EASTER in GRAND CAYMAN ISLANDS! (FV Family did not ride Swimming Horses) 100% Clickbait

we got a little bit of a problem this is

how you break it's really it's much like

breaking bonds


eurocent funnel cakes listen it's about

650 in the morning somebody broke into

our house last night I didn't tell you

good morning we all get ready to leave

somebody broke into our house last night

it's Easter morning unless somebody's

name was the Easter Bunny he broke into

our house and he left us presents nice

guy wake up Sean he at Lexi's

pre-teenage self up and Michael who

probably been abducted by fortnight

Happy Easter


Sean is up you guys got washed I just

looked at this look


why so light soon I don't know it's like

magic is he putting carrots up oh he's

gone that's it let's go see I don't know

what kind of madman would grow carrots

and [ __ ] what oh my gosh you're right

John Kerry what was that weird sound

coming from in here

he's a creeper are we going it's Easter

you're leaving us on Easter okay after

this we are going to the also call the

weight of what Beach movie Oh a new

beach I was about to say like no way

Sean there's no way you know

NACO say it's weird good the Easter

Bunny good boy right he's probably not

even a girl or boys probably just an

existential beat that's awesome come hop

that was a pop up for tonight gargle Wow

when we lose my name

Easter candy how cliche I mean while at

the Grand Cayman Islands I'm still

waiting for them to show up can we hurry

this up guys guys we're gonna be latte

what what was that learn how to talk

like let's juice a strong I hate when

people watch me opening gifts say this

I'm just giddy I love you just a banana

for a chase burst of a chase come get

your banana I'll 4 . wait we have a lot

of time to show you your Easter gift

right here it is buddy

okay never mind we just gotta go bye




whoever said you couldn't walk on the



Easter Sunday doesn't quite feel like it

besides that I gotta show y'all a room

tour because this place is certainly

like it's on fire like look how gigantic

this bed is there's a ladder it goes up

there but it continues okay cross look

how big this bed in oh it's too bad

nevermind okay it's two beds

alright then right here we got like a

little futon with the library

we got a Shawn right here he's kind of

rare it gave us a little some grapes

what does the shower there's like no

separation you're doing the floor in the

shower there's a toilet I don't know

what you use that for in here oh my


no shower for you

oh it's a bathtub with like a little

table it's perfect for his back

challenges dog what's up my bro this is

how the shower should look with a

divider Oh got a special little room

what a toilet I still don't know what

it's used for seven Brown yeah dude

lucky right I love my phone show you

this patio there's a view our Patti

doesn't quite connect but kind of it

does I guess kinda there's another TV

excuse me yeah mommy we're on vacation

put the electronics down mommy I'm

texting our assistant

we don't have an assistant we are hiring

for an assistant if y'all want the job

comment down below they're mine there's

no comment sell out of them kids

channels on YouTube for some reason

there's something we got two beds up in

here a texting mommy little patio that's

a look at this hotel Oh what oh you know


wait and then get to show the bathroom

okay Lexi's in there but you know a

hotel review you know what it's not

complete without without seeing how many

pokey stops are at this hotel yeah

your back is still there it was there

yesterday I'll be there tomorrow and

then the day after that that's racist as

you can see there's a pokey stop at this


so it is certified awesome awesome I

think we're gonna go check out some um

some sea turtles yeah like that's where

guys I'm vlogging here please

we're gonna go we're gonna go see some

some turtle some stingrays some seaton

what mommy calls sea stars even though

what do they call mommy no yeah they

live in the sea and of this star forget

it they're called starfish's whatever I

don't like a chill vacation there's no

water sighs there's no lazy river

there's no all-you-can-eat it's going

with that holy girl oh she's not

laughing this is a 13-week

dinner time and this place is so fancy

this is Shawn's face when he's trying to

decide what kind of stocks to buy


it's day 2 now that's the second day oMG

look at this breakfast holy morning

doing your morning dance

hey we hello neighbor

turkey bacon mustache hey Lex there's a

chair right here somebody with a little

butts at there before Sean tell me a


who's there my hand who all you guys

watching pick a number one through ten

okay add number five okay let's try that


audience ticket number one through ten

at five - number at ten tear number

subscribe to from your number and

subtract the number you started with


where's your number oh yes let us know

down below in the comments section

