Is Summer 2019 an another scorcher? - UK Summer 2019 outlook

just three months to go till mission

school summer begins

what's our summer ever gonna be like

we're gonna have another heat wave was

gonna be much cooler and wetter find out

after the intros of course






in store


well here's what the outlook may

possibly bring well as we know last year

well last some of us the hottest summer

on record or one of the hottest summers

on record joined 1976 this year it is

very unlikely to beat that record or

their lone join now that chord but I am

optimistic that we get experience

another slightly warmer than average

summer June and August will be likely to

be the warmest months July probably

likely to be a slightly cooler than

average month and it could be a slightly

wet one as well

so why do i why not predict that June

and August will be the decent month

outside of three and July being the

worst we'll find out in just a sec and

yes I'm taking the fence down well we're

gonna find out so us we know so you

heard me June and August will be likely

to be fairly warm months July probably

could be the worst month of the summer

but let's go through with more detail

now these are just some computer models

which you know right now now some of

them you know to have completely

different predictions what I'm currently

on is the weather outlook now obviously

this is just my estimation of what we

would prevail and there will be plenty

of sunny days to look forward to the

summer it will be lower than last year

so sunshine totals will be slop well

probably will be lower rainfall token

will be a slightly wetter summer than

last year June was June and July were

very dry mom's August was okay close to

our fridge but we're still a dry summer

though and I would say still slightly

dry there which but still

more noticeable rainfall than last

summer and of course it will still be

warmer than average but statistically it

is nowhere near can be record-breaking

for summer 2019 we were just too spoiled

so we're gonna have high hopes for

another record-breaking summer but this

is what the details will prevail so soon

begins temperatures actually very close

to average predictions that we will

probably see them into the high teens

but actually barely settled with some

sunny spells to be looking forward to

but then the first full week of June's

let's say from the third to the seventh

it's actually looking very unsettled

temperatures closer to average some cool

days as could be then as a theme and

temperatures will definitely not reach

20 Celsius on any of the days we are

likely to see a strong well the pressure

will be lower and the winds will be

increasing as well so it could be a bit

slightly windy as well so the first full

week of June some rarely changeable

could be quite cool as well and again it

stays Sun settled into the second

weekend from the eighth and ninth

temperatures around average though winds

probably will be lighter at this stage

but it could be fairly wet with rain or

showers at times and just close to

average temperatures so yeah to begin

somewhere it's actually not looking

great so unfortunate to be honest it's

according to the weather outlook then as

we approach from 10th to the 14th second

full week of June there will be there

will be some more dry weather but again

a few showers and some isolated

thunderstorms can be ruled out

temperatures will be slightly warmer by

the second week we could see in some low

20s on some several days in a row a bit

breezy but over there now warming up a

little bit into the second week but not

completely bone dry so there must be

protein to farber same weekend the third

weekend of June the weather will be

settling down we'll lose the showers and

the storms the pressure will be rising

nicely the winds not too strong at this

stage as well

no heatwave conditions by them for

predictions for the third weekend of

June you'll see temperatures nicely

getting up into the lower 20 so 21 to 23

around the range as we as Weber law

predicts the third week from the 17th to

D 21st of June it is looking a little

bit wetter unfortunately once again but

temperatures will be a bit warmer though

so it won't be too cold

unless with rains for most of the day

temperatures may drop we could actually

see an increased risk of some heavy rain

at times mainly with thunderstorms there

will be some very warm sunshine

temperatures may be mainly into low

twenties occasionally very humid maybe

into the mid twenties but potentially it

could be a very fun day week on the

third week of June warm sunshine some

heavy to fund early downpours will be

likely the fourth weekend of June again

the weather stays relatively mixed but

temperatures will be again qualm warm

ensnared the mid-twenties but still

increased risk of a few isolated

thundershowers so warm sunshine I look

forward to but it does look like the by

the time we get to predictions wise for

the last week of June we could see some

very high temperatures may be near to

the high 20s before another fundly

breakdown is likely to close the month

of June off so the temperatures will

still be slightly above average at this

stage so very hot and humid last week of

June I would say highest temperatures

probably around 28 degrees Celsius so

nothing record-breaking but still quite

hot name 10 degrees above the average

but it could end very wet and it stays a

little bit mixed times are still a

little bit warm into the last weekend of

June with more sunshine and some further

from to be showers so it could be a

fairly um but it's not gonna rain every

day though it's just a chance we could

see some thundershowers there will be

some other dry and hot days as well now


now I said July will be a Kuhlman

the first full week of July and the

weather will be actually fairly average

not a lot of rain in the first week

probably the best of the weather

throughout the month the temperatures

will be much lower doh back to average

values low 20s at the very very best so

at this stage two hot 'some the hottest

of the weather will have cleared away

and we'll see fresh whoever coming in

from the Atlantic first shall be fairly

high it's early isolated showers at its

worst but no heat wave by them and also

it could occasionally be a little bit

breezy as well so that's also gonna Peck

