amazingly diverse countries in

terms of geographic and cultural spread

every one of these islands has a

different people group on them and

there's a whole huge spread the only

things that really linking together is

the Indonesian identity the fact that

they used to be a Dutch colony which is

again almost as well by itself and yet

also the fact that they have that kind

of like I guess religion and shared

national identity it's weird it's odd

and that is Indonesia one of the again

also potential glowing growing global

powers potentially for the future so

that said let's talk about timor-leste

one of the very few countries in the

world which refuses to be called by its

English name its East Timor the east of

Timor Island if you don't know Tim or

isn't island / you guessed it Indonesia

and by Tamora and they don't want to be

called East Timor even though that's

their name in English there they want to

be called Tim or less because that's who

they are donít call them their thing in

their name I don't know how I feel about

that one again I've said I prefer

English as a international language not

because I think like oh you I speak good

and it's all better that way but because

like if we're gonna have names

it's fine to want to be called your own

name in your own language but dictating

what people in other languages call you

and insisting that people in other

languages use your language but only for

your name some people from in the Middle

East not even people from Qatar insist

you call that country Qatar and it's

like no it's Qatar it's like Qatar is

acceptable in English that's what we've

all agreed on they're like no I don't

care how language and the rules of

conversation work you will refer to it

my way of saying that's not how this

will work but okay well you're on the

internet so just to kind of fade away

from this with that said speaking of

fading away let's talk about Papua New

Guinea so this is a

former German colony you can tell

because that this moxie is up here it's

got some the situation actually to Tim

or less where it's half an island again

Papua is divided but what about between

Indonesia and between Papua New Guinea

and they've got a really perfect border

until this point right here and which is

dividable River so yeah worth noting

that Papua New Guinea is one of the most

diverse countries in the world in terms

of language they have over a hundred

languages almost two hundred they have a

lot of uncontacted people groups but New

Britain look how nice that is but they

have a lot of uncontacted people groups

around there I find that at least mildly

interesting that like this still people

to this day never seen the modern

society they don't know what it's like

to have past you know the agrarian phase

of humanity and I I don't know how I

feel about that you know like isn't it

weird that we have people they don't

know that I'm here talking to my camera

beaming across the internet and you're

watching this they're just like you know

you don't be great later not starving to

death that'd be that'd be awesome let

that be just the bomb and that again

maybe because it's one a endless so with

that said or so yeah so Indonesia shares

two islands with two other countries

Tim or less and Papua New Guinea at

least in the southern hemisphere they

also share an island with Malaysia but

that doesn't affect us for today's video

and burn I as well whole crazy thing

Indonesia and sharing islands they

apparently sharing is caring and

Indonesia cares a lot as it turns out so

yeah well that's it let's talk about

Australia it's finally here the one the

two countries everyone can name in the

southern hemisphere Australia New

Zealand right like no one's ever like so

southern hemisphere I can name Gabon and

Peru but what are those other countries

out there no the two countries everyone

knows Australia and in New Zealand I get

at least in the english-speaking world

of people who are probably watching this

video so Australia I kind of want to be

like you know everyone knows me already

so fun fact I'll just give you wrong

facts in Australia the language they

speak is Australian and over there they

also actually don't understand English

it all day there used to be a former

Gabon colony and you know I'm let's not

do that so Australia is one of those

countries that's so huge it raises the

question of like is it a big island or

is it a small consonant and the world

has collectively said I don't know and

that seems to be where we are right now

so large island is what we

today and yeah it's a large island that

proves that we have way more land on

earth and we need they have something

like naught point naught naught naught

something percent of the world's

population despite having a huge country

really low population density lots of

land left over if you're ever scared

we're gonna run out of land and you have

to live in a tiny box thirsty life buy

your house in Australia

except it's crazy expensive actually

counter-intuitively so if that said

let's move on to New Zealand

so my fun fact about New Zealand is that

it's two islands there you go fun fact

for you except no let me give you just a

tiny fun fact because when I went to New

Zealand earlier this year one of the

best countries that mean to you by the

way I still have a New Zealand shirt

just because of that one of the things

that I still regret not being able to do

is timing your trip to I wanted to go to

Queenstown really really badly there's a

lot of brilliant reasons to go to

Queenstown but I'm not here to advertise

Queenstown tourist destination except

actually let's advertise Queenstown as a

tourist destination

so Queenstown is one of the farthest

cities away from the UK it's really high

up in my I would love to go there list

but in terms of how can I reasonably do

that you can't it's literally one of the

furthest points from the UK you can make

on a map seriously it is again it's

pretty much the first point if you try

to go a little bit further the other way

you can see you have to spin around the

other side wall that's how far

Queenstown is but I still really want to

go for a billion different reasons

speaking of ability reasons if you have

a billion different reasons to buy

things if you have a million dollars

then your film well because Quinn town

has a really high millionaire population

very rich place and even Kim calm mr.

