TALLINN ESTONIA ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ช - Visiting in the Spring/Summer


hey guys what's up and welcome back to

the channel and welcomed tallinn in


now for those of you that are longtime

subscribers of the channel you may

recognize this as somewhere I've

actually visited before

now the reason I'm returning he's 1

because I've really liked her and two

because we were there last in the winter

and it was Baltic it was crazy cold and

now it's sort of late spring in May and

I thought it'd be good to see the

contrast and what we're gonna be doing

today is we're gonna be having a look

around the old town of Tallinn which is

one of the most beautifully preserved

examples of an old town in the world in

fact it's a unesco world heritage site

and what's also quite interesting and

unique about this place is that you're

met with a huge sort of Soviet style

outside of the main sort of old town so

it's really cool to see the contrast and

with that said let's go and check out

the wonderful city of Talent


we've now officially entered the old

town of Tallinn and walked past very

gate that you can see behind me and

where we've just walked free we're now

properly in the old town and I think the

immediate thing for me if you compare

this to when I was here before is how

busy it is now obviously I was here

before in when was it was February time

so it was about minus ten it was so cold

and very few people will actually have

heard about on the streets I was

probably the only idiot that was there

trying to fly a drone and get the cool

shots if you haven't seen to be already

after this video do check it out but I

will stitch in a couple of shots from

the drone so you can see the comparison

so we're in recode your plants which is

the main square in the old town of

Tallinn it's a great place to pick up

some souvenirs there's a load of market

stands here and they do events and stuff

throughout the sort of spring and summer

season it was a really good place it's

going over coffee

I look it doesn't actually seem

particularly priced which is different

for most European cities you'll find

you'll get ripped off in the city centre


so this is route seek Eric what is it

brute sea route sieve mahakala kirok

which is also known as Swedish st.

Michael's Church they tried by the drone

here before birth then what but I love

how all of the original architecture has

been preserved or I say a lot of the

original architectures we preserve

around towns old town one of the things

I find most interesting in the names so

we're walking along pink gel I believe

and sorry that's dreadfully pronounced

sorry your Estonian people with you let

me know in the comments below how all

three that was and but we're walking up

to Aleksandr Nevski Cathedral which is

really really impressive a little bit of

walk up here let me get little swell

then we're gonna go and see a wonderful

view or the Cathedral and then over the

park as well that's just behind it so I

think I found a pretty good vantage

point to get the perfect little cell

fate well I did set up the camera just

now basically just behind me here is the

Parliament of Estonia and it's perfectly

situated to give you a great view of the



thing I haven't told you guys yet that

I'm actually I'm only here for literally

the morning

so I've been rushing around trying to

get as much in as possible

before I catch my flight over to

Helsinki and to be fair the one thing

that brings me on to I'll tell you in a

second but just how close Finland is so

just the other side of the cathedral and

the Parliament building is the Danish

King's garden which we're going to have

a look at now or known as tiny Kuhn

eager-eyed it's a little bit of a creepy

place though because some of the statue

is quite sinister welcome to Freedom

Square and we've made it over and

basically is pronounced in estonian as

the reduce average luck

I assume that's probably really badly

pronounced but that's common trait

there's the victory column which was

actually built in 2009 and it

commemorates the Estonian War of

Independence which was between 1918 and


over to the side over here you'll see

st. John's Church which was built in

1862 and we're going to have a little

look around some of this history on the

way back to the hotel but I've actually

will go back over to the airport shortly

to jump back on a plane and go over to


one of the things that's pretty

interesting that you might not realize

is just how close Finland is it's

literally 80 kilometers the flight I

took here literally was 15 minutes from

Helsinki over to Tallinn Airport really

quite crazy so if you are in Finland and

you're in Helsinki for example for say

you were there for a few days

three worth a little trip over so guys

that unfortunately brings me to a close

on our trip around Tallinn Estonia today

it's been brilliant to have a look

around and I wish I had a little bit

more time to look at more of what this

wonderful city has to offer I really

like Estonia and I encourage you if you

do get the opportunity to jump at it

because it is a really cool place to

look around if you were interested I've

actually done another video here before

which I have been referencing throughout

this one of when I came in the winter

and it's a brilliant contrast to see

what it's like in the winter with snow

everywhere it's really very pretty not

as practical because you've got to have

your big coats on and I'm just able to

walk around in a like jumper today but

with that said guys I hope you've

enjoyed the video do let me know what

you thought in the comments below and

give this video a good thumbs up if you

enjoyed it I will catch you all again

very soon in the next video and until

then take it easy Cheers