hi everybody it's amy from bargain

beauty and i'm excited to let you know

that summer items have went to 90 off at

my walgreens now it's got a very sort of

store so you want to make sure that you

go in there as soon as possible

you want to scan everything you possibly

can i'm going to show you a few items to

start off with please make sure to

subscribe if you haven't already hit the

thumbs up

and let me know in the comments if your

store has gone to 90

off now i have a second channel called

bonus bargain beauty

and on that second channel i'd like to

move these videos over to that channel

and keep this

just for shop with me videos but because

you guys are so used to me doing these

on this channel

i didn't want to let you down let me

tell you what i'm getting so far

these are only in 99 cents a piece on


now my store has the ones with the green


and i also have these so i'm leaving

these for someone else

they're originally 9.99 i'm gonna take

four for 99 cents a piece that's an

amazing deal

items like this right here let me get it

out of the

these are hard to get out 79 cents

i think christmas think birthdays think

resale think whatever you need them for

so items like the garden party

multicolored lantern

string light set that's going to be 1.29

i've already rang that up

garden party novelty string light set

right here also dollar 29

these are ringing up only 49 cents at my


also 49 cents they have it in blue

as well look for the candles

this is only 59 cents right here

little zebras and we also have is that a

cougar tiger i don't know you guys will

tell me in the comments

i took these over and i also scanned


and they are just a dollar 29 a piece

for the candles

this is just 59 cents

right i'm dropping a lot today

i'm actually refilming this whole video

because i kept dropping everything

this is only 99 cents also rang this up

59 cents 59 cents

now the shoes in my store are 90 off

these are the pair of shoes that we rang


actually coming off i have to fix that

they were 1.59

so she was also ringing up up here the

coolers at my store

1.99 we rang this one this insulated

toed up right here

but i'm gonna go do it for you again so

you guys believe me

hold on one second

let's go right over here let me show you

they're putting the halloween stuff out

today fun

okay 1.99

let's see a dollar fifty-nine dollar

ninety-nine i can't remember

anyway ninety percent off just do you


know for sure

they were 19.99

they got some cute colors

they also have insulated lunch bags

you want to check these out too let's do

it let's do

it might as well

check it out

and don't worry about my cart guys i

have somebody with me

yes i do


this is a good deal hold on let me get a

better grip on

it's hard to film and i only have one

hand available this is a really nice one

okay 90 off

look for items like this

little backpack got some sun visors

now i did not check the leggings

let's check the leggings

99 cents for the leggings yes

we love 90 off we love it so much

now i'm going to tell you guys something

and does it sound like my brother yes

because i'm breathing inside of a mask

it stinks so weird

see these price tags 19.99

it says now 9.99 when i ring them up to


to see if they're 90 off they're skinny

at the original price of 19.99 i don't

know what's going on

so just be really careful but some items

like this are 99 cents which is 90

off its original price because if you

look over here

9.99 forty four ninety nine

but scanning at ninety nine cents you

take an item

like let me find the one that we did

this one going and ringing up 6.99 not

even the 349

so i'm not sure what's going on

but right now

as of right now for me all the coolers

and lunch and lunch boxes 90 off

insulated totes 90 off pillow 90

off the blankets also 90

off the shoes 90

off you just saw the leggings

are only 99 cents

now the summer clothing i did not check

so let's check this real quick

so nice having a helper because

i can leave my cart and do this stuff

all right let's see

dollar 59 was originally 15.99

so close at 90 off

90 off close guys this is awesome

i don't want to keep you too long

because i want you guys to get in your


get down to walgreens check and see and

check two different stores

three different stores one store might

be 90 one may not so you might have to

do a little leg work for this

but when you save 90 off it's totally

worth it

all right guys talk to you down in the