piracy man or mister man who runs a web

site that was just coincidental use for

piracy lives there too so there you go

fun fact Queenstown South Island of New

Zealand and it's one of the few things

that's like super high and like my top

ten need to go back there just to do

this country's is Queenstown

so yeah expect to see me there at some

point in the next like five years I

don't know I looked a clock for that

didn't really need to do that so yeah

that said let's talk about next up we've

got the South Pacific Islands so this

mess of countries honestly to this day I

still sometimes get a bit lost from like

which of these are countries and which

of these are territories and the answer

is about 50/50 so let's first of all

talk about the countries

then we'll just lately disregard the

colonies like New Caledonia just you

know France France exists over here near

near Australia what are they doing here

you know in Cologne ISM Empires whatever

so yeah that's talk about some Minoans

bus so samel islands are one of the you

know like if they're one of the former

UK colonies that are now independent

however interestingly to me is the fact

that they have an economy which is very

very low per person it's one of the

lowest GPU our captors in the world

their health care expenditure equals out

to something like 99 dollars per person

per think so

you know next time you fix yourself like

I'll we need to spend thousands a year

soul myeon spends 99 dollars and they

get probably support that but ya know

the thing about someone's that's

interesting is the fact that they still

use shell money in some parts today you

know money made of shells and it's

interesting that in the Western world we

assumed oh yeah the only way to make

money is gold because it fits all the

criteria it's hard to make but it's

portable and it doesn't break too easily

and in in Solomon Islands they decided

shells and a lot of posture this all

mines despite the fact that they have

their own currency the Solomon Islands

dollar the SI s with a line going

through it instead even though they have

a currency a lot of people still use

shells they're all the barter system

which is wild again it's like the

uncontacted peoples where it's like you

know you don't appreciate how not only

for advanced you are compared to humans

literally a few generations back but

compared to humans today in other parts

the world the the systems are so widely

differently advanced so yeah southern

islands concepts very high on the same

list of places to go but it is still

most like you know it would be

interesting next up we've got Veneto

which I'm sure i perfectly pronounced

Vanuatu which is one the most

interesting formally of recently

independent countries it's in the last

50 to 60 years because it was founded by

the Spanish and the Portuguese then it

became a French British condominium and

now it's since it's begun independent

its trained at Commonwealth again really

weird mixture of just things go on there

yeah this is a country which is a lot of

different European powers again what is

Europe don't over here oops what is

Europe doing over here on this side of

the world you might question and the

answer is finding some nice

to sell down on some with that said

let's talk next about Fiji so everyone

loves a good Fiji right Fiji is

interesting because the the way you

probably know about Fiji is tourism

right if you are watching this video and

you did know Fiji you know about it

because insert or something here and

what I find fascinating is in the same

way that Croatia is huge with

german-speaking tourists because there's

some amount of German spoken there and

like there's just that weird link Fiji

is really big in the English speaking

well and I know it's because people

speak English there there's the English

link but like not every English person

goes to every english-speaking country a

lot of english-speaking countries a pop

so of non English people the US and

Canada etc but Fiji is huge with even

British people and to get from by the

way Britain to Fiji there's no direct

flight there's no even really easy

one-stop float that's cute but there's

at most the time you're taking a lot of

stops to get to Fiji yeah just fun

packed for you right there

Fiji Oh chillin over here has crazy

tourism but mostly from english-speaking

countries and then weird enough it's

like english-speaking countries and

China and Japan and South Korea that's

like the list and it's like okay then I

guess that's Fiji and it's tourism but

yeah Fiji is also a country that's holon

right I could talk about it for days but

I'm not going so because I need to move

on to another country which is Tonga so

the second flag I wanted to talk about

today was Tongass and I'm gonna present

