The Cast Of "Summer House" Chats About The Bravo Series


welcome to build series I'm Gibson

John's from a wall Entertainment and

today I'm with the cast of Bravo's

summer house back for season 3 with new

and returning cast mates four more rows

a few old escapades in the Hamptons




things have been really good with that I

think this would be I don't anymore

I never thought that I would meet

someone like you am i interested in

dating Carl

not really we're chasing a girl three

months you let him on and you're denying

you cheated on your girlfriend

I do not deserve to be put through this

time and time again I feel like it all

up worry it's all things I can manage


why would you go around telling people

that you become getting it up talking

about my dear

I just don't listen

Schwartz just went to the hospital again

his butthole checked it could be worse

it could be worse Stasi is right please

welcome to summer house cast okay so

this is this is season three for some of

you it's the first for some of you it's

your third go around we have Amanda

batula you have you and Kyle pick a

relationship kind of front and center

again this year yeah are we ready for it

um I don't think you guys are ready for

it I'm definitely not ready to relive it

but Lindsey Hubbard three season vet

you're single you're single and ready to

mingle this summer is that what we're

gonna get from you yeah I mean you might

see a couple of old flames coming back

in the beginning of the season but you

know I am out there and in a in a bigger

way looking for an actual relationship

not just fooling around with a hot guy

with ABS we're getting older you know we

need that Danielle new job last week

venture with Lindsey you guys are tight

this year what what can you tell me

about this season for you a lot more fun

being employed while you're going out to

the Hamptons is a lot better than not

having income so it was a lot more fun

for me new cast member Hannah hello how

are you yeah how are you what can we

expect new this season it's your first

to go around I grew up actually

summering in Shelter Island where I

would just like nap with my grandpa all

the time so this was that's really like

this what we just saw I mean it was a

change for me but it was needed I had to

have some fun and these guys are the

perfect group to do it with Jordan

another new cast member how are you good

how are you

right in the premiere you tease a little

bit of like maybe

Tristan in the end of in another

housemate are we gonna see an inner

house romance for you I think for me I

mean this summer was great because I had

a chance to really let loose and be

myself I'm a southern boy from Atlanta

and being up in the Hamptons has really

kind of given me a chance to just go for

things and find love and and really you

know try to leave it all out on the

table so hopefully we'll see some of

that the summer Kyle

mr. Kyle Cody another three season vet

here what's your side you remember this

hole is about told us about your

relationship you guys are engaged for

small congratulations

what talk to me about that I'm talking

about this summer I mean look it's like

you said our relationship has been front

and center and as luck would have it a

lot of like big milestones good and bad

have been during the summer I think it's

kind of wild you know three years into

this when you re watch some of these

things that at this point happened nine

months ago

it certainly is the definition of like

reliving it like we literally will get

in the same fight that we had I want to

go but yeah I mean I think it's gonna be

a roller coaster ride but at least we

know how it ends

Carl the other the other vet of the

group are you doing thanks Travis I'm

good so you're a reformed F boy as you

said in the trailer I'm not gonna hold

up honestly I can't really say how many

it's a wreck but certainly I make some

changes I think I learned a lot about

you know having a job and trying to

fight through that but also not you know

screwing over every girl in the house I

love that and then our last our last new

one is Paige welcome to the house what

was this summer like for you a lot of

outfit changes and I would say a lot of

just me and Hannah cuddling and I love

you I love you too so inside of your

grandparents you're cuddling with Paige

I know my grandpa's jealous now yeah but

I'm a good replacement he lost his golf

partner but I would have been too drunk

to play golf anyway totally so so this

season obviously it's a mix of old and


was a big cast mix I kind of switch up

for this year and we get a little bit

into that but what can you what can the

the old Yvette's kind of tell me about

about they're about kind of the new and

old cast members and what it felt like

to kind of go in with new blood I'll

