Which Hemisphere has hotter Summers, Why | English | Earth Science, Geography, Astronomy

we saw that while people in Northern

Hemisphere enjoy summers in July in the

Sun is directly overhead and tropic of

cancer people in the southern hemisphere

enjoy summers in December when the Sun

is directly overhead at the Tropic of

Capricorn so which region has hotter

summers the northern hemisphere in July

or the southern hemisphere in December

ideally both places should be equally

hot but like most things in life this

also has a catch so let's dig deeper

into this phenomena northern hemisphere

has summers when Earth's axis is tilted

towards the Sun so it gets direct


additionally summers in northern

hemisphere happen when Sun is farthest

from the earth so this means it gets 7%

less energy in summers and the summers

in southern hemisphere in December so

this should mean that the summers in

southern hemisphere should be hotter

because it gets more energy however this

is not the case but it turns out that

the northern summers are hotter and the

southern summers

let's see why this has to do with the

amount of land to water ratios in two

hemispheres in the northern hemisphere

there is lot more land by the southern

hemisphere has lot more water and

absorbs heat much faster and gets heated

up much faster as compared to water so

when it is summer in northern hemisphere

larger amount of land gets heated up

much faster in the summers in southern

hemisphere the larger amount of oceans

take much longer to get heated up so the

overall summer temperatures are not that

high water also loses heat slowly so the

large water bodies in southern

hemisphere which got heated up slowly in

the summers lose heat slowly during the

winters this leads to milder winters and

summers in the southern hemisphere and

all this is due to the much larger

percentage of water in this southern


so enjoy the slightly hotter summers of

the northern hemisphere or the milder

summers in the southern hemisphere

depending on which place you live in

thank you