The Weather in Cali, Cartagena and Medellin, Colombia

hello everyone its Mikayla Valletta

welcome to my travel page McCaleb letter

travels I know I am right now in

Medellin Colombia and I felt like it is

the perfect time to do a video about the

weather okay I want to talk about the

weather you're managing galley and

Cartagena because those are the three

places that I have been in Colombia and

I must say like you know a lot of people

say that meta-gene has the perfect

weather because meta-gene is the city of

eternal spring but I actually being here

have begun to realize I appreciate

seasons because I don't want spring you


I don't want funky hot summer year-round

that don't want winter you around so I

actually do appreciate the seasons and

being here is making me realize how much

I don't believe in love this spring

because of course if spring is april

showers bring May flowers right so you

need lots of rain to add vegetation

that's something that was very clear to

me when I spent time in Costa Rica

especially on the Caribbean coast of

Costa Rica where it rains like the

world's coming to an end and Costa Rica

is super lush so how about that lush

nice to meet a lot of rain right now I'm

actually kind of chilly it is on May

13th I think today is May 13th 2019 so

technically this is their one time I

think what I hear is like April May it

skips a couple months or something you

can google it but year-round its spring

weather diminishing which means it rains

a lot and it's tropical rain which I am

NOT a better because tropical rain is

that rain that kind of comes out of

nowhere okay

this guy just opens up out of nowhere

and his rains at any given time and so

yeah I wanted to go out to get some food

about an hour ago I've started pouring

and it's been raining a lot but then

earlier over sunny so it's

like nighttime daytime there are times

that I've been here sitting outside

eating and it was nice all of a sudden

just starts pouring I don't like that

and so in meta-gene you definitely want

to have an umbrella but sometimes it

rains a larger brothers don't help you

and unfortunately when coming here you

cannot bring this because they don't

know that's true in the US but

definitely for traveling around Colombia

by plane you cannot bring one of those

big umbrellas I had that same experience

in Costa Rica but it's kind of chilly

you know so if you don't like super hot

weather the better jean would be the

place to come like earlier how to

t-shirt and some jeans and I was fine no

jacket nothing I was fine but the

evening it does get chilly and so yeah

you don't like the super hot weather and

you love spring and you don't mind hard

rain a few times a day managing to be

the place to go now I've only been to

metazine and what is this man in May in

April March end of March beginning of

April and now mid May so I've never been

to managing that at summer time or the

fall well according to what we consider

summer and fall in North America so I

can't speak for those times but that's

definitely been my experience here now

and then Cartagena it seems like it's

always hot like Miami just really really

hot and carton a note there like this it

can be so hot in the daytime that it's

like funky hot where it's like

everything just spills and I love heat

and humidity but carnahan can be

overwhelming sometimes we're just like

okay this is a bit much I remember when

I went to car 2-handed for the first

time in May of 2018 I felt like I had

never been that hot in my life and I've

been some hot places I mean even New

Orleans is really hot New York the whole

East Coast is hot as at the

summertime in New Orleans you know takes

the cake for that but in cards a ham I

was definitely really hot last me I'm

not really sure how Carta Ana is

in February and stuff I mean I look at

it on my phone it just seems like Miami

was consistently hot but a thing about

cartina that I like is that if it's hot

in the daytime it's kind of hot at night

not unbearably hot at night but hot

enough where you don't have to get a

jacket or put on extra clothes I like

what things are consistent I don't like

to have to carry around extra clothes

and be chilly at night like right now I

feel like I need some heat in this place

actually the past couple nights up cept

in my jacket because I'm I didn't bring

anything warmer I didn't bring any

hoodies or anything like that because

when I left Chicago actually was pretty

warm out and I don't know how I don't

have one hoodie with me but I don't so I

tend to be chilly at night and you know

expect pants on top other pants so I'm a

little chilly but I get cold easily and

nobody has the heat and in kabhi kabhi

can be blazing hot in the daytime and

then it gets chilly at night so Kali is

like blazing hot and humid her belly is

blazing hot and humid in the daytime and

then by the evening is chewy like it is

a better Jean I don't really like that

because I'm like you're going from super

hot grub like oh my god man passed out

hi to be in chilly air night and every

night when I was in golly I went to

sleep I was kind of cold actually but

then I wake up with the morning burning

the up like oh my god I'm so hot

I'm so hot take this take the off

me you know so which is weird actually

probably weather kinda remind me of

California like Southern California how

Southern California could be hot in the

day the temperature just drops 30

degrees only difference is that Southern

California there's no humidity you know

when I do like humidity

Gavi is very humid humid and hot and

then just drops the cooler at night

so those are things that you know you

might you know definitely if you if

you're I've never seen it rain in carts

ADA I'm sure it does but it's never a

bad idea to bring out my brother bikini

by the way you travel but definitely

have an umbrella

it's not always easy to find them you're

managing your colleagues so I suggest

bringing it on brother with you to

managing and to colleague you're gonna


definitely bring some warmer stuff to

put on at night when it gets chilly

especially if you're a woman because

girls didn't get cold easier than guys

if you're a big deal to Peggy fine

um so yeah those are just some things to

keep in mind about the weather and I've

talked before about clothing you know in

golly and managing people wear sneakers

and sorry people wearing sneakers and

jeans like men and women you know so

many people with short so on anything

like that even though Kali is really hot

people who barely wear shorts barely see

anybody who sandals in Cartagena you

know I don't remember how the guys dress

but the woman definitely were tight and

short tight short dresses tight short

skirts and I like that because that's

how I like to dress especially when it's

hot so the woman in in Cartagena had one

like short and tight and they have

sneakers so all three of those cities a

lot of Staters so we want to blend in

definitely experience I really don't see

two people walking around with sandals

at all um so yeah those are my tips for

the weather and golly managing in

Cartagena and as I've spent more time in

Colombia if I have some changes to make

on that I will and if you have spent

lots of time in Kalima Regina Colombia I

mean sorry

golly meta-genome Cartagena Colombia

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