hey guys it's bro you wack welcome back

to the third summer games starting here

in 2018 this is a third wave of events

and I'm so excited to see what blizzards

gonna bring for the third year and you

already know how we start with every

single event we're gonna be looking at

all the brand new stuff skins emo

Thailand intros possibly hopefully but

normally what I would do is I would go

through the hill the gallery look at

each individual here ok nothing nothing

right there but now they have a separate

tab just looking at everything that's

brand new it ok ok I like this it shows

like a little preview of ok baby has to

do a boat ok ok ok let's just get right

into it so I'm guessing the epic skins

if it's anything like a summer once our

own country oriented themed and yep

yep here is the Swedish country skin for

Brigitta taking homage just like her dad

or paying homage to her country just

like her dad but I really do like this

coat it fits Brigitta I don't know why I

just really just fit her and then the

gun very simple and I'm on PC right now

because the update came out for me first

on PC so I'm just looking at all this

stuff right here oh ok ok I see you baby

girl I love the yellow light it's no

different than just the basic skin but I

like it I can't wait to see that with my

gold gun cuz the shield is gold and then

we're just back here at the skin so okay

Maura representing Ireland I think

someone said before that she is Scottish

cuz I didn't really know where she was

from beforehand oh but I really do like

this she has no guns to look at but I

don't know very some I don't know like

the colours they're pretty good but

unlike Brigitta I feel like the colours

just don't work for her I don't know

this house any organ I really know but

this is one of the leaks skins that did

come out not officially but it's sombras

mexicana skin so she is she is Mexican

so she's gonna be representing Mexico

and I like this one too they're very

simple nothing really to write home

about oh I like the I like the Mexican

flag too

that looks really cool and they were

there alright now we're on to the

legendary skins and let's just go

through them I will say something at the

end but here is my god my throat's

throats getting caught up here is Cabana

Anna now I love the skin because I don't


it really does fit on it but it's very

simple it's straight to the point and

you get it's nothing like oh there's a

story behind it she just looks straight

up good her glasses work - I look like

her Sun Hat - it's all floppy and

whatnot and then the gun sit okay it has

some writing right here - if any one eye

is that Arabic I want to say that's

Arabic I don't know hopefully I don't

sound too dumb I just may be pissed off

a lot of people but if everyone can say

what that says and it comes down below

I'd greatly appreciate it but men this

is a very simple legendary skin but it's

good I think a lot of people are really

gonna appreciate this skin now we're on

to Devo wave racer this is probably one

of my favorite skins out of this whole

entire event they just out did it with

the legendary skirts Garrett granite

there was only six of them but I really

like it it's just a very fun happy

summertime skin for Deva she really

needed one too it's been a hot minute

since she got one I really like that I

really like the little ornaments that

they give to divas gun I always look

forward to just seeing her but man she's

looking really good I like the

heart-shaped glasses - a little simple

touch that they added to it and then

it's a jet ski I'm not gonna mention a

little pump because I already did

beforehand and then we have the American

football skin for Reinhardt another just

you get it you like it it fits him and

that's just something that every single

skin I feel like has in this summer

games events so yeah really just

shoulder pads a helmet what about the

okay okay now that's not the Super Bowl

trophy but that's like that's a trophy

all right what does that say Hero Award

okay that it's nothing okay I like the

little rip into that they have right

there that's cool so again if you're

really into football but you're not a

Reinhart man you probably like the skin

if you don't like football you don't

like riding hurt you probably don't care

for this too much

lacrosse Roadhog now what I just said

before and for for reinhardt's is how I

feel about roadog I don't really I'm not

really into lacrosse you know rocks a

cool hero but I'm not really too into

him i but it's still cool what I liked

it now I just now notice that the the

lacrosse god I don't know the name of it

I'm gonna sound so stupid this video

there across stick that all the players

have is broken into a hooks

that's really cool there's sticks right

here oh sorry I'm burping right here I'm

filled with excitement but I'm not going

to over the top with it so let's look at

that oh okay that's a that's a

mouthpiece that's what football players

used to and I guess lacrosse players so

I like that little touch to it and is

that a glove

that's what the goalie uses right I'm

sounding so dumb to anyone that plays

lacrosse like no it's this thing I'm

sorry opps sorry

and then there's the lacrosse hook I I

love that I love other change different

assets about specific heroes and to like

and to their theme of that skin if that

makes any sense and then I think this is

just a a water bottle yeah right just a

squish down water bottle save the

environment not a lot of plastic catcher

I love this because I did play catcher

in for fur baseball for a very long time

so I appreciate the skin definitely one

of my favorites out of all these sports

skins so I'm glad they gave it to

