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sorry for the delay grad school is a

[ __ ] I'll try to post throughout the

day but it will probably be sporadic at

best I also didn't save my original word

vomit so I am going to have to reread my

journal to remember all the details

anyways I'll just jump right into it be

me first year of my undergrad has just

ended despite all the support I've had I

was admittedly driverless and depressed

my family started to take note of this

and came up with a plan to try and put

me on the right path as you can probably

guess from the last story my father

finally divorced her and gained full

custody over all my siblings we were old

enough to survive on our own but as a

way to try and make up for our mother's

behavior he tried to be more active in

our lives

upon hearing my elder brother tell him

about my general outlook on life he

decided this summer would be a great

time to spice up my resume he had be

bugging me to do things for my father

had become while not a rich millionaire

pretty well off financially from all his

hard work and traveling and remarried an

Ecuadorian women considering where we

started out it really shows what hard

work can do being a bio major interested

in genetics using my father's surplus of

free air miles and my stepmothers

connections they decided to send me to

the Galapagos Islands I feel like I was

such a jerk-off looking back because I

just didn't want to go I wanted to stay

home and just vegetate I wasn't spoiled

enough to even think about turning down

such though and left with complaint I

think it was early June when I landed on

the island of san cristobol despite my

hesitation it wasn't like I wasn't

excited about being there at all I had

two months ahead of me at long workdays

though in the hard work was daunting

made being there cheap a fo coming off

the plane I immediately was disappointed

by the hostel I was living in pic

related third-world living conditions

cockroaches and spiders the size of my

hand coding everywhere including my bed

and wild animals making every second of

the day and night as loud as they could

I lived and worked with dozens of other

volunteers from around the world and

would build bonds lasting to this day

with many of them

it's so funny how I was upset coming in

the first day because starting the next

day it would be the greatest and most

exciting two months of my life I even

held hands with girl for the first time

I could go on a million lime-green texts

about the whole amazing experience

volunteering there but this is slash X

slash and I wouldn't be telling this

story if something odd didn't happen

this story takes place in my last week

on the archipelago I worked my ass off

so much that I along with the three

other people in his story got the last

week to [ __ ] off while I came to love

san cristobol I wanted to spend this

time traveling to the other islands for

$20 or so you could take a speedboat to

different islands after mapping out our

final plan the night before we left

early the next morning got a huge

goodbye from the cutie pie French girl I

held hands with now for some background

on the people with me names are

obviously changed first there was max a

tall German with perfect English he was

there before iron was almost like a

mentor when getting used to the islands

despite his younger age next was an

another German but a short girl she

spoke again perfect English and Spanish

max and I didn't pick up all that much

Spanish at the time and finally was this

half Ecuadorian from Switzerland named

Andre I knew him for over a month and

while his Spanish was perfect his

English was pretty bad only slightly

better than my Spanish our end goal was

to arrive at the isla isabela and try

and swim with some penguins and do some

camping before then though we need to

pass through the central island Santa

Cruz it was by far the worst and most

touristy island I say this talking about

a string of beautiful tropical islands

so I'm not saying it was bad

just due to the timing of the speedboats

we had to spend at least one night there

luckily there was lots to do while we

waited there and we made our way over to

one of the beaches we heard about once

we got to tortuga bay alike saying this

beach is name we wasted no time jumping

into the water and swimming with the

animals as usual it was a pretty good

time but this was the first of a series

of bad decisions we made that would lead

to probably the most terrifying

experience of my life

I can remember that jerk-off Andre

saying in his broken English our stuff

open while he pointed at our bags we

left on the beach we told Andre to keep

an eye on the bags which he didn't and

as a result we were robbed thankfully it

seemed like only the money we brought

with us was stolen which wasn't too bad

since we had to pre-buy all our tickets

still this meant we had to cut back on