just take it because obviously I think

some of the cast that was is no longer

here I struggled ah you know dating wise

and obviously friendship wise but the

new kids on the block or on estate

really really fun

they're younger you know I'm in my

thirties these girls are in their 20s

Jordan just turning 30 so I think

Youngblood is good they definitely bring

a new perspective of having some fun

with us and kind of you know fitting in

but they definitely fit right in

we're crazy but you're a little crazy

too guys I'll just add that uh I think

one thing is very unique about our show

is that we spend a lot of time more

often than not in between the summers

hanging out so like any group of friends

things change so it's tough to like just

jump in to Episode one which is like the

first week and ever summer I mean while

so much has happened and so for those

that caught the reunion you know that's

a little insight into where we were at

going into into the the first weekend

but you know I think that the house

functions like any house like you're

never gonna have the same group and it's

awesome to have you know new blood is

Karl Sturm I just called them newbies

yeah I mean I really was torn going into

this summer with with three new people

on it you know Hannah and I have known

each other you know out and about in the

city and I didn't know Paige or Jordan

but we had a lot of fun this summer even

in the first weekend and it was you know

I think you'll really see that this

season you know we our friendships are

developing and there's drama and there's

tears and laughter and you know parties

but I think ultimately what happened

this season and is different than past

seasons is the dramas a little bit

different it's more about dramas of

friendship as opposed to you know half

the house separated from the other half

the house and fighting about that

there's lots of a clear divide this year

in a way

because I feel like last year not to

harp on last year but the reunion was

sort of like it got a little bit kind of

like down and a little dark I think and

resolved oh yeah and I think it clearly

was time for a refresh Amanda in the

premiere I'm not gonna give too much

away about the mirror because I but you

do talk about sort of there was all you

did have a hard time kind of between

seasons this year what can you tell me

about that what can kind of tease for

the audience about about the friendships

that were kind of hard for you yeah I

think the biggest thing is that last

year it was a pre-existing group of

friends and Kyle was a part of that

group so I kind of came in as Kyle's

girlfriend and that sometimes a hard

line to cross because you know these

girls are all close and I'm just someone

they may not choose to be friends with

but here I am and we're spending a

summer together where this summer you

know I had friends come in I had people

that I knew I had new faces and there

wasn't that you know divide I feel like

everyone was really open and excited to

form friendships and excited to have a

good summer together you know there

weren't any reservations or problems

where you get past it quickly yeah

really and for the newbies did you guys

feel like you were replacing people or

sort of how did you kind of get past

that mental block of of that because I

feel like that must have kind of been a

thought going into your mind I mean I

didn't know the people that were in the

house previously so I didn't really feel

a certain type of way and I knew Amanda

and so coming into any summer house its

new people it's people you don't know

and I was just ready to have fun so I

didn't really think about it I think

that's just what makes it really fun is

the fact that you can be up in such an

amazing place with a group of people

meeting new people having fun that's

what the Hamptons is all about so coming

in this summer we really just kind of

went all for it and went all in and had

a blast and it was really I think for us

in in different you know kind of

situations we were able to move past a

lot of the drama that we were having

because we were all such a good tight

new you know tight you know group of

friends I also think that making friends

as an adult is the most awkward

difficult thing ever

I love summer houses because it's the

one time where it's like we all want to

go to the Hamptons and have fun so

they're forced to either make

friendships or not and I love meeting

new people especially in your late 20s

because it's difficult and I paid

everyone off to be friends with me how

much how much was that talk about it age

was expensive yeah so so part of being

on the show and that they've got kind of

like iconic to this show is the the

cameras that are in the corner of every

single room but kind of like security

cameras but they're just like they seem

