Summer House: Can Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Really Last? (Season 2) | Bravo

raise your hand if you think this

relationship is going the distance I

mean I think if certain thing I went

through this last summer so I feel like

there's certain things that Kyle does

that makes Amanda feel insecure like not

giving her enough attention because he's

trying to like send it and be like a

friend right but that then makes a man

to secure it so then she cries and the

how is that ever gonna be and that's

Kyle still Alan if things change then

maybe so have you seen progress in your

relationship I have I mean we just went

out for Saint Patrick's Day and it was a

lot better but I think - Lawrence

pourraient like I'm not looking for Kyle

to change I'm not saying you're looking

for a change but you don't like the

dynamic of the relationship because we

just don't go out with you guys anymore

we don't see you well that's not my

fault that is how we fight about that go

there but we don't hang out anymore we

fight about it you seem to think that I

you don't want to go out because it's

not the dynamic doesn't work for your

absolutely false love going around this

winner going out with them yeah no

that's really I mean you thought about

not going out because you're busy

working and you wanna stay on the week

and on the weekend and I want to go out

and do things I've had a crazy schedule

yes so I got a ballot and like see like

he doesn't want to do it we hang out

because we hang out for Danielle and

then might be coming out to me either

I'm not getting any text message of

Amanda Amanda Amanda if you want to be

known as friendship is a two-way street

have you said Amanda how are you every

single one you got the hand you don't

speak up