down on those temperatures in the second

weekend the work is not looking too bad

again mostly cloudy there will be some

sunshine temperatures

nothing special high teens maybe low 20s

at the very best for the weather stays

reasonably settled now this is where the

really on several weather begins the

second week of July weather modules

predict that some rain potentially

plenty rains and showers occasion ISM

very unusually strong winds to begin the

second week of July in temperatures

could be really low as well maestra

let's go up to 20 degrees Celsius mid to

high-teens typically with the unsettled

low pressures take them to 12 but I

think by the end of the second week the

weather will settle down there is no

heat wave by then but we will see a very

of high pressure but the winds won't be

coming in from the certainly more like a

northwesterly or westerly so

temperatures only around average of the

very best

high teens may be low 26 will stay that

way into the second weekend of July then

the third weekend it stays a little bit

mixed that will be dry days before some

sunshine but some shower interludes some

rain around and again temperatures

nothing too major um moving amazing

really high teens again likely to be the

low 20s the winds not particularly

strong the pressures around out which I

was safe for July so third weekend 24 20

first fewer showers temperatures again

only close to the seasonal average they

shouldn't be could be a quite a cool

month 20 seconds of 26 4th week of July

and again the changeable weather


use a vacation or some warm warmer spell

some just maybe a bit higher by that

stage but not again nowhere near

record-breaking some very wet days and

temperatures what happens may struggle

in the mid-teens

so if wall temperatures around average

but there will be wet days again on the

fourth week and overall slightly on

sucklord a very wet last weekend of July

quite likely was sunshine and again some

quite heavy fondly downpours may be

thunderstorms ad with it

temperatures low 20s around average so

and the last week of July well the last

few days from the money to announce to

West State of 31st the again about

changeable outlook we keep plenty of Sun

shines on wet days and again

temperatures still remaining around the

average mark there's nothing to

sparkling with those temperatures by

them then as we approach into August

from Thursday to first to Friday a

second or two by the temperatures will

be a little warmer now it's the

mid-twenties there will be some sunshine

to convey all that so then we'll feel

quite warm the first weekend of August

from the third and the fourth

the weather will be again fairly warm a

few showers plenty of warm sunshine to

look forward to then the second week of

August 52 9 and the weather will be

starting to become very phone warm to

hot Weber's we'll see high pressure then

starting to change direction or get see

winds coming in from the southerly

direction so that means especially into

the midweek process and so fundly

breakdown will see some sunshine to look

forward to on some days and some very

hot air we could prevail we may see the

hottest weapon for some of predicting

there will be an early August with 31

degrees Celsius quite likely before a

fun day breaks our temperatures will be

lower to near average fires may be

nearer to the mid-twenties still fairly

warm but

predictions because you have fun we

break down midweek and then

back to normal some however by the end

of that second week the second weekend

of August the 10th from the 11th not too

bad actually pressures not too low we'll

still keep some sunny spells

temperatures fairly warm and then third

week again it could turn quite warm

we'll see another suddenly flow time

just probably may not quite reach the

low thirties mid 20s more typically with

plenty of sunshine some very central

weather lots of sunshine and yeah so

third week is probably the best bet for

summer break if I should say to myself

and if they settled in sanford weekend

with similar temperatures since the mid


by the fourth week from the 19th to 23rd

emotionally will be settled and again

some warm sunshine at times so

temperatures doing pretty well for

August but there will be a few wet of

interludes with some showers or

occasionally a spill of rain which may

possibly spoil things but hopefully not

too much those overall temperatures

still looking pretty decent and then for

the bank holiday weekends the funnel

plan were obviously last weekend of

August and again actually not looking

too bad so I'm just probably might drop

by then near the high teens low 20s Oh

cooler by this stage but the

temperatures will recover afterwards

with some sunny spells and a choir loft

dry weather around and then the last

week of August the weapon will be Ashley

another very decent week plenty of

sunshine not a long wet weather around

temperatures still pretty decent but in

the closing days of the summer so this

is half this is the full detail of what

are some ones we're going to be like

June will be fairly warm rainfall totals

still drive now Ridge but obviously it's

not going to be a completely washout

plate washout but there's just a chance

that depending on area of the region

some places could see a lot of rain

particularly by the end of June where we

get like I spell a very unsettled

weather some hungry downpours quite


July is generally going to be a fairly

unsettled month changeable weather

somewhat days some dry days temperatures

pretty much all of

I may struggle a little bit probably mid

20s of the best but by all girls the

weather likely to be improving once

again plenty of dry warm sunny days

potentially in a brief heatwave for the

second full week of August before formed

we break down but overall a dry and a

very warm August like me unlikely to be

a record-breaking summer but if you're

having some break in the UK you could be

lucky so still a fairly warm summer a

bit more rain than last summer and some

time totals probably another fairly

sunny summer pleased to say but not as

high as last summer that's what my

predictions would be and we'll see if

that comes true in a couple of months

time this is just a prediction so that's

the end of the summer outlook feel free

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