like they're on 24 so way better than

that but it must be great what about the

microphones in the headboards that's got

it the pillow what's it like I mean do

you just forget like when you're

changing or hooking up with somebody or

they're talking trash about someone do

you just forget that those are there

because they're hitting in the corner of

the room I do yeah I think you get you

suited a lot I mean and definite when

you're drinking after a little bit

you've totally forget it's alcohol house

I will say that I learned my lesson the

hard way I think you know you just kind

of think I'm gonna change like you know

no one's gonna see this I'm just gonna

do my thing in the room and I feel like

you know last season there was a lot of

naked Amanda room back season you know

so I learned my lesson and I tried to

change more in the closet in the

bathroom but you do forget you know

sometimes you're rushing around and just

trying to change or have a conversation

you know you're in the moment you're

feeling you your real feelings and

you're not gonna try to like hide from

something just I think I did the

opposite this I was about to say guys

literally like late towards the end of

this summer you're just so tired and

like whether it's you know a camera

man's coming in or Carl's asking for

cream lotion he's always in lotion I'm

like and I'm naked getting ready in the

bathroom I'm like just what I say just

grab it but yeah you tend to forget that

they're there because they just become

an extension of your life the only time

that I really start freaking out is when

I'm back in the city you know on Sunday

nights and by Monday mornings I wake

and I'm like I think they make the show

though I completely agree if we didn't

have the I mean like I think that's what

you really makes are so unique and you

know we can have a huge blowout at

dinner but guess what we're all going

home together and the cameras continue

to roll like yeah like if I have a big

fight with Kyle at dinner then I awkward

ly have to go home to get water and

stare at him at the kitchen and we just

have to deal just happen but it makes us

grow up alone and then cut to the next

morning and you see kind of the the

various states of being somebody's doing

yoga and then two other people are it

was only one of us so so for people who

haven't seen the show maybe what's a

typical day like for you guys who's

you're basically we're only there on the

weekend we're there Friday night to

Sunday afternoon sometimes Monday but

kind of what talked me through what the

typical weekend looks like for for a

share house in the Hamptons I'm gonna

give it to Kyle because he's I think our

hamstrings I think the trick is how to

get out there and so there's a train

called the 406 cannonball I'm familiar

that if later you are working that day

like a 9:00 to 5:00 you have to fund

somehow sneak out an hour early and I

did it successfully summers ago like I

think it was twelve weekends in a row

but I mean that's really when it starts

it's like how you gonna get out there is

it gonna be a car you know is it gonna

be train are you gonna be able to make

basically happy hour or are you

literally gonna be in traffic from there

you know we've lined up plans for you

know most of the part the weekend you

know we very rarely are we completely

winging it but sometimes that's the best

I think as far as this show is concerned

I mean you know we just go into every

weekend knowing that there's gonna be a

lot of drinking and a lot of partying

and you can't really let the filming

aspect of it really change anything

otherwise that would be exhausting like

to have to mentally think about how

you're handling yourself you're not

relaxing and they're figured having that

so it's like this is our summer we're

gonna let loose cameras are no cameras

there's also a lot of you know there are

a lot of activities we do there's a lot

of you know events and stuff that you

can go to in the Hamptons the dinner is

that the restaurants are absolutely

amazing but the key is to try to get in

as much pool time as you can so that

you're still getting your summer tan on

otherwise you know you're inside you're

under tents you're in the shade the

whole time so we definitely soaked up

the seaweed we did a lot of like morning

sessions by the pool and I always

thought it was so funny because like one

person will trickle out then like

another two I'm by 11 a.m. everyone on

this stage is laying out by the pool

until like we have to go it should be

yeah and we're still completely wasted

let's be honest and this city in the

summer it can be brutal

so it's really about getting that fresh

air at the end of the day and we don't

care what we're doing as long as we're

out smelling the sea breeze and rose'