our spending no more hotels as angry as

I was at Andre none of us were watching

them so I couldn't be too mad we spent

the night sleeping on the docks watching

the pelicans get chased around by the

schools of little sharks daybreak came

and we hoped on our boat to Isabella the

normal trip time was three or so hours

but it took us almost five because of

the gale that intercepted us the sight

of the island piercing through the storm

was on the waves were so large and

powerful that the sound inside of them

crashing into the black pool be noticed

a kilometer away from the island in the

middle of the storm the peaks of the

island were covered by the clouds with

only the volcanic peak of the mightest

blowing through the clouds as haunting

as the island seemed I'll spoil it and

tell you this isn't another ghost story

as quickly as the storm came it passed

and by the time we set foot on the

island the Sun was shining we spent our

first day there familiarizing ourselves

with the island and trying to spot

penguins I love those little guys and

while I didn't swim with him I did see

enough to satisfy me with that off our

bucket list we went off to try and camp

out in the island we also took note of

how skittish the locals were the little

town we came to Puerto via Mele looked

like one of those pictures of an area

that was hit by a tsunami

another thing we had to watch out for

was the wild dogs on the other islands

they were at worst big and overly

friendly but here they were all big

aggressive pitbulls and other big dogs

that probably grew large on the local


either way we were determined to go

camping and we started on our journey we

decided to take one of the set up trails

and move into the wilderness of the

island at its end if you know anything

about these islands you'd know that this

is a bit of a no-no after a month or so

of helping the island from the damage

mainly caused by those ungrateful locals

we were regretfully quick to disregard

the rules on that

the customs between Island didn't even

care enough to stop us from bringing

machetes and camping equipment so why

would we care the five kilometers path

lead to an old wall known by the locals

as the Wailing Wall the islands were

once penal colonies and this wall was

one of the last standing parts of an old

sugar factory or something their

independence was bloody or so they claim

behind the wall was the vast expanse of

the island running hundreds of

kilometres I think to the north at the

end of the path we were meet with a sign

warning about hunters the locals like to

hunt the invasive species they brought

to the islands like the goats while this

seems like a good thing they would have

been completely wiped out if it wasn't

for the fact that the locals kept them

alive so they could sustainably hunt

them despite the massive size of the

island less than 2,000 people lived

there so we figured it would be pretty

unlikely we'd run into any one Andre who

would visit these islands before also

assured us we'd be fine and the locals

just had those up to keep visitors from

getting hurt we only had a few hours of

daylight left so we didn't have much

time to nut up the day's all feels so

short on the equator after a mile I'm

sorry for switching back and forth my

brain worked in miles but the signs we

and km or two more we started to set up

our first camp for the night it is

surprisingly tough to find a good spot

because of how the islands were laid out

closest to the shores were the beaches

which were either rocky were filled with

sea lions that out of respect and our

safety we didn't want to bother going

inward the beaches were replaced with

swamps rocky wastelands and mangrove

forests all of which we really couldn't

comfortably camp out in this left the

mountainous areas you could tell where

the clouds meet the mountains because at

those points the general rocky terrain

became lush rainforests the ground was

soft and the trees bared fruit settling

at about the treeline we started

breaking out our gear again thanks to

the shitty customs we smuggled a whole

host of gear we shouldn't have had

this included some alcohol as the night

came on everyone other than myself got a

bit drunk the two Germans were really

hitting it off so they shared a temp

while I was stuck with Andre I had to

clean up the little mess we made since

everyone was already asleep as I was

about to hit the hay myself I heard the

sound of a gunfire off into the night

I remember thinking out loud man it sure

would be dumb to get shot that unsettled

me a bit but not wanting the adventure

to end and being with my new friends

empowered me to get over it and go to


as it drifted off I remember the sounds

of raspy howling I managed to get to

sleep and in my next memory was waking

up to the Germans throwing a cup at my


with so few hours in the day we had to

get moving early we were low on food

