Coronavirus: UK & France travel deal means a summer holiday, with no quarantine

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me encanta : the efficient energy this

instructional video from Disney's been

released for its Shanghai park's

reopening after lockdown it explains it

to get in you'll not only need a face

mask an ID you'll also have to show a

green health code generated by the

government's covert 19 app to prove

you've not got the virus a ticket would

probably be handy too none of this has

crowd the excitement of people longing

to socially distance queue on the

Pirates of the Caribbean ride there are

actually markers down where you can

stand and it's got some people asking if

Disneyland Paris could be next well

maybe the UK and France have signed a

deal to get tourism between the

countries going again you'll be able to

hop over there and come back without

having to go through quarantine the

Evening Standard Jonathan Prince

covering the story and is with me now

Jonathan I've been laying in this story

and thinking we can start taking

holidays to France again this summer is

that correct that is certainly how it

looks at first glance we had this

announcement last night in in the prime

minister's statement that Britain's

traveling abroad would need to

quarantine for 14 days when they got

home which has sent the travel industry

into into a total tailspin and then a

few minutes after the Prime Minister's

statement a separate announcement came

out suggesting this requirement would

not apply to Britons who travel to

France and then come home they wouldn't

have to self isolate at home for 14 days

it appears that Boris Johnson and

president macro have agreed a deal that

will take France out of the equation for

quarantine on returned from holiday

I wonder how valuable then UK tourism

must be to France and perhaps the wider

continent UK tourism is fantastically

valuable to a number of countries around

Europe Spain France Greece Italy to some

degree as well it's absolutely massive

contributor to to their foreign foreign

earnings Britons are

terribly enthusiastic international

travelers and you know their whole sways

of the economies of southern Europe in

particular that I've sort of built

around the British tourism dollar

I think the aspect of Spain France Italy

what they call the sober Club Med

countries losing out on all that British

spending this summer was a was a pretty

grim one for for you know huge industry

so the French now at least seem to have

decided that they'd rather harvest than

not and you know with a 14 day

quarantine period obviously not many

people were going to be traveling abroad

but now it looks like yeah the

drawbridge to Europe is open I wonder

what the b2 do though because obviously

France still has social distancing so

it's unlikely they're places like

Disneyland Paris will reopen like the

one in Shanghai has done this is a

reciprocal deal and London is still in

lockdown itself it's not going to be a

great holiday is it well that's true it

won't be the same carefree experience

that you know most people like to have

when they go on holidays get away from

the stresses of home life but I think

tourists go in both directions and don't

forget that social distancing is much

less in most European countries we're a

bit of an outlier with our to meter

requirement it's it tends to be 1 and

1.5 meters in most European countries so

that does mean a slightly more relaxed

environment in a restaurant say or the

bar yes in the UK we'll have two meters

yes there's going to be long queues for

any attractions that are open I do feel

that across Europe people that have had

to live with you know the pressures of

lockdown and the pressures of illness

with friends and relations and all the

rest of it on themselves for a long time

there will be an appetite to get away

and just try and forget or try and relax

and try new experiences I'm sure people

want to do that so we might see tourists

from France coming back here which I'm

sure will be welcomed by the hotel

industry that we've spoken a lot about

on the podcast with you Jonathan and

also in London we have some sectors

going back to work anyway like construct

it does feel a little bit like the

country is is starting to ease out of

lockdown a bit doesn't it yeah I guess I

guess you might say that sort of phase

one of lockdown is over and we're into

sort of phase one and B almost because

it's not a full relaxation some sectors

are going back to de construction of

house building as you say seem to be

first out of the blocks but most of the

rest of us I can't see a huge rush back

to offices anytime soon partly because

it's such a confusing situation on

commuting we're told that commuting by

public transport is is undesirable and

that capacity is only going to be 10 to

15 percent anyway people should drive to

work or cycle but you know we know from

experience that London's roads can't

handle the peak commute and so I think a

lot of people will be put off just by

the sheer horror of you know getting

getting to the office that alone the

safety they might encounter when they

get to their place of employment I think

it's going to be extremely slow central

London will not be at the same place

without the hospitality sector opening

up for months on end and that's going to

be July at the very earliest it's going

to be a really slow return to whatever

we think of as normality that it will

take us all the way through to the

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