One Day in Playa del Carmen on the Yucatan of Mexico


it's getting deeper and deeper

into the cave and we're

like waist high water the mosquitoes are

really bad oh my god

my back has like 20 mosquito bites yeah




so hey there hola from clay del carmen

mexico on the yucatan peninsula i was

last here

almost uh five years ago and i am

going on a day tour today to cenotes

three different cenotes cenotes are


lakes really amazing because here on the


there are no rivers and so the water

just dissipates

underground through underground aquifers

lakes rivers

etc and then you can go swim in them and

they are a very spectacular experience

walking down into the coolness of the


and getting into the pristine

clear natural water i'm going to walk

along here and show

some more of these cool murals and so

i came to uh mexico for i forgot the

fifth or sixth time now

just a couple of days ago because i'd

heard that cancun

and the general area of quintana roo is

the state here

was open to tourism now unfortunately i

can't really recommend

coming here because of what happened


show some more uh of the murals as you

can see the beach is right there

as i was walking along here then

there were three policemen walking over

to the beach now when i checked into my


and by the way i have some company and

you'll be meeting that person in a


she has been in a previous video just

once before

there you can see the beautiful

caribbean sea

and so when i checked in yesterday at

the hotel then the lady at the front

desk said that we could not go swimming

in the ocean you could only go or the

sea rather you could only go on the

beach and go walking around and that was

a bummer but we thought well at least

you can

do something and so yesterday we came

down onto the sand and we're walking

along the beach and then taking some


and a policeman comes along in a

four-wheeler and

stops us and says no you cannot even be

on the sand at all it is all blocked off

not allowed and

that might be the case until august and

so what's the point of coming to cancun

if you can't go to the beach

i'm not sure if it might be different up

in cancun itself it's about an hour uh

drive north from here but there are

fortunately other things to do

like the cenotes we're going to visit

and there are various other activities


you can still make the most of it also

it has been rainy

this is the first sun that we've seen

actually and well it's just been a

couple of days

this is like the third day that i've

been here but it was rainy and cloudy


okay let's go say hi to he's joining me

it's anna from

zacatecas and guanajuato and anna is a

world traveler

ah kind of yeah and where did we meet

we met into rovaniemi in the north part

of finland in the plan

yeah where i went to the arctic circle

and stayed at a hostel and we stayed at

the same hospital yes

anyways soon we will be taking off and

uh going to experience a

very uh incredible yucatan yucateca

quintana roo yes experience



we work in finance i'm from northern

california california i'm from

texas basically we're gonna be here only

five minutes i will recommend you

get a book repellent with you because

the cenotes are

in the middle of the jungle we have uh

we have these uh mosquito

anklets that you put on that maybe

hopefully it works you can use

it yeah perfect perfect nice deep in the


scary jungle a nice jungle with a nice


which animals are in this jungle years

deer okay like

is it a very small deer or normal size

tall also jaguars there's jaguars here


yeah wow sometimes kawati

what is spider monkeys raccoons raccoons

iguanas too much this is what

it's like it's

and this is the yucatan peninsula we

don't have a

open rivers here we're gonna see the

roots of the trees going down to the

underground river

and where are we on this map again

around like here or something

we are exactly here akumal

ah we're close to the sea still oh okay

so many mosquitoes

yeah even with the uh mosquito repellent


this is supposed to be a mosquito

repellent bracelet but when we

be in the cave there the bats will

control the mosquito population ah okay

that's good yeah see so bats are good

until i will get i will i don't i don't

know if i will

arrive yeah you'll only be half of anna

when you get there they're going to

extract all my blood yeah

so uh there are some trees

also the animals jaguar pumas ocelot

the earth white forks will come at night

for drink this water ah this is their


place where they drink water yeah

exactly and so there's all these bats

and obviously they're not uh vampire

bats so they won't

they don't they don't eat us like

vampire bats