since we didn't have the money to buy

more going into this so we began picking

some from the trees I got a bit too

careless and ended up falling from an

avocado tree back to the ground I could

hear my friends laughing at my

misfortune in their respective languages

that when the bush next to my head began

to hiss at me

I was surprised but after working with

the animal that came from so much I was

able to figure out what was going on

right away after a moment a giant

tortoise stretched through the bush I

guess the sound of my fall freaked it

out a bit as it moved completely out of

the bush I was greeted with a scared

shell of an at least 400 pounds creature

it almost looked like it was the shell

of a sea turtle his shell was hit with a

boat I didn't put too much thought into

it and we all left the site we liked the

view from the beach so as we moved we

headed towards the beach we had no real

set destination and we wondered the

beach about midday while we were taking

a break from all the walking we noticed

the sea lions in the distance bolting

for the water out of the blue a small

pack of big dogs were closing in on use

while we had machetes we were pretty

outmatched and tried to escape the dogs

were way too fast and we had no time to

pick up any gear that wasn't already on

us there was a patch of extremely jagged

volcanic rock that we fled onto

thankfully it was too much for the dogs

and they didn't follow us with some

extra motivation with me throwing rocks

at them

moved on I took note of an especially

huge pitbull that seemed to be the

leader of the pack the duds seemed to be

really booking it out of there at one

point after noticing something we had as

we were catching our briefs another

figure began to approach us it was too

tall to be a dog so we assumed it was a

local as much as I rather not get in

trouble after the dogs not really didn't

mind any help it was flying towards us

and it quickly became apparent that it

wasn't a person it was an old black

figure on all fours effortlessly moving

over the black box the littered the

ground it took us all a second to react

before yet again we found ourselves

running while it wasn't as fast as the

dogs it was more than able to keep pace

over the runs it slowed down as it

started to tell us just staying out of

reach while running the only feature I

could make out was its massive white

teeth but contrasted its black body I

think we all knew its hesitation would

last and we all bolted to some huge

cacti sticking from the rocks never

before have I climbed an object so

quickly I don't remember feeling an

ounce of pain that the spikes caused in

the moment the head of the Beast slammed

into the base of my cat tires I just got

out of its reach I looked over to see

Andre and his own cacti with the two

Germans in another I strained every

muscle to get a footing and not slide

down my cactus was just a single column

and judging by its reaction to the

impact not very stable

I picked the short straw as the

adrenaline wore off I got a chance the

study with creature now pacing around us

its most defining feature was its

massive head it took up at least a third

of its body it looked like it could

barely hold it

I was finally able to pick out its eyes

which were all beautiful its eyes were

huge anon blinking focusing on its prey

it snout had whiskers that seemed almost

comically long a little lower was its

mount lined with different teeth and at

least two sets of canines its body

looked almost like a dog's butt covered

in scales like that of a marine iguana

but smoother I started to notice the

pain from the spine sticking into me and

felt my grip going I called over to my

friends to try and think of the way out

the thing in responsible that had me and

again rammed my cactus for what felt

like an eternity we tried to communicate

with our hands whenever we could between

gripping the cacti evening was coming

and things didn't get better the blood

that pooled still at base of the cacti

was being sniffed and laughed at by the

Beast looking at the huge eyes and dark

body I figured this thing would focus

once it got dark we are able to

communicate to each other that we needed

to bolt for the rainforest an area we

came from we could climb the trees and

stay there till the thing moved on

maybe sensing our desperation the

creature moved behind some rocks only

after writing the journal did I realize

it was keeping for an ambush

and told me later that it was still in

view for her and it was focusing on me

with the deepest breath of my life we

dropped from the

bolted for the tree line the monstrous

form of the creature left from the rocks

and gave chase like it was [ __ ] with

us by staying just out of reach about

100 feet from the tree line the creature

seemed to be over with playing with us

and lunch dippy it let out that rasp

before I remembered from the night

before as it closed in max being a

