When you go to school on your BIRTHDAY

okay so obviously i'm not happy with you


okay i had a doctor's appointment to go

check on me and my child

and my good friend miss green

your substitute left a bad report

i was good miss flowers i can't speak

for everyone else i understand that but

it's just the principle

you guys are seniors in high school what

uh 17 and 18 years old you guys should

know today is my birthday louie brother


my birthday like what

don't worry about it one two

three happy birthday

to me louis producing louie brother


happy birthday to

me pop them dick pumpkin six


happy birthday


how old are you

oh you trying to be funny i'm holding it

wrong but yeah i'm 21.

oh i was just don't mind me

tequila you're 21 as a senior

in high school really are you being nosy

don't get pop on my birthday please

don't start with me

today um cut that out

have a seat have a seat tequila have a


oh i didn't bring my planner nor my

notebook today because i'm not doing no

work on my birthday

got my piano oh yeah

mama did my hair y'all like my hair you

tell us that your mom does hair every

single time you come into class

you're a hater because your hair always

look a mess yes you do

look at me it's snappy with your belly

bangs is out of style and ben went out

of style now

since you're here now the sub miss green

left your name why are you always

talking about stuff from the past that

happened like a week ago

had a baby doing you went to the

hospital worry about that worry about

you and your baby how your baby daddy

my child is fine don't worry about my

child you worry about

maintaining your grades and graduating

on time

well it's a little too late for that but

what are you doing why are you

scratching i'm not listening to you

um leave me alone leave me alone

yeah oh i had a cake in my last class

miss flowers i thought about bringing

you a piece

and i thought about bringing you a piece

but then i thought about it and i

remembered that i don't

like y'all and i thought about inviting

you to my sleepover this weekend but

and you know what tequila i think i spot

a dress code violation i think you're

showing a little bit too much cleavage

for my liking

you know what girl

i knew you was gonna try to put me on my

birthday it's okay

you can put me off because i'm only here

for a half a day today my man is coming

to pick me up

and we're gonna eat some real lobster

i'm gonna eat some biscuits and some

crab legs and some potatoes while you

sit up there and you eat your

apple that this little girl that brought

you every day because she's a teacher's


and i'm outtie 5 000. happy

21st in the senior grade louis proud of


it's my [ __ ] birthday pop them texts

[ __ ] some texts