Oh it's humungous, and it's massive, and it's amazing!

and the wonderful aroma of marijuana in the air, yes it's legal in Canada

but I think coming to Canada has been a good thing, I think that was the right



Hola amigos and welcome back to Montreal! it's a slightly cloudy Sunday afternoon

right now, the Sun has just come out just as I said that, well done weather!

fantastic, and this is the second part of my series a module in addition to the

one I did about six months ago in the winter, so you can check that playlist

out up above or possibly there, I never know which one it is and you might be

able to notice I've got a haircut since the last video all right, spectacular!

I've been growing my hair for so long and I've just had enough of it at last

I've also dyed it red so it kind of matches my jacket and the hair thing

is kind of a symbolic reference also to the theme of this video which is about

travel transformation and how my view of travel is changing very much so in this

video we will be checking out some historical areas of Montreal ie Old

Montreal and also another area a little bit further to where I'm living in

Little Italy so with that in mind let's get going


I'm just outside a poutine place, you can see me in the window, fantastic, and the thing

about Montreal which you should know is there's a hella lot of history honestly

when you think of history in terms of French & British

colonialism and rule back in the day like the 1700s, 1800s, as a result there's

so much fascinating spectacular architecture

it feels very European for obvious reasons it's just awesome you know

especially Old Montreal, yes it's quite a touristy area but yeah you've got trees

you've got flowers, you've got fantastic buildings in all different

styles and just like the lettering and things on buildings as well it's

also awesome you know I love architecture, so if you're an

architecture geek Montreal is the place to come

okay it's time to go first-person perspective I love it when I do this so

many of you to have told me to come to Old Montreal specifically to go down the

side streets and see what I can find so look at these flowers up there on the

top you've got the Poutine place there, a Thai food place, wonderful, a

lot of tourists as you can see as it is a particularly touristy area but look at

there it's so cute you know look at the building there with the flowers outside

and the little signs that just look so European and French you know again I'm

not comparing to France but obviously there's going to be a comparison here in

terms of history with France also down these little streets you have clothing

boutiques, there's a wonderful French word that we use in English, boutique, I imagine

slightly high-end more expensive and the obligatory souvenir shops so you've got

like Montreal license plates, key rings, fridge magnets, the usual malarkey

amd come out here and we have restaurant City, Havana Club rum those of you that

are long time viewers will remember I was in Havana about a year ago and

I did a rum tour at the Havana Club rum place it was spectacular, it feels like

were in Europe right? he got flags everywhere those little I

don't know what they're called the things over the windows the red things

that you know you see a lot in European countries. Now if you're wanting me to

sample some food in Montreal don't panic because there will be a food video

solely devoted to food coming up but one thing about Montreal I've noticed is the

diverse in terms of restaurants cuisine so there's a gelato place behind me, Chez

Psycho, fantastic, and this Italian place is everywhere there's a Creperie 's

different types of restaurants there's Indian Lebanese all sorts so as I said

before Montreal is the place to come for a gastronomical adventure - it didn't take

me long to come up with that - and I've got a special guest in this video I

found, what is this Mexico? not the babies in

the pram, "dog?"

he's not talking to me. you know you're in Old Montreal when you see these signs

by the red ones with that particular fun stunning we're gonna go over this way up

to marche bonsecours which I'm probably butchering - we're remaining in first

person perspective and let's try that again marche Bonseceurs which is the

building in the centre of the screen with the silver dome, it was designed by

a British architect and used to be the City Hall in Montreal but now Marche

it's a market, look spectacular, and it's one of the most iconic buildings in Montreal

so when you look at photos and that it's always on there so let's take a

look inside, hello Bird! firstly outside there's some places where you can get

some cider I imagine locally produced and what we

grew up here we've got maple butters we have maple syrups look at the little

glasses you know this is of course Canada, the home of maple syrup - is

maple syrup stored in barrels?look at these funky little containers and

even these ones they're like parrafin containers or something

you know something that I would see like white spirit in or something. so we're

inside and this really highlights the difference between like what I would

expect from Mexican markets to somewhere in Canada like this because you know

it's very modern clothing stores jewelry you name it there's some great leather

jackets over there I really need a new jacket but I must not get another one

this place is cool you've got jewelry as you can see but also remember when I was

in Zacatecas and went down the mines amethyst quartz onyx you name it it's

got all sorts of ornaments and other items that you can get and even like a

dinosaur skull up there. there's also multiple different floors

here so you have shops you have restaurants and gallery as well Museum

of costumes textiles in Quebec, I wanna go up to the top because you got the

dome thing up there maybe there's some good views? I'm getting really hot now I

shouldn't have worn my jacket today, it might have to come off soon yeah I'm on floor 2 because when you

press 3 on the elevator it doesn't go that far and four you can't go up there

either so basically it's just two floors of shops pretty much all right okay so

we're gonna go to another area now. look at that from the other side amigos isn't

it pretty yes Montreal is pretty with this

wonderful architecture. I'm down by the old port which is the wonderful area and

Old Montreal ville-marie etc it was the area that was first settled by the

French back in the day so Jacques Xartier there's a big Jacques Cartier thing behind

me which is the guy that discovered Canada - the first European that came to

this area and then there's the original inhabitants of Montreal which were the Iroqouians, Iroqouians, I'm not sure