[ __ ] burrow through his machete at

the think raising its face it seemed

like this save brought us enough time

but at the same time and lost her

footing and [ __ ] up her ankle the roar

startled her max threw one of her arms

over her shoulder and after being saved

I rushed over to help Andre was well

into a tree already as we dragged her to

the tree line the thing followed but

kept some distance we dragged her up a

huge avocado tree or maybe we were next

to Alba kado tree it seemed like the

thing could climb and again just passed

around the trees for a bit our footing

was perfect in the trees and it seemed

like it figured that out quickly

defeated it left into the night behind

those deep eyes was a thinking creature

later in life I learned a lot about

vertebrate evolution in college one

group of creatures drew my attention

like no other synapsids or stem mammals

are the group of reptiles that would

eventually lead to modern mammals before

the dinosaurs they ruled the land out of

them came the therapsids which further

brought them to a mammal-like state my

teacher owned a cast of a creature

belonging to the order and I was shocked

with how similar looked to the creature

I saw in the past I am quite certain

looking back that this animal is a

member of one such creature from the

order Gorgon opposite the resemblance to

pick related is unnerving to me it took

us a moment to talk we didn't say a word

about what happened and just talked

about getting the [ __ ] out of there with

some rope we tied an up to the tree and

applied the first tad it was clear Anne

was gonna need some help to move

anywhere we tried our best to rest in

the trees but the sound of pitter

pattering feet kept us on edge while it

seemed to come from much smaller

creatures it was clear there was more

than one out there my heart dropped as I

heard the sound of cracking the only

thing I could compare it to was the

sounds from a video of an alligator

eating a turtle what was going on out

there probably wasn't too different

further up the mountain we could see

fire and hear gunshots

Andre muttered we should need go up

we agreed but would wait till next

morning going down there with no

visibility wasn't an option morning came

and while we weren't well-rested we were

ready to move out we decided that we

would leave and in the canopy and come

back with help

max grabbed her hand and promised her

he'd be back for her it was in German

but I like to imagine he said something

along those lines the peak ended up

being on a whole different mountain by

midday it became clear that it would get

dark before we got there

evening came and we ascended the

mountain we were sent into a panic as we

heard the sound of dogs behind us the

brush was being disturbed violently

enough for us to hear it a ways back our

spring of activity also sent a more

nearby patch of foliage into a fit as

well the mountainside became so steep we

ended up crawling on our hands and feet

we shot through the tree line onto

flattened land we were quickly noticed

by the various dogs chained to trees

which barked their alarms any one of

those things would have [ __ ] us up the

locals crawled out their shacks kicking

glass bottles out of their way as they

move towards us they were carrying

weapons which at least in the moment

seemed natural since we just barged into

their little town in the night one with

a bat walked up to use and shouted

something in Spanish at us I'm not sure

about max but I was at least not in a

state to understand Spanish in the

moment whatever he said though made

Andres face pale the two seemed to argue

in Spanish for a moment before Andre

motioned his hands at Max and I I was

just beginning to adjust and I was

pretty sure he was selling us out out of

nowhere the man smashed the bat on

Andres head without a second thought Max

and I threw ourselves down the mountain

through the treeline the sound of

firearms going off and the dogs bolt and

got us back on our feet from the fallen

running the commotion of us moving

through the brush and the dogs now

barreling down the mountain drew out an

animal that was probably following us up

the mountain it was another one of those

black things but much smaller than the

one that chased us coming out into the

open between us and the dogs it was

mauled instantly I almost felt bad as I

glanced back at it in the moment even

though the sounds of gunfire didn't stop

the dogs seemed preoccupied yet again I

was saved by chance we ran through the

night on high-alert picking fruit when

we passed them by late morning we

managed to return to where we laughed at

after explaining the situation to n we

were stumped it seemed like the only way

to get out of this was to be aligned to

Porto via a hill before we left though

we needed to rest for some reason we

thought we should go back for Andre with

and the way she was in max kinda saving