it without comment first of all this is

the Tonga use donkeys donkeys donkeys

donkeys donkeys Tonga use Tonka esque

Tong Geske flag that's what I've decided

on so as you can see Vin Jimmy about

this flag is if you look at it you would

assume know that Tonga was a colony of

Switzerland it's like when did

Switzerland get colonies so you know I

feel like I missed something there but

actually what this is meant for absent

the cross is that of this meant to

represent Christianity because they're a

very Christian nation again despite

existing here in the world they are a

Christian nation and so they're like you

know gotta represent you know

Christianity we've read the white means

purity because we're Christians so we're

pure and the red means the blood of

Jesus yeah it's usually most countries

read you know I'm sure you familiar the

joke red is the blood of those who

fought for the freedom of the country in

this case red is that of Jesus's blood

because Jesus supports the country maybe

oh yeah fun fact about Tongass black

this flag right here that you're looking

at is that Tamir is one of the few

countries that have made it illegal to

change the flag it's it's tied into

their their you know like their

country's law system that you cannot

change the flag of Tonga no referendums

no oh yeah let's let's update it this is

the flag of Tonga and it is legal for

them to ever change it so into one you

know 100 years when Brazil's going crazy

and all the other things have happened

this will be the flag of Tonga still

which is kind of nice so yeah that's Ted

let's move on next to talk about

everyone's second favorite Samoa I

should stop doing this one there's two

hostile country but yeah let's talk

about some more because American Samoa

you might heard about in one of these

like oh yeah you know how America owns

like random colonies all over the world

guess what one of them's Americans still

wants more all the way down here

surrounded by nothing else but yes Samoa

which used to be known as Western Samoa

but updated because smaller is

interesting for so many reasons and

today we're gonna talk about the two

ones that most interests me because they

switched they're the only country in the

world in recent history to switch from

driving on the right-hand side of the


like American Samoa which is America

it's not even like it's separate country

it's just a colony Samoa switched from

the right side to the left side so smoke

drives on the left side of the road now

and also Samoa is one the very few

countries to skip a day there's a 30 of

December one year they're like you know

let's skip it go straight to 31st and

you might say so I can't why did this

skip a day is this just like you know

like are they going like reverse

Groundhog's Day or what's the scoop with

that no so because the country wanted to

do more trade with Australia New Zealand

and Leicester or you know not less but

like be better connected to those

countries because the smaller lives in a

very awkward place on the the

International Dateline which is over

here I'll get it for you real quick it

lives in a very awkward place when it

comes to the International Dateline so

because of the International Dateline

basically running right through it it

can pick which side of the globe it is

on like even though the times don't

change the day can change they can

basically pick do we want to be today or

do it'll be yesterday doing will be

tomorrow or yesterday yesterday or

tomorrow but ever you want to see that

so basically small went from being one

of the last countries in the world yeah

- 14 hours from the UK to being plus 12

or whatever and yet just fun fact as the

Samoa skipped a day once and now you

know there was no furtive December in

that year they trench

Creek to the 31st so that they could be

on a better time zone for Australia New

Zealand and that is crazy fun right in

my opinion so with that said next let's

talk about to that loop everyone loves a

good to blue today and Tuvalu is most

famous for the dot TV to Maine so yeah

in case you think I'm not I'm going too

slow here there we go sped it up is that

is that good you like that

next up Naru it's a big hot-button issue

for Australians but I'm not Australian

so no hot buns for me so yeah Nauru is a

it's widely considered to be a client

state of a string it's basically like a

modern-day colony in some ways because

although there is a population on Nauru

they are interesting enough one one of

the least populated countries on earth

as you've probably seen enough video and

they too don't really have an economy

because they used to have a lot of

phosphate very valuable thing they mined

all the phosphate and now they don't

have anything else to do there so what

they do instead is Australia gives them