Hochelaga, which was the original like

village which has now become Montreal that was inhabited by them and they

spoke various languages - Mohawk, Cherokee, I didn't even know they were languages I

thought Mohawk was a haircut and Cherokee with a car so that's what

travel's about learning stuff that you have no idea about going through the

daily ignorance to actually knowing stuff and is there is really nice

because even though there's a lot tourists and stuff you know there's a

lot of restaurants behind me a lot of people it's a good place to ride bikes

if you're a bike rider there's like a bike section which I always get run over

on and and listen to these guys play music

which I will show you now which is a week ago when there was blue skies!


transformation is the word of this video and this area completely sums it up in

terms of transformation and contrast I was on these train tracks back in

December last year and this area was completely empty for obvious reasons it

was minus 15 minus 20 Celsius I'm just seeing the transformation now in the

summer so an area full of activity food stands over there there's poutine places

cookie places you name it there's a big tent thing up there and

over there somewhere you've got the ferris wheel, lovely

but before we go I wanted to stop up at this place so I've balanced my camera on

a bin as always and I've got churros with caramel they do like the salted

caramel chocolate and cream and you get like a dip as well this is not like a

Mexican churro they're normally smaller, this is huge but normally you

don't have a dip with it where was I I think it was in Coyoacan

in Mexico City where they like inject he churro with filling

all right, its humungous and its massive and it's amazing

you can really taste that caramel, salted caramel, I've got an audience - Ninos horrible!

again... mmm! yeah now it's a little bit later and I'm in Parc La Fontaine

which is a reasonably large park actually I thought it would be smaller than this

in the middle of Montreal it used to be a farm

Logan farm I think back in about the 1700s and then it became a base for the

British Army in the 1800s and it's now a park you've got monuments

you've got a lake in the middle you've got squirrel so you've got trees so I'm

not gonna lie to you this is just a park it's not particularly amazing it doesn't

blow me away but I'm sure the summers out you know it'll be much nicer and a

big great place to come for like picnics and stuff on a Sunday maybe but you know

right now I'm walking along I'm seeing ducks, I'm seeing birds I'm seeing

teenagers drinking beer at five o'clock on a Sunday afternoon and the wonderful

aroma of marijuana in the air yes it's legal in Canada which makes the question

just because it legal is it acceptable I don't know let me know in the comments

okay we have planes flying over we have squirrels climbing up trees and we have

seagulls flying in my face but regardless of that it's time to bring

this video to a close and this is gonna be quite complex for me to explain so

bear with me okay we're gonna go back to the transformation point change and the

symbolism of my hair so I've dyed my hair red and I've cut it short from the

long black ponytail and that kind of symbolizes that changing me I think

recently I've gone from being extremely torn in relation to should I leave

Mexico should I stay in Mexico do I want to travel more around the world like I

used to or do I want to travel in one country ie Mexico and also do I see

myself doing this in a year or even do I want to not just YouTube but in terms of

teaching online and being location independent but I think coming to Canada

has been a good thing I think that was the right decision because it's kind of

allowed me to refresh myself and realize that I still do have that passion for

traveling elsewhere in the world despite my love for Mex

and I honestly feel like this is kind of like the last leg in terms of what I'm

doing in relation to traveling around the world you know I just don't feel

it's sustainable in many ways you know you have to sacrifice so many things in

terms of friendships relationships health with sanity and I just can't do

it anymore however change is good change is healthy and the thing I absolutely

want to do is go back to Mexico in October which is happening that's a

definite and do what I did in the last couple of months so Acapulco San Luis

Zacatecas traveling around Mexico quite simply the mistake I made earlier this

year was going to Mexico City and setting up a home and thinking that just

staying in a big city like that would be the solution to one problems but it

wasn't and right now it feels right to be traveling around Mexico and of course

it's fluid so my feelings and opinions will change you know in six months I

feel differently I might when I go to Brazil or something who knows but also

the big thing as well is that I have to think about the viewers of this channel

you guys you know at the end of the day not all of you are necessarily going to

want to watch videos from Istanbul or Belgrade or wherever you might have

subscribed for Mexico videos and in the past I've thought to myself well why

should I stay in a country that I don't want to be in just to get views but the

difference is I do want to be in Mexico it's not about getting the views it's a

country I thought our home in like I've said a million times before and so

that's what's happening I've kind of reached a point but I'm quite happy with

everything that's going on at the moment I have transformed I have changed so on

that note and don't forget to subscribe and everything like comment there's a

lot more coming from Montreal hochelaga-maisonneuve the Jazz Festival

Notre Dame Cathedral at night, I cannot wait for all those things they'll

be coming up soon

I can't even speak anymore thanks for watching and I'll catch you later