WHAT I WORE: Summer Vacation! Italy Outfits!


hey what is up welcome back to my

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but today I am doing a video that I

haven't done in like the longest time

ever actually doing a fashion video

showing you guys everything I wore when

I was in Italy just a couple weeks ago

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it's day one in Italy I am holding my

area because I'm wearing a sticky bra

right now it's like not sticking really

well but I'm wearing a cute little dress

and you can see I have all this stuff

with me it looks clunky but this is what

reality looks like but today's day one

we just got here my parents are waiting

for me to do this yeah I went for a nice

little sundress there are ants crawling

all over my phone right now and now a

mic huh for a cute dress today




good morning guys today is day 2 and I'm

wearing this little outfit I have a

skirt and a little top so during the

morning off with a hike there's one of

the reasons why we work here in

Portofino apparently this hike is

amazing the parents are very excited a

little nervous because I'm not very in

June but I'm where I like workout shorts

under this so it's still like works for

hiking and this is a bathing suit top

that I'm going downstairs to meet them

for breakfast now and then we're gonna

head out we're planning our dinners mid

hike day 3 we're in Lake Como we got a

cute little outfit on and we're heading

out to explore


today's outfit here we go

Lake Como day two's I'm wearing a cute

little white dress it's kind of wrinkled

but we're gonna pretend it's not it's

like a linen material so it just there

was no avoiding I'm a cute little Sun

Hat and my Sunny's that I bought every

single day and I sandal said I for one

every single day I'm just trying to keep

it chill


we went back to the hotel made a quick

little outfit change and we have this

cute little romper which kind of looks

like a dress and I have bug spray over

here in my hand because well there's a

lot of bugs and I need the help so same

kind of contact but just different



it is our third day in Lake Como but

today we are doing a day trip to

Switzerland and spend the afternoons

there I'm going for a more chill outfit

today just very casual for walking

around the city if nothing too exciting

mostly because I don't feel like digging

through my suitcase to find something

cuter but this'll do


we made an evening outfit change before

going out for some wine we have a really

cute jumpsuit on Thanks I usually can't

wear jumpsuits because I'm five foot

tall and they don't normally fit me

they're like too long or just like

fitted weird but this one actually works





and that was what I wore in Italy there

were a couple outfits and I didn't

actually film but this was like the

majority of that or at least the ones

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