PSL Living - Summer Camp Registration

welcome back the PSL living too i'm

sarah Prohaska public information

officer for the city of Port st. Lucie

it's that time of year again when

parents need to start thinking about

summer and what we're going to do with

our kids this summer and the city of

Port st. Lucie has a variety of options

and summer camp registration is now open

I have Jennifer romberger and Derrick

Williams from the parks and recreation

department here with me today who are

going to fill us in about everything we

need to do the sign up for summer camp

this year thank you so much for being

with us I really appreciate it welcome

and Jennifer and Derek so April first

was when summer camp registration opened

right for the perks of Recreation

Department can refer all right so how

would a parents need to do to to find

out find out how to sign up basically

you can sign up at three locations come

we can sign up either at the community

center on a row so Boulevard you can

sign up at the Civic Center on the

corner of alton and us one or you can

sign up at the minsky gymnasium which is

on Darwin Boulevard okay we also have

online registration it's 82,000 it you

can pay fifty percent down of each week

so that would be if you wanted to do

just one week it's $41 upfront and then

you have to pay the remaining balance

the monday of that week oh that's great

that it makes it affordable easier and

then that's 41 dollars per child is

there a group is there any kind of multi

child discount we do then we have a 500

per child and so basically if you paid

80 tuned for the first child you would

pay 77 30 seconds perfect okay and you

sign up per week right or it yes you can

sign up per week or if you'd like you

can do all 10 sessions okay Jennifer

what are some of the things that the

kids will be doing if they come to one

of our summer camps sure um we have

three different camps we've divided them

up by age group ages three to five is

the toddler summer camp ages six to 11

is the youth camp at two different

locations and ages 12 to 14

is the team can each camp says enjoy

propria activities the older camps do go

on field trips two to three times each

week knife they really enjoy that and

that's great to get them out and about

and I guess you do sports and other

things to get their energy else in a

parents pick them up they're tired

either same angle to get their energy on

so the moment dad come home from work

they're ready to to chill I guess so and

the oldest you go to is 14 at that point

I got some our campus that point they

age out of the program okay okay and do

you have themes or is a difference is

there each week have a different theme

or is it just basically have fun oh

absolutely we do like to schedule themed

activities it keeps the children and the

counselors engaged in the Sun and then

we have something that brings us all

together okay perfect and does this

include food that I'm just asking

questions I'm a mom that I think maybe

parents might be calling up asking you

let's try to get them out of the way

does it include food do they need to

bring out lunch or yes they will need to

provide very much okay there are certain

days I know three times during the

summer we have pizza parties okay but

other than that then it's just a normal

day I can't begin to provide knowledge

okay lunches and definitely snag em

plenty of hydration and the kids are so

active when they're with us but an extra

water bottle never hurts okay I'm

perfect and about how many kids are in

each camp as there as there are limits

yes I it does vary from the toddler camp

is 430 participant okay the youth camp

at the civic center location is 140 and

at the minsky gym location in 70 and our

team camp pilot we max out of 50 it's

okay 50 now registration is currently

open it does not have a close date but

all of the camp's do fill up completely

so we do encourage people to start

asking their questions now and come out

early and start putting your deposits

down on the weeks that you're interested

in enrolling okay exactly because you

like you said you fill up so if you wait

till June July maybe the week before as

you're probably not going to yes it's

very likely that that week would be full

it's okay all right great and just what

some of the feedback that you've had

from from parents and from kids about

about poor thing with you scamp's I

think that what our camp really brings

to this community is the value of

friendship of making friends and

learning how to keep a friend it's not

something they teach in schools and when

kids come to camp they really get to

learn that firsthand and with the help

of some really great counselors and

directors we have a lot to offer the

community and way of friendship just the

camaraderie that the kids have by the

end of the summer you know they just

it's almost like they didn't even leave

yeah and then they look forward to

coming back the next year and they make

so many friends and they all go to

different schools so when they come back

with music hey have an abusing my son

right now I remember mr. Derek and miss

Jenny and you know it's just it's the

fun part of it and they they get to

experience so many different things but

we keep it a safe environment as well I

think that's why the parents like it and

I think that's why the kids like it too

great and that's that's great they make

friends that you know they might not see

all year but they come back and it's a

great reunion probably and so much fun

and I'm sure they look forward to it

they're probably asking mom you know

yeah because I want to see my my god

Raven we had parents that we're

literally standing at the front door

April first on that really good that's

great perfect okay so just to remind

people so minsky gym psl community

center in civic center you can go in

person and sign up or you could go to

WWE city SPFL com sign up online and you

can pay online right yes you have sign

up and pay online right there makes it

super easy and

start planning now because they do fill

up so and you know you don't want to be

june one doing the first and not know

what you're going to do not watching

says you you got to have so you guys

have a plan so let's start planning now

but thank you to so much for coming on

great information and it's just great to

let people know of yeah things that we

had we do offer and his the pleasure is

very convenient for a lot of families

because we've got three different

locations around town so great great fun

way to keep their kids on some type of

thank you and we'll be right back after

these messages