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as you know usually for thriller week we

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switch up the continents last time we

did ethiopia with africa this time you

guys voted the winner is

argentina everybody in the latin world

has an opinion about argentina and it's


yeah they're kind of like the black

sheep but for what it's worth they do

kind of have some accolades under their

belt they have a high degree of english

fluency taught in elementary school

about 43

claim to speak it like this guy


martine from argentina he lives in los

angeles uh introduce yourself martin hi

my name is martin i'm from buenos aires

argentina i'm here to try to

help understand a little bit of how

eclectic argentina is oh what is that by

the way this is

just to be part of the stereotype of

mate you can't get more than more

argentinian than that also i asked a lot

of you guys the argentinian geograpeeps

if you would like to be in this video

explaining about your own provinces so

throughout this video you'll be meeting

more argentinians

and all right so here's the breakdown so

argentina has 23 provinces

one on tournament city one antarctic

claim and two disputed areas these

provinces are grouped into seven

geographic regions with their own

landscapes and culture they

are the northwest granchaco mesopotamia

and the pampa patagonia

oh you guys also pronounce the y like a

zhu sun the mexicans do that too unless

they're like do you want to try this

joker to holmes

i don't know yet and the claimed

antarctica territory which

doesn't exactly fall within the direct

sovereignty that being said uh let's

just jump into it

buenos aires it means good air so what's

the nickname for people from buenos

aires oh we are called portenas so the

capital of the city of the country which

it holds the status of an autonomous

city it has all the government buildings

hey my name is laura and i'm from buenos

aires city buenos aires city

has a lot of diversity a lot of races

religions and backgrounds

we speak really loud and we gesture a

lot argentina

and especially when star city has long

nights bars parties and nightclubs last

until 7 or 8 a.m it's because we dinner

really late comparing other countries we

usually eat dinner

9 30 or 10 p.m so martin a lot of people

in the latin world they understand

argentina has like an accent

but it mostly comes from buenos aires

right yes we do have an accent and

people know us for that

yeah so there's a lot of the shadow

like the double l yeah exactly all the y

so would they say like

some people would say like that okay so

yeah the city is more

i mean we like to say it's more european

it's cosmopolitan structure

all the city is known for its sports

it's really big on polar really good in

football and we have national sport

called pato otherwise uh pope francis

was born here uh what else the tango uh

there's a lot of cool places

plaza magio tortoni cafe uh the boca and

caminito barrio or something like that

all right let's move on the province of

buenos aires so yes there

is a difference if you look at the map a

lot of the metropolitan area of buenos


is actually part of the province not the

city la plata its nickname is the city

of diagonals because it was diagrammed


it has lots of diagonals and uh here's

some of you guys talking about the


we have the mostly populated area the

most densely popular area

in the whole country you will find that

each city and town

holds their own festival for example in

the city of tandil

there is a festival where they make the

longest salami in the world

it's the most industrialized

province in the country world famous

argentina meat is produced a lot

also maradona is from buenos aires in


tourism is another big source of income

with martha plata being a

huge summer destination thank you guys i

mean the beaches are

okay there are really good

the beaches are okay otherwise this is

where you find a lot of the uh

gaucho culture you know the argentine

cowboys and you know you'll see a lot of

horses here and stuff like that

summary horse riding mata drinking asado

grilling gauchos

moving on catamarca okay so locking the

andes 80

of this province is just mountains in

the semi-arid region and most people

live in the valleys now this province

actually has the smallest economy out of

all the provinces of argentina and it's

known for its mining sector

yeah they have one of the largest copper

and gold mines in the world it's called

bajo de la lumbre

they also have the remains of the

petroglyphs of the pukara

pukara civilization right yes yeah okay

and they have one of the most real

eroded rock sites the campo de pira


they also have poncho the fiesta

valle anything that comes to mind when

you think of catamarca

no moving on the choco martino what are

