Fire Force Season 3 Release Date For Episodes Apparently Having Issues!?


well the finale to fire 4 season 2 was

aired yesterday and that sure has so

many people who love this anime to the

point of arousement

wondering so what about season 3 well

there's a few things that might make you

a little depressed when it comes to

season 3.

first off it looks like the next season

will be our last time

getting a season for this anime but a

three season anime is better than having

a one

season anime that never gets finished

and at least we are

actually going to be seeing an ending to

the story

right before season 2 was announced i

put out a video talking about the

announcement that fire force was coming

to an

end and the author said this would be

his last manga

ever a couple days after that we

actually got the first trailer for

season 2

and people kept commenting that the

video was a lie because season 2 was

coming out

even though i never said we weren't

going to get season 2 and i specifically


in the video that there was a

possibility we might even see up to

season 4 with the anime

it's all about actually watching the

video boys and girls but why am i

saying now season 3 will most likely be

the final season

well it seems the manga will be ending

around fire force volume

30. fire 4 season 2 with episode 24

ended basically finishing adapting

chapter 174

of volume 20. if the manga is going to

end with volume 30

that would mean we would see 90 chapters

needing to be adapted

and seeing how the writers for the anime

adapt the manga

that wouldn't be too hard to fit into 24


which has been the size of both season 1

and season 2

meaning season 3 would be the official

end to the anime

so we're going to have to say goodbye to

both seven deadly sins and attack on

titan but now fire force is joining in

on that so of course that might be

troubling news for a lot of people but

what about the release date what's so

troubling about that

well unfortunately it looks like fire 4

season 2 basically just did

ok for the studio but not incredible for

the studio and with season 1 not getting

as much hype around the anime community

as they had hoped

they wanted the second season to

generate more energy it wasn't a bad

season quality wise but they would just

have preferred

higher ratings many people have been

waiting for

several anime from the studio behind

fire force and they currently have three

anime known in production

such as cells at work season 2 spring on

and a much awaited jojo's bizarre

adventure season

all are scheduled for 2021 but jojo's

bizarre adventure is unknown at this

point for scheduling but this makes the

studio very busy

many large studios have multiple teams

working on different anime but this


actually tends to have to move staff

around in order to get fire 4 season 2

done in time they had

large staff changes including even

changing the main director because the

staff just had

other projects to work on it's expected

we might see this with season 3

and if they can't get the right staff in

time then that would mean trouble

with all of these variables in the

situation people involved seem

unsure about the release of season 3.

the composer for the anime even said in

a tweet which translates to

thank you to everyone who watched and to

the cast and staff i'm worried about the

continuation the voice actor for shinra

also said thank you for your viewing

thank you for your cooperation also i

hope we can meet in the anime again

so it looks like people involved that

don't even know how to feel about season

3's release themselves but we'll just

have to wait and see

i want to thank you guys for watching

today's video and i would appreciate if

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