hey guys it's bro you whack and today we

got a bombshell of a drop in overwatch

the 2019 separate games of it is here

and it's gonna be completely not

completely different but it's gonna be

different than all the other summer

games of it because we have three

challenges in total week one we get this

Reaper skin then the may skin in the

game I'm glad we got to do so what we're

gonna be doing today is looking at

everything brand new we already got some

summit look at my man look at my man you

see this boy re kenji mints no more

crying about oh I don't get it

you get this one alright so anyway let's

look at all this skin Oh Oh only for

legend er but but we get three free

skins and look at this may one this

looks like the legendary version of the

shanghai skin and then oh okay may I see

you I see and that's a free skin we get

that in week two not week one

unfortunately we get American Reaper by

God the Captain America Reaper skin are

you kidding me please look at the stars

look I don't know about you guys but I

love these free epic skins taking the

spot of the normal epic skins but also

replacing a few of the legendary skins

that we probably would get my god it

looks beautiful and then Ryan Hart's the

German skin for him my lord this is

amazed well I don't know I'm not I'm not

gonna offend anybody by saying hold on a

second Bob any way you care about I

don't want to sing the song anymore

here's Genji now hopefully that music

wasn't too loud for you guys but finally

Kenji though boy kid he won after a year

and a half of not getting one he gets

canned oka I love this I I don't know

the sport off the time I had and people

are gonna get upsetting me but it's it's

the one word like you you're like

dueling or said I can't remember anyway

here's the Hans let's get nobody cares

about that now now people still go first

of all let's look at the Stars okay kind

of reminds me of his white dragon ones

where it's a little bit more thicker

just like well anyway there's his actual

sword or a katana and then there's Genji

I want to know what the knife

looks like because normally there's like

a second looking sword and then here's

Hanzo hold on a second

what's going on with his beard come on

come on Blizzard why do you have to make

one of the heroes that I hate the most

look the sexiest I cannot deny that all


this man he can steal my girl any time

and even though I would hate him I would

respect my girl for going with Hanzo

because he's got the connected beard

he's got a slight six-pack going

he's got them Gucci swim shorts ooh

let's look at the bump

come on Blizzard why you got to give him

an awesome boat - is that a that's a

fishing line Yoho

ok ok Blizzard what his legs look a

little bit weird they look a little bit

scrawny man his caster just puffed out

like that ok and then he has a nice

little man bun even though that's

totally out of style Blizzard I see you

with Hanzo even though oh I can't deny


he's looking fresh they did it kind of

but they finally gave a slight version

of bikini tore beard and they even hold

on a second

is that the crap from my from my Sigma

cast that I did with Jane the that's the

Summer Games crab sticker yo they

included it now I don't know if they

actually did get inspired from the

Summer Games cast or the Summer Splash

cast but either way look at his hammer

oh oh first this gun look at the little

smiley sticker I looks dope and I just

got the turbine Gold gun you get so this

takes inspiration from those carnival

games where you smack a mallet and try

to get the highest prize or get this

little metal piece at the top and this

is the prize oh that's so cool I love

that and then oh my god they did a Super

Soaker turret come on these skins are so

cool man

and Torbert he has she sells and he has

a swims he has swim shorts and flippy

floppies and his sandcastle in the in

the summer

Crabbe that's our logo I don't care what

anybody says they were inspired from my

cast as a caster first-ever time and

then Lucio Baal Hammon that's gonna be a

little bit confusing because it's

Lucille Ball but it's Hammond yeah yeah

that's cool I like this one

I really do I don't think it's the best

one and I just realized this I won't be

able to do a top 10 video but I can

definitely do a top 5 especially when we

get skins like this yes a Gatorade jug

yes I wonder what it looks like in his

actual ball form but he also has a

little bit of water super soakers too

that's really cool all right on to the

emotes I feel like there is a lot as

terms of the emotes but here is IRISA

okay okay girl I see you mmm is that

literally it I wonder if you walk like

if you're gonna walk off an edge while

emoting if that's possible with this

email I think it is but here's burpees

uh if you play football which I didn't

you had to do this thank God I didn't

play football which means thank God I

didn't have to do burpees let's see that

one more time but it's fitting for

absorb because well she's the workout

Queen I mean look at those muscles

let's get physical let's go okay only

two emotes now let's see the victory


okay honor she's doing the pose you know

I had to do it to him she's kind of

doing the push but she basically is

doing the pose you know I had to do it

to him honor my girl staying up with a

mean culture even though you're 69 years

old I love your girl all right ash what

you got they couldn't including Bob I

don't know about that one chief come on

now you could have had a bob like

holding a medal too or holding a silver

matter or something I guess this is i

but where's Bob Bob doesn't get enough

love nobody cares about ash everybody

cares about Bob and then bring it oh

look at how happy she is

she even though she gets the most hates

even her voice actor her character

everyone that is related to begin

against the most say she still smiles

and she has the brightest smile of all

time and she's doing a little leg kick

too that's dope love that alright only

three new medals now it's time for the

voice lines

do less that's literally it

oh oh I'm gonna turn this up a little

bit mmm no that still looks bad thank

you reality is my playground

I feel like that's a reference somewhere

I wouldn't deny that honestly zenyatta

that advice is very relevant right now

so those are all the voice lights I

didn't get any references maybe the

maybe the reality is my playground one

but maybe that could just be unique to a

Symetra now we're going on to the actual

sprays again I hope give us a bob spray

no Bob spray that's somewhat

disappointing what even is that just the

shooting literally shooting spray pole

vaults okay that works for that works

for about tees sandcastle that's this is

actually an achievement for a week three

so we do get most of the sprays that we

would get in loop boxes in these

challenges this is part of Rinehart's in

Week three this is part of Reapers and

week one don't know why junk rat and

road hog are part of freak one but

either way why couldn't rota get that

skin breath that would have been so dope

snorkelling oh of course that's gonna be

with me

we have snowball just giving his little

blue eyes and then based or eclaim

passed the fishes this is season three

of Lucille Ball and that come on why

couldn't we get a moving one they did

that for the first competitive season in

the second when they stopped and then

the third one Oh hold on

that's the vish scar logo right maybe

that's a new map I didn't see I wasn't

paying I was just so hyped about the

skins I think we get one more huh okay


that's the that's obviously discus cuz

that's the name of it but that's also

the Olympic game style I'm surprised I

haven't thought about that kind of

highlight intro for a bad tease because

it's literally a disc in Summer Games

either way so that is everything in this

year's Summer Games event I just want to

say before people start to get

disappointed that oh we only get four

skins and three of them are behind

challenge walls like you have to

understand this is our fourth year of

overwatch events and I will take quality

over quantity and that's definitely what

they're doing here but they're also just

kind of holding back because well we're

in the fourth year and we still have

three other years of content being

brought back for so for someone like me

that has been playing ever since the

first winter events yeah I unlocked a

majority of everything but it's still

nice to see them adding stuff like this

and especially like I love even this one

even this man skin I like and that's

when you know you made a good batch of

skins as when you can have a Hanzo skin

that Breck actually appreciates plus

three free new skins like a free skins

dog so if you're disappointed I don't

know what to say but I'm not I love all

this this content for the fourth year I

think it's pretty good so anyway guys I

love you guys thank you guys for

watching more videos to come look out

for a loop box opening video in the near

future no see guys layer I love you guys

and bye