it's only February you guys you're

making me wish it was summer right now

for the new people I'm curious what did

you learn from this experience is

obviously it's very new for you guys to

have cameras all around to be kind of

just thrown into this experience what

did you learn either about about

yourself because you haven't seen the

show yet I assume talk to me about sort

of like a take away from from the Pat

from that last summer I think naturally

I'm an outgoing person but I also like

to be introverted on the weekends like

if I'm being really social I like to

have a lone time and doing this

experience meant like I didn't have any

weekends to myself so it forced me to

like interact and socialize when I

didn't always want to and I kind of had

to grow up and like have confrontations

I didn't want to have and have difficult

discussions I didn't want to have and it

made me mature a little bit like not too

much but a little without the show she's

a cat lady so no she actually is I I

thought this summer was really for me

very introspective because we kind of

off of what a Hannah was saying that

conversations you would have with

somebody over a year two years you're

having over a dinner or over a weekend

that we're living breathing hanging out

partying fighting loving everything

together and you know really to own

you know own your stuff and kind of move

move past that and work through that

together really made me a stronger

person from the summer page what about

you I feel like for me I to what Hannah

said like I'm an outgoing person but

when I first meet new people I'm very

quiet I kind of have this really resting

[ __ ] face and I don't mean to be like

I'm just a very reserved person so I

feel like I realized how to talk to

people and how to make fresh wow now

coming off as like a rude person when

I'm really not I'm just internally like

petrified to meet new people and like

become friends so I feel like I got over

that a little bit and I just kind of let

loose I like I didn't care that makes

for great TV and for the returning

people what from watching yourself on

past seasons did you notice anything

about yourself like tics or things you

did that you're like wait I do that that

you that you learn from watching

yourself on TV I have one and I do it

all the time still it like eyes were on

the stage I go like that like with my

lips even as I'm talking and i annoy

myself I'm LL Cool J stuff yeah like why

are my lips so dry all the time god I

was gonna say I eat pretty much every

single every time I'm talking there's

food in my mouth right now but sorry

about that Watchers I just I think going

back to like season one I actually just

watched like the first episode of season

1 for the first time this past Sunday I

was like wow I actually do look like a

douchebag for me I always am just and

like I'm so curious about where I get my

facial expressions because I make some

wild expressions I think like I just

can't help it I like it's just as

natural for me and I don't think that'll

ever go away and fortunately Amanda is

changing on camera I would say yeah the

changing thing the nudity but um I was

really nervous actually to like see

myself on camera and see what I would do

and you know the facial expressions that

you make not realizing it and all that

stuff I I'm

not to sound I don't know I was

pleasantly surprised with how I actually

acted in person I really I didn't have

many issues I know that sounds terrible

but I hate to admit it was terrifying

oh my god what am I gonna look like and

I'm not perfect but I was okay with it's

all sorry it's all so hard because you

know when most people go out get drunk

and then they wake up extremely hungover

like you're not on camera doing that

when we wake up we're on camera and like

sometimes we're looking like a hot mess

so it's like you know how do you always

try and do our best to like brush your

hair before you go to downstairs to get

a coffee but like sometimes it doesn't

always happen the one thing I don't like

is watching myself cry I am like I'm an

ugly crier that's that would have to be

my one face sorry

and before we cut to the audience the

trailer does kind of tease potential

romances within the house I assume

there's ones that happened to be people

outside the house but are we gonna see

any because we see car obviously learn

it from previous seasons that doesn't

really work out well sometimes are we

gonna see that this year I think you'll

see some more possibilities of romance

but yeah I mean I think that's like the

summer like you're around obviously some

really attractive people as I always say

we work so hard all week if we want to

come to the Hamptons and let loose and

obviously I think there's gonna be some

make outs maybe some more heavy petting

just said it my mom said it a week ago

weird okay so I think we actually have

two audience questions there's somebody

out there with that have something to

ask you guys what's the hardest part

about like living in a house like all

together I like dealing with everyone's

personality who takes the trash out who

does dishes like this the the dumb stuff

