Summer in Phoenix - How hot is it in Arizona?

Summer in Phoenix. How hot is it in Arizona? That's what I'm talking about

today. So it's just after Labor Day here in Phoenix and it's going to be another

hot day with a heat advisory and they're expecting temperatures to reach 110 degrees and quite frankly September and Phoenix is kind of

like your last trimester of being pregnant. You just want it done. So just

how hot is it in Phoenix? Is it hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk? Well you need about 158 to fry an egg on the

sidewalk. Even on the hottest days in Phoenix it's probably not hot enough to

fry an egg on the sidewalk? It is too hot though to be out walking the dog, unless

it's early morning, late evening, or you have doggy booties. At an air temperature

of 95 degrees by about 2:00 p.m. sidewalks can get up to 140

degrees and asphalt can get up to 155 degrees. And

please, whether you live in Phoenix or Rochester New York or anywhere else for

that matter don't leave your kids or pets in a

parked car, even if it's for a few minutes and even if you're running the

motor. It's just too hot out there. With an outside temperature of just 90

degrees your car's temperature can get up to114 degrees within ten minutes. Within 30 minutes your car can get up to

129 degrees and within an hour your car can get up to 138

degrees. So you definitely want to buy one of these if you don't

have one already. So on a side note, what are the largest hottest cities in the US?

Phoenix comes in first with Tucson Arizona just behind. Las Vegas Nevada

at number three and at number four and five are to Texas cities. Del Rio and

Brownsville. Phoenix is not the hottest city in

Arizona. Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City, and Yuma are all hotter than Phoenix. But

it's a dry heat, right ? So let's compare Phoenix weather to a more humid area. So

here in Phoenix today it's around 100 degrees right now and it's about 31%

humidity. Meanwhile in Naples Florida it's about 91 degrees with about 68

percent humidity. When you take the heat index for the two areas Phoenix feels

like about 104 degrees while Naples feels like 107

degrees. So the dry heat thing, it's a true thing and it does make a difference

and this is the most humid time of the year. It's not uncommon to see a

110 degree temperatures and have about 20% humidity which feels a

lot cooler. How hot is it in Phoenix? it's so hot that you want to make sure you're

drinking about eight bottles of water a day. This is my first bottle just

finished it. So, yes it gets really hot here in Phoenix in the summer time but

you would be surprised that 100 degrees is really not so bad and the rest of the

year it is hard to beat our weather. I hope this gives you a better idea of

what summer is like in Phoenix and how hot it gets and if you have a home with

a pool all the better. In fact, I'll put a link of homes with

pools for you to check out. Let me know if you have any questions and if you

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bye . Alright so here's how the egg resulted it was not hot enough I have to

admit though this was a shady area so we may have to try this experiment again.