Event Guide: Servant Summer Festival Challenge Quest - FGO Summer 3

welcome back fino here with a guide for

the summer 3 challenge quest

we have another boss rush but the catch

is that not only does every enemy have a

break bar

but they change classes when you pop it

right off the bat you'll face off

against fran

helena and nobu of these nobu is by far

the biggest threat since she np's

immediately on break

having a taunter or a stun can save you

a lot of trouble here

helena gets a crit damage buff and fran

cleanses debuffs lowers her defense

and raises her attack the next trio are

anita chris ryko and maid alter

nito evades for a turn reiko gets a crit

buff and maid reduces your stargen

mechanically none of these are world

ending though you may have gotten

roughed up

from riku or helena staying on the field

for too long the final two enemies are

nero and ishtar

nero gets a charge and ishtar nerfs your

team's attack in my run i wasn't able to

find out if saber nero was coded to use

invictus spiritus but i would not

recommend finding out the hard way

because of the break bars it's hard to

maintain momentum without using a lot of

aoe novel phantasms

if you'd prefer a strong start you could

run a scottie team to just remove half

the encounter

because of nobunaga i'd recommend

actually prepping gate of sky before you

turn on the jets

you could also use a sacrificial front

line with a rush that'll pop the bars

noble will eat someone

and hopefully your last member just dies

from basic attacks because they're level

1 or something

then your real team comes in aoe arts

teams have a lot more longevity and you

might find better success with those

your best bet on this front is probably

hokusai to get consistent

class neutral damage failing that you

can opt for summer mordred though she'll

hit a few snags

most notably nidakris and i guess art

stall teams work too as usual

as long as you pace yourself ruler jean

and mash can keep you alive for a while

finally summer bb stands out as a pretty

solid option for people who can't run

double support setups

she'll give you a lot of control over

the battle's pace reducing charge across

the board with her noble phantasm

locking in strong hands to push with a

second set of enemies

and having strong crit damage i wouldn't

say it's an especially hard challenge

quest but assuming you run a consistent

frontline the thing you have to watch

out for is your buffs running out

against the middle three servants and

you getting bogged down

as long as you keep that and berserker

nobu's np in mind you should be able to

figure out a strategy without much


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