some things you think about with choco

so this is a tropical hard-to-reach


area it's like yeah our argentine and

amazon and uh here's lucia explaining a

little bit it's really hot and humid all

year round

we are the national capital of


resistancia the capital is it's the

second city of the world

after florence italy that has the

highest density of

sculptures per habitant we have more

than 600 of them and they are

all over the city a cool thing about

chaco it's a place that it's not like

nobody knows about it but it's really

underrated and it's called campo del

cielo in gancero and there's also a

building that it's a museum

and it's pretty interactive so it's a

really nice

place to pay a visit thank you yeah this

is basically the spot that argentina got

after the triple alliance war with

paraguay and it's actually one of the

few places within active indigenous

communities they are the toba and the

wichi and this is the cotton province

they provide about sixty percent of the

nation's production cotton all right

moving on

chubut in the middle of patagonia where

you really start to see like the gruff

semi-arid south part of argentina here's

uh nazareno geograpeeps explaining a

little bit so

what's chewed all about um i'd say


for example we have penguins in punta


also we have whales in the in peninsula

culturally as the people we have a

thicker skin than

most of the people in the country mainly

because of living in such a hostile


some serious wind like some of the

hardest fastest winds in the world

food lamb we love

land however the highlight would be the

the welsh colonies that came in the mid


thank you very famous also for these

places i'm not welsh and i can't

pronounce welsh words but here's my

buddy duncan from wales uh to help out

with the pronunciation

hey should i paul right

thank you today i mean only about ten

percent still speak watch but many of

them keep the traditions alive and you

can find some well-styled tea houses and


moving on cordoba so cordoba beautiful


vegas rivals from buenos aires we love

cordova people because they're extremely

good at telling jokes like their jokes

can last for 10 minutes and it's not

about the punchline it's about telling

the joke

they also have the first argentinian

university they also have the lago de


the the famous endurance salt lake it's

is it the largest lake

in yeah it's the largest lake in

argentina right fact check

they are really known for one typical

style of them

music style called the quartet music

music which is like

like kind of like cumbia and uh explain

fernette well fernandez a whole thing

that's an italian drink that the cordoba


makes with coke and they drink lots of

quantities of it they love their


a lot of cool places to see there the

cordoba gateway the

cappuccinos church the canada stream so

they have a beautiful

place called vijayanagaran a lot of

german immigration they have the third

biggest beer festival in the world oh

wow and uh also uh they have like a

particular accent don't they they do

have a particular accent

they will hate me for imitating them but

i will do my best which is like

just a cordove nice thing like that it's

up and down

moving on this is like the heavily

paralyzed influenced people of argentina

so guarantees an official language

huge biodiversity here lots of animals

and as most of it is a

flat plain that leads to the raw

wetlands and swamp yeah that place the

esteros del ibera is one of the largest

sources of fresh water in all of latin

america so uh what else are they known

for okay so they are known for the

chemist and the penas which are like

gatherings in which people just dance

and play guitar drink wine and

who is gauchito gill oh that's the whole

thing without cheeto hill that's

like a heroic gaucho they consider it a

saint of course the church does not but

it's like a big

saint there he's a big deal yeah so okay

yeah look it up moving on

entering rios so yeah andreas means

between reavers so it's basically like

corientes but more urbanized and even

flatter and swampier as

like it's in the river delta it's like

and there's a lot of fishing here lots

of rivers

wetlands are really important here yeah

yeah and the palmares de colombian

forest looks really really cool so they

have a carnival called the carnival of

kuala waichu which is one of the most

beautiful festivals formosa here's


rachel explaining the name formosa comes

from the ancient spanish word fermosa

which means

beautiful so formosa amongst


is kind of known for being like mini

paraguay is because it's

located very closely to the paraguayan

border and they're known for being the

hottest province in argentina as summer

temperatures can sometimes reach

50 degrees and they're also known for

doing a lot of

they also eat a lot of paraguayan foods

you can find soap out of russia and you