that's disabled ok mommy take away the

ladder your gravity Mike and you can't

come down you're pretty sick in the head

yo not gonna lie this is Matt dangerous

this bed look how wide it is that's

enough for a whole Shan to fall down oh

my god Mike are you coming to the beach

no ok bye


set inside



struggle rules

tapes how was it did you have fun now

were you making a sand castle


there they are right there




look at that water from behind this

looks like big chunky big chunga's the

only thing we are good at doing is what

what's the libido

what we got in the mystery containers

shun what color is your popsicle it's

not cool it's not the color code what

color is your popsicle policy and what

are you swimming in orange you know I

like to dip my

dip dip you never have those in the

water in your mouth what color is that

what color your face is fixed by the Sun

and you can't see the color and see you

come around we got a little bit of a

problem okay there's a little problem do

you see this drone yeah um the thing is

see how it's like on a porch the problem

is it's not my porch I've applied some

body else in the porridge it's like over

there somewhere right you see what we're

looking at here let's kind of start up

the unit maybe yeah well you brought

your drum yeah say that porch that's not

I'd watch it okay my fault

GPS is right above me


this is how you break it round it's much

like breaking ball what you just gotta

go fast and then crash into a bomb Wow

I've been looking up and I just walked

back the video and it fell down

ya know you see those blinking lights

that's my drone hey you have a drill

that's already actually good there's my

drone oh good find out what room it is

yet throw out soda it's bad for you


oh man was this electrical in ice Oh

guys they keep the houses in there go

away no yo look at those cool trees like

it's a taco baby Nina tree so there's

someone next right there

it's literally like one of these murmurs

it's this one right do you see anyone

there so are you sleeping we met someone

that watches us on our YouTube channel

so I'm gonna go try to find him again

that way cuz he probably won't be so bad

okay guys we're in luck Megan and let us

know that the room is unoccupied every

kind of killer drone work I have a

pretty strong kick is all the same no

okay working hello anyone here okay I

think this is it I think it's out here

okay please yes my baby thank you back

you cannot get under their little feet

in there you can do it oh no oh my gosh

look at the damage broke oh this is my

wing yes I kind of souvenir

oh my leg ain't gonna fit under here I

got like a ham hock leg so close the

things you have to do to get your drone

back come on about this it's so cool Oh


another one yeah first he crashed into

the mountain that was on my fault okay

yeah you also weren't allowed to have a

drone there either Hawaii okay I'm just

gonna retire and a drone operator thank

you so much thank you

well because all five and eight sit

there it's broken right just want to say

say it

Thank You Megan sir never fly drones

without GPS I gotta go we got the drone

back problem is his legs broken my leg

is broken oh the one that's chase

stepped on no no chief we'll watch this


wait I broke the other one leg well if

you guys don't see any drone footage

this is why what's so funny

that you do colors on your don't wear

hats in the side shoes hey girl what's

receding spell that's all


and keep it going you guys I don't think

it's gonna fall

hi come on we late for dinner mommy's

like super mad at me mommy was literally

like you knew we had to be at dinner why

would you fly a drone I'm like you act

like I always have drone problems every

time I fly it she's like you do it I was



she's right beach deck island first

what is it means

whoa what you got legs you can have that

corn I'll get one is that cinnamon

covered corn oh man yeah cinnamon

covered corn don't don't don't

Michael for the lulz Washington

oh he stay calling you bad names bro

that's that's mister I think y'all are

nice I would never call you that

new dark right


you are so beautiful not you the fire

watch out watch out for and oh look at


that's so beautiful why not excuse me

babe excuse me I'm trying to get this

I'm trying to get the fire oh my gosh

she is so beautiful I'm just kidding

you kind art if a little bit










I can't find it I'm getting cinematic

shots bro I can't help it if I'm a DILF

videographer I am one of the world's

best except for when I'm blurry oh

here's this one you wait

hurry up

well geez Mike you know what see you

tomorrow all right well that's it for

this video have a funnel night but don't

forget to come back and check out our

next battle ba-ba-ba-ba-ba we go and see

turtles and and stingrays and Balad

above the Bob Bobson stuffs all right

guys that's right what take baby doll


they're just coats on the barbie and a

pole across the harvest they're just go

up on the farm