really actually can cause some issues

yeah it's sleeping my eggs in the

morning or the factory and we have to

clean up the next morning you know like

because the house is an absolute

disaster and some people still are

sleeping and you're like okay I've been

cleaning for two hours and you're so

sleeping let's go

and I would say who also like drives out

to the Hamptons sometimes people don't

like to particularly Drive I was I was

just about to pipe up about that I think

that was the worst part for me was

driving up every single weekend and

driving back because you know the

anticipation of what's going to go on

this weekend but then coming back super

hungover and then having to go to work

the next morning is just like took a

took a mental and physical toll on me

there's so many logistics of eight

people surviving in a house like one

weekend the food didn't arrive and we

survived I don't know no we didn't we

didn't even know we just didn't eat just

an hour we throw a lot of parties

so there's set up and then there's

cleanup let's just be honest things

aren't big fans of like actually taking

their trash out there I don't even know

where the trash went yeah karl has been

our trash guy but no hard thing about

you know all being in a house together

there is no escape and you know it's a

blessing and a curse you could fight

through your issues but if you don't

want to if you're not ready to if there

are still you know lingering issues like

you're with that person you know for 24

hours two days straight it's you can't

avoid them yeah and then I and I agree

and that's very very difficult but I

also think it pushes us as a group and

individually to work through our issues

with each other faster which in the real

team of things like if you get in a

fight like if Gibson and I get in a

fight you know we're gonna go our

separate ways

yeah it's a blessing and a curse yeah

you would go your separate ways but now

you are forced to talk about it because

you're in the house together think of it

like this if you spent eleven weekends

with your family think about the ground

you would cover now imagine having now

imagine having cameras rolling where

you're doing more talking than you ever

ever have you live like a year's worth

of like friendship in a matter of like

11 weeks

it's like dangerous drunk group therapy

it's a good way of putting it I think we

have one more one more audience question

yeah hi so I was wondering what's the

most interesting thing that goes on

behind the scenes

I would I would say there's actually

some of the fun times like what we're

filming all day like you know obviously

we're drinking we're not being told what

to do but there's certain you know we

got to go to this event or this party

when the cameras shut off a lot of us

you know we go out we let loose that you

know usually there's a lot more drama

that actually happens sometimes like the

big cameras the crew goes down

I think our dance parties are really

absolutely we you know don't play music

during you know when the cameras are up

and we're filming so when the cameras

drop it's like an automatic Kyle put the

speaker on fire somebody like plug in

the iPhone and let's dance where's the

dongle it ends up being a huge dance

party in the living room and I think

that's like probably one of the best

things that happens behind the scenes

but again there's really not much behind

the scenes on on this show because

there's cameras in every corner of every

room the only thing that's behind the

scenes is pooping or Hannah sleeping all

right actually one thing all that is you

know since everyone including the crew

has to head out to the Hamptons it's not

like you know the crews waking up from

the comfort of their own home going to

work we do get to be close with our

producers and the crew and so a little

bit like what Carl said the cameras go

down and it's like all of a sudden we

were like intermixing they join the

dance party I was gonna say our group

chat is yeah that's pretty firemen

sometimes I'm scared to look at it I

want to make a book out of our group

jobs that oh yeah for the moment I think

you guys see everything that happens

behind the scenes okay so we have one

more question from Twitter

it's drew y'all want to know to the

ladies of summer house

what would your real housewives tagline

be for season three have you been a

wonder to the tag line movie it's tough

on the spot I like to bust balls on the

court and off the court can you give me

my own I don't know I don't know my name

huh I thought about one but I don't have

eyelash extensions on anymore right I do

mine was going to be the only thing fake

about me are my lashes

that's it woman I don't know what mine

would be Lindsay you don't have fun yeah

I would probably be my boobs are fake

and my hair is platinum but I'm smarter

than your mom I

okay super housewives right there Daniel

do we have one do we have a hospice I

guess I don't have one I also wouldn't

be a housewife no food okay well so

season three summer house from yours on

Monday March 4th at 10 p.m. thank you

guys for joining me