my ass I told them to go while I went

back I think deep down my pride was

wounded by how selfless max was so I had

something to prove

I would leave after them so I could rest

a bit more but the moment the two of

them started moving the big black

creature appeared again I threw a rock

at it hitting it in its big eye with a

snarl a jumped in the other direction

I hoped out of the tree I was in and

made a shitload of noise I hope I seem

selfless cause I was about to pee myself

away running from those Germans I made

my way back towards the settlement we

were chased out of I got to the point

where we heard the dogs the last time

and saw some disturbance a bit off the

path I thought it would be some stupid

horror movie [ __ ] to go over there but I

needed to see in the center of some torn

up plants was the body of the big pit

bull that seemed to lead the pack that

attacked us before the massive dog was

partially eaten but the black strips of

flesh on the ground and dangling from

what was left of its mouth showed it for

sure put up a good fight the scene was

enough to make me reconsider my plans

and instead try to move towards Porto

vol 2 I got high enough to spot where I

needed to go there was a mangrove forest

swamp between me and Porto via meal I

could cut through to get there I spent

the rest of that day and a half jog

there was enough solid ground between

the wet patches of swamp and mangrove

trees to keep a comfortable pace night

came and passed and I hadn't had an

issue feeling home free I slowed my pace

enough to watch some of the birds the

reason I was on the island to begin with

morning passed and I could see the

wailing while I passed so many nights

ago I was almost in a daze looking a

group of flamingos and the swampy water

went out of nowhere they jumped into

flight startled myself I saw the

creature coming towards me through the

mangrove I jumped into the water hoping

it wouldn't follow my brain moving in

overdrive realized how dumb of an idea

that was as soon as I hit the water

this thing's tail looked like something

you'd see on an alligator

and what kind of animal living on an

island can't swim I grabbed for a vine

to pull myself out of the swamp the

water must not have been that deep

because as I pulled myself up on the

other side it just run right through the

water the webs on mangrove vines made

moving difficult for both of us I

managed to stay ahead thanks to being

smaller but I had to be careful not to

corner myself the chase didn't last more

than 30 seconds before I managed to

start hitting dead ends hearing its

gallop behind me closed and I pulled out

my machete and swatted the thing with it

my dolmus should he connected with its

snout but didn't manage to cut it all it

did jump back a bit I tried to pull some

vines between myself and it but with one

bite had managed to ripe the wooden

vines enough for it to pass without a

problem I knew I couldn't fight this

thing before but that moment really

hammered it in for me somewhere along my

phone fell into the swamp rip penguin

pictures again I was at a dead end

the vines were much thicker here and I

was cornered things were moving in slow

motion as it came closer to me the whole

life flashing before my eyes thing had

never happened before or since then I

threw my machete at its head had turned

away from me for a moment out of pure

reflex from 15 years of wrestling like

taking a shot I grabbed its front leg

and threw myself by the thing

I guess it didn't expect that an it feel

through some of the vines that misstep

with its huge head having trouble

maneuvering around the dead-end

it seemed unable to move for the moment

without looking back I ran as fast as I

could to the Wailing Wall and onto the

established path [ __ ] my pants

literally in the process I didn't see

those things ever again after that had

met up with the Germans who beat me

there for the last two days we had on

the island till our boats arrived we

just spent the time sitting around

reflecting what had happened we went to

the police on the island but they seemed

completely disinterested and kicked us

out of the station I never saw Andre

again but I suspect his story didn't end

on that island if it did though plenty

of people fall to their deaths on those

islands and he may have just been

written off as one of those I eventually

returned back to the States and still

keep in contact with Max this was by far

the most messed-up stuff I ever had to

deal with in my life but looking back

now I just feel bad about those things

they were just trying to live as they

had been on those islands before we came

I'd like to go back one day and try to

find them again when I am more properly

prepared all these pictures are things I

or my friends took so while they are

authentic they weren't taken during this

ordeal I enjoyed writing out this again

and I hope you guys found it interesting