Luke Gulbranson Says He Loves Hannah Berner | WWHL

number one question for the two of you

uh Vanessa B wants to know what's

happening with the two of you did Hannah

go to Minnesota with Luke are you guys

dating or what I feel like things kind

of trailed off but not not like trailed

off in a bad way you know she didn't

come to Minnesota but that doesn't mean

that she won't for coming to Minnesota

I'd love to have her come to Minnesota I

love love Hannah and Jenna and they care

a lot about her you love her well I

I mean you can take yeah of course I

love that I care about her dearly are

you in love with her no I I'm in love

and love are two different things I

can't see Jeremy like I'm in love with

Anna but I love Anna dearly Anna I think

there's a difference between like

chemistry compatibility he wanted to

like talk all the time on the phone and

FaceTime and hang out but not have sex

and I only can do that for so long and I

think ultimately I got a little bored

and know like I love whom I care about

him I think he's a great great person

but I don't I don't know if I could

trust him it's like boyfriend material

Hanna what do you mean when you say that

you don't trust him I can't be worried

about my man best thing with other women

all the time

I can't do it did the two of you ever

have actual sexual intercourse we have

not Andy