Winston too because I really does fit


I love the baseball right here and then

his cool shades those are Oakley's right

right alright let's look at the gun and

I haven't been doing and allsey really I

should be really be doing that but I

especially love this one because this is

a baseball bag obviously but it has bats

on the side of it

baseball's right here it looks like an

actual baseball bag that you would see

and like the major leagues or whatnot so

I don't know where its store is cleats

maybe right there I don't know yes what

do you wear for cleats are just two


I don't really know that's a stupid

question but yeah I really like it I

think this is supposed to represent like

a ball launcher or something some of the

outfielders use and yeah very very

awesome skin at least I appreciate it

and then we have a skin that was just

announced yesterday Zenyatta fastball

another baseball oriented skin I would

love to see a basketball skin in my

honest opinion because we already had a

baseball one we had a football one and

even lacrosse so why not throw a

basketball but a baseball one is cool

too his orbs are our baseballs right

here says in yata 94 why does the 94

repeat I have no idea what the 94

represents it has something to do with

the law oh I just noticed this the glove

on the back is tied to it oh that's

really cool yes cleats and odds so cool

bait bass set what what okay well I've

never I've heard a Wilson

I've heard of Rawlings I never heard of

this company y'all alright moving on to

the one and only emo representing my

favorite girl my favorite hero may


oh my god do it again do it again do it

again do it again do it yes this is so

cool oh there's different ones wait is

there or was I just not paying attention

to them missing it let's see one more

time I know you guys might not care

about this bike here okay you know it's

just the same one and that may look so

like bruh what is you doing I would have

loved to see like a surprise may skin

but hey I'll take table tennis because

again I'm not try son arrogant but the

Chinese I feel like or I think that they

really love their table tennis or at

least from what I saw from Forrest

Gump's so I think it really does fit

Mase anyway let's go to the victory

poses I think all the heroes that didn't

get a metal one get one this year so

here is doom fish just holding it like

he's about to crush it with this index

finger and thumb very simple like that

oh look okay look at where this is face

like that like I get it you're happy and

you're just full of excitement for

getting a medal but like I don't know

why is this face like that oh I'm

surprised he didn't get one beforehand

at least I'm assuming since he's getting

one right here okay the boar Makris

women like Lucy always pointed to it but

well he's smell smokings bad but again a

cool one I just fits him nothing to

write home about though okay now this is

I'm gonna assume probably the best one

because again she's an alchemist she has

floating balls and she replaced the ball

with the metal with yeah with the with

the gold medal I like that keep doing

your thing more keep doing it boys okay

okay okay very very uh very humble but

still very proud that you won a gold

medal for the United States of America

assuming that is where he's from

I think it is and then sir okay Michael

Phelps chill ah

again I'm surprised she didn't get one


but I like this multiple gold medals

because she's a lifting champion so I

really like it so I would be a little

bit more quieter for these voice lengths

so you can hear them I do have it turned

up so you should be able to hear them he

seems just I like that for honor because

she's a crema she's supposed to be

distressed one but she no no no no the

other people are stressed okay I don't

know where that's from

I feel a lot of these are from like I

don't know like pop-culture references

but I don't know where that's from step

into the ring I want to say it's

Muhammad Ali I'm surprised he didn't get

a boxing skin I would have hoped so but

I guess not this time okay that's just

your simple like come on breath better

living through science performance

enhanced words y'all okay I like it I

think that's uh I've heard that before

so obviously I heard of it but don't

know exactly where it's from and that's

just the baseball-reference cuz my coach

always said that man all right let's

move on moving on to the sprays okay

just what is that that's like like you

spin around right or no I don't know

handball okay this is where you like

toss it next to your ear I'm pretty sure

and then bowling I like this one are you

so cute okay and then here just oh okay

this is Toronto correct yeah that's the

Rio so that's season 12 and that's oh

okay I like that I like oh and it even

has a glitch in the system

oh that's a cool one I like it's very

unique different from the other ones and

then here is Lucille Ball - okay so this

is the South Korean map and then Oh hold

on hold on oh my god it's a photo wait

no it's not volleyball I got so excited

for a second she said tennis serve okay

I would have liked to see a tennis

confirm or run


there is that one and then here is IRISA

oh oh that is so dope y'all okay so

that's soccer or football most the world

sense and it's goalie they changed her

shield into a goalpost all that is

really cool so anyway I know a lot of

these were announced on the Twitter so

you might have already seen it but

hopefully you enjoyed this video and

hopefully it was a lot quicker than the

other ways that I used to do it I'm glad

they add this tab but I'm very excited

for the summer games be expecting a lot

of videos Lucille Ball loop box opening

the whole nine yards I love you guys and