The Best Things to Do and Places to Explore in Banff Alberta Canada During Summer





we're gonna be going to pay

a long time we've been planning this for

you know


we are finally out of the airport


where are we it's already

we're in Calgary right now we landed at

2:30 and we had to grab lunch because

this guy was hungry and he was ready to

bite everybody heads up and we went to

the Hertz and it took us about two hours

to try to get this car because we needed

navigation because we don't have service

on our phone because we don't have data

right now so we're relying on Wi-Fi so

it's gonna be about a two-hour drive to

get to Ben are you excited


the weather's pretty nice it's not even

that cold huh yeah it's actually I

thought it was gonna be like really cold

so I have like layers on me and he's

wearing no Jackie whoa but then again

his jacket doesn't fit on him because he

said here's some muscles


and we are releasing some watercolor

music I hope this is gonna be a fun



why dollars $20 I guess BAM yeah it's a

family because it's 2 to 7 percent since

1960 and it's just for a date we're not

gonna be coming in and out this is

pretty cool here it was a pretty quick



we are finally here in our Lake Louise

in hotel or a resort

it is so pretty here this is our room

that's the bed that's the kitchen

counter and I have like the cutest


it's pretty cool they have a photo mini

fireplace just yeah look at her little


this is just the first day

so green oh my gosh

this is pretty amazing it is cold though

it is pretty cold




we are finally here I feel like I just

want it cried it is so beautiful here he

woke up at around five o'clock in the

morning and our police that we were

staying at is actually only seven

minutes away so we got really lucky

um that it's such a close Drive and the

parking is not even that bad and this is

so amazing like

I mean it is not as crowded yet but I'm

pretty sure it definitely will and

there's a little bit of ice up in the

mountain which just make the shots so

much prettier and it is freezing cold

what camera music

he's ready to take pictures of all look

at him in action already finished

checking out Nick Lewis beautiful late

right there

we're gonna be hiking to Lake Agnes

there is a tea house there that

everybody's been talking about and kind

of raving saying that it has the best

view of Lake Louise and it's about a 3.5

kilometer hike I believe that's one

point five I don't know but we'll get

there a lot of people said that it takes

about two and a half hours but I held a

mile I hope not because we're gonna be

hungry and hangry

so we're going into the woods right now

hopefully the hike won't be that bad

we're going to that one right there a

tea house three boys or



yeah we made it to Mirror Lake about how

long was the hike too late

no just to hear 2.5 yeah 2.5 we have

another like one more kilometer Oh

almost one more kilometer I was a

mosquito almost one more kilometer to

get to to get to UM Lake Agnes tea house

you can definitely hear it

right there a little clearer

it looks so refreshing after this I

think it's almost like an hour and a

half or two hour hike that we are doing

up those steps

is going to be the tea house because we

are ready to take a break in

at this cute little teahouse

for year





how clear it is

treating ourselves with gummy bear at

the tea house it's still such a long


sounding ribbon in China

if anything we're just gonna head back

because Omni want to go have brunch at


the little village that they have

because we're hungry it's worth it right

yeah gummi bears


we are back it is getting warmer right

now and I think a lot more people are

out here than usual and a lot more

people are trying to hide too Lake Agnes

it's getting a little harder


we're done hiking and we're done with

Lake Louise and Lake Agnes we are going

to be heading to Vance village

and I'm gonna be grabbing some brunch we

got to Lake Louise around 6 o'clock or

before 6:00

I did yeah before 6:00 and we did the

hike to Lake Agnes and we came back at

around 10 o'clock and it was really busy

already a lot of people just trying to

take pictures yes if you want to go

Louise yeah and if you're planning on

driving to Lake Louise the parking is

it's there's not a lot of parking at all

you would have to wait until somebody

comes out and once the buses come around

it just becomes very busy so the earlier

you get there the better especially if

you're there to take really good



we just got through downtown ban and

look at this awesome parking that we


but yay we're hungry we had coffee

and ready to go eat at this place called

to Lulu's hopefully it's good we're

gonna order everything on the menu

after that two-hour hike I think we

deserve it



but I manage




what are you having there

so tomorrow let me see the muscles the

weird swears there's lots of muscles


feel better that you eat it's just all

right okay we are heading to where we

heading to ice cream play


get this line love we just missed it

what flavors did you get

hey strawberry hey strawberry and mango



which valued at this choice it's called

a cascade of time garden and check it


it's like about a pleasant five-minute

drive from the town of bands and it's

free you don't have to pay for parking

and it's really gorgeous


hi I am back we are right now at the

Banff gondola area from the town as I

guess about maybe less than 10 minutes

to get up here it is so pretty in here

not as cold the weather is amazing

actually this area where the gondolas

are you are you fighting

we are getting our own gondola





nice day


just finished having her



we are on our way back we just finished