can find cheap ass

everywhere in the city and something fun

that a lot of people might not know

about formosa

is that parts of the province actually

have an antipode with taiwan which used

to actually be called

formosa back in the days thank you it's

also famous for the typical mighty

national parks uh it has fuzzy moss

covered swamp lands that look like a dr

seuss setting apparently the word for is

the zero phytic forest

okay cool yeah next one

all right uh it's the northernmost

province shaped like a shoe

llamas alpacas lots of fandian culture

here similar to bolivia so there's lots

of indigenous people found here too

here's geography gabriel talking a

little bit more about it so my province


known for its natural landscape for

example the

cerro de los siete colores which is a

unesco heritage also the salina grandes

which is

shared with the province of salta i

think my province is unique for its

culture especially the festivals for


the fiesta de la retuyentes which is

translated as the students festival

also the pachamama and also the

carnaval and it's very popular here

especially in the north

thank you tamales yeah tamales i mean

tamales are huge here and that's like

the influence from bolivia and uh we'll

talk more about tamales later in another

province but in the next in the meantime

la pampa

the land of wind and ghosts not many

people know about this place

yeah i actually have just one friend who

went there and she just

came back angry so no joke i actually

tried to look up fun things to do in la


and some of my research led me to a page

that said take a bus to buenos aires for

a city tour here's uh tanya explaining a

little bit

i know we're known as argentina as the


province but we do have a lot of things


we do have the best sunsets though

famous people

from here as pampitar blind we

have a lot of gaucho culture like we


rodeos with horses i would say that the

most famous

international thing we have in in la

pampa are the

hunting reserves to to hunt uh red deer

and wild board we have a very known

uh tree it's called galden and we are

very very proud of it in the south of

the province we have the

mennonite colony and yeah

that that's it we don't really have much

more things

thank you tanya for lack of it's like

the north dakota of

argentina i mean it's like kind of flat

and unknown but they got some stuff

going on so yeah next one

now the r is making a sound okay yeah it

depends on where you are

it's located in the cujo the dry side of

the andes mountains yeah this place has

a lot of political backstory the men and

family were which were syrian immigrants

they played a huge role here

yeah long story short there was like a

conflict between them and the ruling

patronus party in the 80s blah blah the

eldest son eventually became the


so it's noted for its dry rocky red so

landscapes like the ones at the most

famous site the the lampaya nigel park

canyons and over ten thousand year old

petroglyphs and they had a dinosaur it's

called rioja sauros or shiojasaurus what

they have their own dinosaur

yeah okay moving on mendoza so

i was told uh some of the people here

kind of speak a little bit in an accent


similar to chiles but they will

absolutely hate you if you say that

is that correct that is absolutely good

okay but like the funny thing is they

crossed the border into chile and they

still go to the beach so chilly

anyway so mendoza is really well known

for its wine it's like that we are

really proud of the wine especially the

one down in mendoza they produce

somewhat around the

70 of the entire country's wine most

famous grape here is called malbec it

grows especially well this slide is


33 parallel argentinians are proud of

their wine this is one of the reasons

why they're the fifth largest economy

out of all the provinces and in addition

akankagua is found here long story short

the wine area of argentina moving on

missiones it's located in the

mesopotamia region this humid

subtropical panhandle is a green thumb

of argentina like

literally you could see it like the

border from space like it sticks out

like a green thumb

so this is the place to talk about when

it comes to geramate as this general

area includes parts of brazil and

paraguay where gerbil mata was

originated originated uh they even have

a festival devoted it to it called the

fiestas of course here you can find the

famous iguazu falls also historically

there's a place where a lot of the

jesuit missions were

started henceforth why the name is

called missiones and they even have the

ruins of four some of the oldest jesuit

mission sites in argentina which are

unesco world heritage sites

yeah there's a great movie about it

called la mission the mission with

robert de niro and liam neeson and

jeremy irons that's how you drink it

barely even any water it's like you're