maybe we have to get in the water and

that's where you get away from the


so cool flying around here

catching some mosquitoes as well yeah

that's that's what they're doing right

now is eating huh

wow and they're all like gathering on

the uh the bank of the

the water there oh they're drinking okay


and we got some catfish in here

freeze on top i see yeah there's a root

of the tree coming down from

the tree overhead yeah we're gonna


after 1000 years the weight of the

trees is too much and it sunk it


here that's what created the cave no

it opened the access to the only crown

size to the underground rivers

yeah but the theory say

65 million years ago

the yucatan peninsula used to be in the

bottom of the ocean

that was when the meteor hit that uh

killed the dinosaurs right

i think they believed that the meteor

that killed the dinosaurs hits uh in

in this area when the emitter crashed

yes the earth

it emerged into the air so and then that

pushed the ground uh

the undersea ground up and became the

peninsula you mean

yeah bird's nest right there yeah

also a nest of this

bees okay a brown ball yeah

and this is an example of the collapses

in the caves so this is a big circle

and a long time ago the rocks

and it all fell down okay yeah you can

see the edge all around the ring

so it's the same process the roots are

looking for water

then it cross the layers of the stone

and then in the same hole

the filtration of water joined calcium


the roots

are you doing better from the mosquitoes

it's a little bit less bad


the raccoons yeah anna's favorite animal

yes yeah

right there


so here's a print of it could be a

leopard or something

or ocelot leopard would be even bigger

yeah i think the

print of the ocelot is a little small

he's even smaller so what do you think

this is

lots of stalactites can't see

very much but it is really

really cool

we're going on a different tour or


something do you know what it might be

raphael like a fine vertebrate or


or maybe an eel like it could be maybe

an eel

kind of a fish or something



well this one is in the middle of the


from the first one i'm going to the

last one and probably it's the same


ah okay it's the same water the same


which town are you from

going to the tobacco

yeah cancun carmen tulum

and then it's more yeah

near chattanooga

yeah i was in chateau mall and went by

boat to belize

okay yeah you mean

no i didn't go to back i didn't know

about it then even though i was so close

this gabriel is the calcium carbonate

and it's the same within the stalactite

here an example

of the oh you mean on the surface of the

water a little bit

yeah yeah that's settling on the surface


yeah for example if you touch the water

with your sweat

it will push yeah all the way away

the same happen when we

touch the stalactite yeah in the same


and it's different when we drop

a rock from the same place it will open

the calcium

and after a few seconds it will


back up but this one is still open yes

it stays away

from it it's like oil also

and water acid ph that's why

it happened in the stalactites when we




and also in this part they kill millions

of mayans

i see and when they try to fight so

fight yeah because they had the better

technology the guns

never lost anywhere they never lost

yeah they also used to have

a whistle

yeah scared to other people when they

are going to

to the fight right oh they called to

call the fighters

okay exactly when they are going to uh

to conquest and small be lash they used

to use a

a whistle to scare the people from the

i see is it okay if i walk here or no

can i walk here and show it yeah okay



houses caves also childs

i see so they would have it in their

house maybe their house yeah

and here it's protecting the cave there

is a containment when people leave some


hey guys did you go swimming already

yeah it was

nice yeah it looks great

oh wow i can see the blue blue here we

can go

yes what's up we did the other two

cenotes did you do them yet or no no i

probably went the other way i guess so

the mosquitoes are really bad oh my god

my back has like 20 mosquito bites yeah

this guy just told me he's like your

whole bag is mosquito bites

enjoy it's really nice out there all

right this is just spectacular

all right you ready to go into the deep

yes come on fish

i want to make some french friends


one two three









no bringing food or drinks yes

she's breaking the rule as always

yeah you can't be adventurous if you

don't break some rules

yes sorry i'm not the kind of girl but

i'll follow the rules yeah

you prefer to have fun remember

the good girl go to heaven and the bad

birds got to everywhere