My summer vacation in Mpumalanga |South African Vacation

hello eighty nation and welcome to my

channel for those of you who I knew my

name is and the chief drama brand so I

thought I should take you guys along on

my vacation so I'm gonna do a quick room


I'm currently in Milan on L Street and I

boot somewhere called view in Lodge but

it is very loud it looks like they are

like having like a pub vibe downstairs

and it's super loud this music I'll try

to show you around and then yeah so when

you enter this is inside the house sorry

for the noise guys it's really really

loud so you share like a lounge area

with like three people and this is how

it basically looks at a lounge and then

the room that we have is like on the

balcony and it just has a tree that's

our room day my room I mean so this is

the view that we get we are not getting

much of a view and then they have like a

pool down there

if you can see


and this is so this is the bedroom it's

quite tiny but not bad

I like the fact that they have white

sheets and white towels i like that

aesthetic and those are my bags and my

jackets and they have a TV and air

conditioning and then right here we have

a shower and like a small stool and then

we have like the toilet

alright then so that's the proper that's

the proper view of the shower and then

of course this mean with my white hair i

have my white tip on my white braids so

I'll be taking you guys so long like the

reason I came to Milan has really

swamped Milan around you know it has a

lot of nice but who and how do we like

my nails I think they're nice in my

white hair so I'll be taking you guys

around the places that I to go to and

I'll tell you how things are bobbing

with December by being good morning

aunty nation today it's a whole lot

quieter here so I really enjoyed my

sleep so I'm just wearing some like like

a tank top with pants so I'll show you

the whole stream wearing like we are

downstairs and yeah I'm really liking my

white hair and my nails so let me maybe

like show you properly cause it's like


Oh be ready to go I'll take you around

as we do the things so this is the view

that we have from our room so you can

see the pool there

it's really a cool place just that the

private night is a lot is a lot we do

see a little bit down to the road but

because of the tree I don't think you

can pick it up so it's in the mountain

am so yeah and that's the place again my

room is a mess now

hi guys so I'm going to show you my

outfit of the day I met you match it

with someone day so now we are going to

the city wall eye caves we just had


no it was actually brunch so somewhere

like had like a lunch dish so they have

very late shows that

and going to it is brilliant but any

room we shall see as we go

sarsaparilla we always need 300 meters

turn right but we're turning right here

I can we are here so I guess this is big

mystery about place you know and stuff

but it's way too long but anyway so we

are in the cave now and someone is

having a slash pattern

so that's why we're going to enter to

see on that drop of water

coupon so in force will be much harder

to grow because of our we have no time

to deposit cancer so it's totally a

runaway stop growing

so yeah in the state that I'm

disheartened people properly as most of

their water in this formation so this is

the V from acid wala caves so we are out

now we just went up school get a nice


nature is a pretty and I am too

okay my tongue is because having a slash

slushy babe let's go so now we are at a

butterfly I think when you go see

butterflies and this is the butterfly

house three in the fourth one day nice



guy song back at the guesthouse

and when we got back our guest room my

guest room anyhoo doesn't matter anyway

so the guest room was not cleaned and

then I went downstairs and I asked the

ladies which is like the boss lady here

and she was like oh my god she does not

know why and how that happened

so she upgraded us to a bigger room and


let me show you quickly around the room

so that's the big page and it has a big

achieving and also like a tea stand

and then like a nice a miracle

type a situation and then this is the


good morning guys

so today we are going to God's window we

don't know if you actually go to three

when the walls cut is a little bit

further but we'll see

we are quite early laptop flex seven

everyday but you're going to grab

breakfast first

or no way yeah

I'll show you the update of the deal if

you follow me on the dragon is probably

cinders brownish out front

if you don't you bet we have arrived in

three run levels and we're going in

so now we are at the tunnels

it's like a river canyon with like

portals and stuff so I'll show you when

we get there

yeah and today I will make up guys like

I will make up but it's so hot like a

blazing hot

now we are visiting the next waterfall

which is the Berlin


so this is your God's window good

morning guys so today's my last day here

I am leaving and yeah i'll show you the

outfit of the day I'm just wearing a

dress and my bag in the Hat

yeah it was a good holy day all in all

although something tried to ruin our

holiday yesterday we got a tire puncher

from it really deep foothold but that

should be cool anyway

I'll close off the vlog after I've shown

you my outfit of the day some we will be

stopped hi guys so I am back now it was

a good holy day thank you very much for

watching please remember to subscribe

like and comment bye