just drinking them i mean you have too

much water every time you drink no ken

by the way is a palindrome okay so this

is the northernmost part of what it's

considered patagonia

and here is geography explaining a

little more now queen is known in the

country for

having such a beautiful landscape we

have many lakes we have many volcanoes

like the

la nina and kopawa and we have many ski

resorts in a cultural way we have many

festivals like el chivito the festival

of the confluencia in the capital one of

the typical foods of the

area is the opinion you can eat it alone

after boiling

we are known for producing a bunch of

oil right in the center of the province

and for producing

electricity by hydroelectrical plants

most of the people

don't know that there was a kingdom

called the kingdom of the araucana and

the patagonia thank you yeah this was

also kind of known historically as a

hiding spot for a lot of controversial

people during war times

rio negro yeah this is the beginning of

the particular south america's cold

desert or semi-arid region to be more

precise yeah this is also the beginning

of the mapuche territory one of the

largest indigenous groups so here you

either have three options of sightseeing

the andes

with ice capped peaks and the glistening

lake now lapi

yeah they even have their own version of

the loch ness monster in the novel

called the nawelito latin american loch

ness monster body lodge so

beautiful baroches even sister cities

with aspen and san mort's and they make

a lot of chocolate there kind of like


or if you're feeling really adventurous

the wide open uninhabited interior of

the north patagonian massif pocketed

with one of the highest concentrations

of desert lakes on earth how you feeling

man having fun

enjoying it this episode explaining your

country i feel like i'm making my people


moving on salta so some people say salt

is one of the most beautiful cities in

argentina with intact colonial buildings

oh and explain uh the fight they have

going on with tukuman well there's a big

fight between who has the best empanada

which is food there it's empanadas from

salta they have like

potatoes inside they taste great okay

and there's a lot of

andean influence like you'll see and

believe it yeah they celebrate the

fiesta del toronte

cafetes anything else that comes to mind

when you think of salta music is really

good therefore chloric music is

extremely good you have lots of

musicians there which are really really

really good

san juan mining mining mining as well as

olive oil so they have a place called

de la luna it's a huge area that looks

like the moon and it has like a famous

fossils exhibits

fossils all right they're also famous

for the legend of defunta correa it's a

big deal it's like

she's almost like revered like a patron

saint yeah i have the fifth

solute some people say

these are like some of the nicest people

in argentina i don't know what would you


i think they are nice enough enough

san luis this is like kind of like the

weird province in the middle of

argentina they got their own thing going

on yeah they have a place called merlot

which is

beautiful place he has like a

microclimate they also have a lot of

salt flats uh like the lago pampa de

salinas well there's free wi-fi in the

whole province that's not common for the

rest of argentina

so yeah the government was passed

between two brothers

brothers and they're very interesting

people right like they are

they're kind of like really into ufo

stuff and like weird esoteric artwork on

the highways

so they have a so there's a building

buenos air it's called the gabila

one of our main buildings and they have

a replica here

in the middle of nowhere oh and also

didn't they want to like break apart and

make their own country well they did

yeah they did yeah yeah they did they

wanted to be to become themselves it's


santa cruz this is like the deep south

patagonia spiritually populated

and the furthest place south that you

can reach by road connected to the main

body of the country

yeah you start getting more snow and ice

here even glaciers like the glacier

perito moreno and also you can see the

really cool mount fitzroy

yeah they have massive blue lakes like

for example the lightwater cantino it's

beautiful and just goes into the santa

cruz river

goes all the way into the authentic

ocean from the glacier to the ocean

there's also the tawelchase indigenous

group that are here and you can find

lots of ancient cave paintings like the

la cueva de las

manos santa fe and uh here's geogrape

facundo explaining a little bit more its

largest city rosario it's often called

the flags cradle since

the national flag was created here the


national constitution a federalist


was signed here in 1853 santa fe

is the subnational division with the

highest percentage of italian diaspora

