Summer House: Carl Gives More the Deets on *That* Night of Passion (Season 2, Episode 12) | Bravo

why was it okay to out Carl about

something that had happened in his

distant past in his sexual history that

he confided in you my purpose there was

not to out him and I think that there's

maybe some things that you could clear

up right now which is one had I ever

been told from you that story that you

told at the bar that night what I told

you the best head I ever got was up a

gay guy just let you told me that wasn't

that so does it now keep confide you've

let people on to believe that you

confided in me like you pulled me aside

and told me some secret you told me in

front of my other friends who you had

just met right you blurted this out at

the end of the night like a joke and I

don't think it was okay to say that then

on camera which is a whole nother story

well I had never heard that there was a

story and so what I'm thinking here is

that Carl is someone who likes to please

people and when he's hanging out with a

group of gay guys what's a better way to

kind of like fit in and jump in than to

bring something like that up you know my

purpose bears it I did call you a liar

and say well yeah graduated it hurt our

friendship why do you think he brought

it up and now well how do you feel about

his omission I I feel bad because I put

him in a relation because I told him

something yeah unfortunately he told

other people

I got challenged by that and I had to

lie I was in a position to feel

comfortable about having to admit to

something I didn't think was for her to

know without me telling her first writer

from Los Angeles said Carl can you

explain what happened that night in your

20s it's out there this is a no-judgment

the zone own it or tell us the full

story of what happened that Steven might

have misinterpreted I so it's Steven his

crack what I told him is the best had

ever got was up a gay guy I was 22 years

old I was acting in a stage show called

the one-night stands we have a wrap

party I was hooking up with my scene

partner female in the theater in the

back in North Hollywood we were drinking

patron we were smoking it was crazy me

and her we're hooking up the director of

our show I'm not gonna name his name he

jumped in and it was crazy and I got

head off a gay guy