a lot of money and they house detention

errs from Australia so people want to

get to Australia and it's like oh you

shouldn't be here

they sent him to Nauru and there's a lot

of issues of that being I believe

inhumane but not really my place to

comment Australian politics you walk it

out for yourself if you're not sure Lea

and yeah Naru has an economy that now is

based on asking Australia for money and

doing favors for Australia which sounds

like a relationship gone wrong but is

what's going on over there so next up

let's talk about the I believe the final

country for today and is Kira bossy so

Kira batty it's Kara bassy apparently

but you know it's Kara batty I'm

sticking to that the my favorite thing

about this country I could talk about

everything but just to bring this to a

light-hearted end look at the names of

the cities in Carib a see we've got

Poland we got Paris

we got London we've got tab luckier and

with your banana those are the names of

all of the towns on their main island

and you know I just love this you know

look at the church it's just good Church

everything about everything about

karabasan their names I am down with you

know I don't know how this came to be I

don't know how you get your major

European city major European city local

name Eastern European country and fruit

that I saw on the table this morning but

that's how they named that guys I love

it I'm a hundred percent on board and

yet long story short is that i Captain

Hook hotel is the only thing that shows

up by the way there's four

there's no Google Maps location sir it's

just an island with fun names and

although there are things about cure

Bessie to make it interesting

they don't Easter Island they've got a

lot of interesting histories to them

because they're the native peoples it's

a whole thing

but cure Bessie I'll just bring this to

light Hoss then they have fun names and

you know we need more from the world fun

names for countries so I'm just gonna

make sure that I didn't check something

miss check something by just going real

quick scroll through the Pacific Islands

because one of the things about the

Pacific Islands most places in the world

I could tell you all of the South

American countries all of the North

American countries most African

countries most Asian countries easy on

from my head for some reason the islands

because they're not distinct geographic

locations so much like the Federated

States of Micronesia like is that that's

that's the country I'm pretty sure and

then the fact that like there's a lot of

colonies mixed in it's like oh yes so

tuckle oh that's I think New Zealand

again on the spot I I'm not even a

hundred percent sure you know there's a

lot of these weird kind of things to

them and like the Cook Islands what are

they doing over there

oh it's New Zealand again French

Polynesia well I mean that one's obvious

there's just a lot of weird situations

in the South Pacific because there's

just this big ring of violence basically

and yeah fun fact they're all really

high-ups all the equator there's this

big area of no Islands big area above it

I don't know why islands formed in the

places they did but it leads to a little

island groups and in those island groups

this is the most confusing one in the

world so sorry if my confusion is

offensive to you if you live in the

South Pacific Islands and you want to

tell me a fun fact about your country

make sure to email me also because this

is 48 minutes before we go anyway let's

talk about my sponsor today which is me

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I have train tickets booked it's a whole

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let me know I probably won't do it if

I'm being honest with you I probably

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maybe learn

at Paris in the meantime see ya old

bullish clarify I'm going to Paris

France Paris cure Bessie which is

clearly by the way look I couldn't fight

it like even even though I just zoomed

in it's like where is care Bessie okay

or do it we all perish cure Bessie even

though it's clearly the better Paris as

you can see it's very thank you very

much audience this video give me ideas

about Paris not gonna care of a Siwan or

and it was a Paris Texas two regulars

and there's nary a Paris and Paris Texas

is a pretty big place to it late so it's

a huge Paris they've got apparently

25,000 people living there there's a lot

of Paris's in the world but I'm talking

about the one that's close to me I live

in London

there's Paris you can see they're close

whatever this is this video the longer I

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that's why I love this channel thank you

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care goodbye