not only

in argentina but also in the americas i

would say

our promise is famous for its alfajores


are a glazed milk treat milk caramel


some of the most famous argentinians

have come from santa fe for instance

football legend lionel messi thank you

uh what else they got going on they have

something called encuentro de

collectividades which is like a

gathering of people

all over the world that live there

santiago de alastero so yeah so the

capital was the first established city

in the territory that is now argentina

that's why it's called the madre de la

silla's mother of cities and about a

hundred thousand quetra speakers live

here making it the southernmost

area of the languages of the incans try

to join the fight with empanadas

but they have grace they have grapes in

their minds yeah good luck yeah

folkloric music is really good here

really good they have one style called

samba and one of the instruments we use

in folklore is like called bombo leguera

and there's a

one thing called marcha de la bombos in

which yeah you have a marcha yeah you're

you're the music guy uh by the way

martin he does music

tierra del fuego the end of the world

door to antarctica the southernmost and

least populous of all the provinces

it is not possible to drive here as it

is an island shared with chile on the

68th longitude line which means at the

narrowest it's only about two kilometers

wide from the atlantic coast

it has a channel there called the canale

vigo in which a lot of the cruises start

there so people that go to the

antarctica in the summer they start from

there yeah so there's

centos here which is like a spider king

crab which is really popular here and


so tasty so they actually imported some

beavers and now they kind of have like a

feral beaver problem like beavers are

kind of destroying the place

and finally tucuman so here the

independence was born in 1816.

yeah it's the smallest province in size

too but it is a huge producer of citrus

like lemons and oranges here's geography

lissandra explaining a little bit in

tucuman it's all about the empanadas

okay if you say tucuman here in buenos

aires everybody will say

empanadas the best empanadas and another

thing we're known for is pali tortega he

was a singer

and he was a governor so he's like the

arnold schwarzenegger

of argentina because he was a pop star

and then he became

a governor and then you have glady lavon

who made la pogera marisha that there

was a pop hit in the 90s

oh and they also have their own little

accent uh here's lissandra explaining a

little more

in tucuman we don't say vamos for come


we say metta and we don't say chico for


we say chango so if you want to say come

on boy

we say metachango thank you alessandro

okay so they have a huge cathedral here


they like rugby here too i think right

yeah well there's a lot of rugby in

argentina but tucuman is really good

and what's really important here is the

de milanesa sound the chef milan so they

even have a monument for a sandwich

they have a monument to a sandwich they

love it here

and speaking of monuments they have the


worst sculpture of messi if anything

come here to see just that so those are

all of the provinces

now there's a few other things we got to

add yeah we have firstly antarctic

territory pretty much the entire

peninsula on the

islands around it today they have six

permanent stations with 230 residents

including nine families with 16 children


there's actually families growing up

here in antarctica and uh probably the

most well-known base esperanza base

where this guy was the first human known

born in antarctica argentina is like

really trying to hold on to their claim

because it's like they're having people

born here family is raised in the ice

we care about antarctica and uh finally


the disputed falkland malvinas islands

whatever side you're on

whatever you'll call it uh it's a very

touchy subject yeah what do you want to

say about that

there's nothing to say yeah it is a

touchy subject but the relationship with

british actually is great when

argentina's meet british people for some

reason we just

click oh and we forgot one last province


that was a joke oh we lo i love virgo

yeah but they do not like us that much

but now and even though we are really

proud of people and we think we have the


seller in the world with mate i have

treatment you're wired meat

i have to say it's even better than ours

oh any uruguayans there comment say

anything you want

this is your moment too yeah no we love


so there you go the provinces and

disputed areas of argentina

anything last minute stuff you just want

to say to the world out there about

argentina martin what do you want the

world to know

so yeah a lot of people will think that

we are just cocky people just going with

our chest

up just talking loud and it's true

and it's true