Buying Replacement Windows - Watch Before You Buy!

everybody Justin hal with the window

experts here just wanted to take a few

minutes to kind of cover some of the

things that come up in a lot of

conversations with my clients that kind

of questions they didn't know they were

supposed to ask when they're going

through the process of buying

replacement windows but there are a few

things that I think are pretty important

to the decision that not a lot of excuse

me I should say not all window companies

cover when they're making their

presentation to homeowners so today I'm

gonna kind of cover four things that I

think are important to homeowners when

they're making that window buying

decision and it's not so much the bells

and whistles of the window itself but

some of the other elements that are just

as important when you're doing

replacement windows so the first thing

that homeowners should be asking or

looking for when they're making that

decision is most of the windows are

gonna be covered by a limited lifetime

warranty or a full lifetime warranty

window salesmen will talk about how

great the warranty is and what it covers

and most good quality replacement

windows are going to have some sort of a

warranty on the product but one of the

big things to look at is what is the

warranty cover on the service aspect of

it the reality is you don't want

anything to go wrong with your

replacement windows but sometimes they

do so when you're looking at the

warranty it's important to check in

there and see who is servicing the

window if something should go wrong the

reason that's important is sometimes

window dealers are buying the window

product through a distributor not

getting it directly from the

manufacturer and if something goes wrong

with it it may not necessarily be the

company putting your windows in that's

going to take care of it it has to be

kicked back to the distributor and the

distributor may be handling the service

work or it may go back to the

manufacturer so when you're looking at

the easiest and least resistance path is

to be looking for a window that is

serviced directly by the manufacturer

itself and basically what this means is

if something were to break on the window

or you needed a new piece of glass or

something like that you can file a

warranty request for service and the

window manufacturer would actually send

out one of their service technicians

from the factory to get it taken care of

and if you can find a manufacturer where

you can do this directly with the

manufacturer it cuts out a lot of extra

steps in going back to the company that

installed it and if they have to go to

the distributor and then to the

manufacturer to get it done so really

look at that ask for it is as far as

whose services the warranty should

something go wrong number two and this

kind of ties back to the first so

hopefully I didn't jump the gun but is

the service labor covered into the

warranty and where that's important is

the idea that hey something may break on

the window and great the warranty covers

a broken part or fogged glass or

something of that nature but the

warranty doesn't cover the service labor

so what that basically means is you may

not have to pay eighty ninety dollars

for a piece of replacement glass on the

window but you are gonna have to pay two

hundred to two hundred fifty dollars to

get a technician to come out and fix it

for you so that again is kind of one

element that isn't often covered when

discussing warranties on the windows but

checking to see if the service labor is

included is a big key because that can

be costly over time if it's say a large

piece of glass that's not eighty or

ninety dollars it's more like five or

six hundred dollars for the glass I can

guarantee you the bigger the glass the

more people it's going to take the more

expensive it is going to be to get the

service work performed so when you're

looking for that window that you're

going to choose

check to see if the service labor is

included in that warranty because that

could be a big cost down the line if

it's not covered and again that ties

back to if it is included in the

warranty go back and check and see who's

doing the service work because that's

going to also determine how easy or hard

it is to get that done one of the big

big things that I always stress to

people when they're selecting

replacement windows is what is the

installation warranty itself now the

installation warranty is going to be

separate from the product warranty

itself the installation warranty is

going to cover more of the workmanship

the proper installation everything that

goes on around the actual window that

you're buying

who is warranting that and how long is

it warranty for that's one of those

things that isn't often discussed in the

sales process for the replacement

windows but it's an important aspect of

it why is it an important aspect of it

well because if there's improper

installation meaning there's a leak or

something around the window after the

installation is done you want to know

that you've got somebody available to

come back and fix it for you most

contractors will offer on average a

two-year installation warranty on

workmanship some do five I don't see

many beyond that but that's a reasonable

amount of time to expect a contractor to

warranty that installation work and

ensure that there's not a problem with

the installation over time but again

very important to dig into the weeds on

that one and make sure you're asking

that sales company that is trying to

sell you that window who is installing

it how long are they backing the

warranty on the installation of the

window itself and then that kind of

leads into the details of number four

that is extremely extremely important

but not often talked about is the

installation itself what is covered

under the installation

so most window companies are going to be

selling you a window package it's gonna

be a turnkey deal where they're gonna

supply you the windows they're gonna

supply the installation and get

everything done for you so that you've

got a one-stop shop but again not allow

the details are covered under the

installation portion of it most

salespeople are just gonna say here's

this fantastic wonderful window it's

gonna change your life and oh by the way

we're going to come out to your house

we're gonna take your old ones out we're

gonna put your new ones in and you're

gonna be so happy well there's a lot of

details that have to get covered in

between all of that so be sure to ask

the salesperson or the production

manager or somebody in the company

specifically what goes into the

installation the main thing being here

is a that you're getting a proper

installation on the windows and B that

you're getting everything covered of the

installation that you're expecting to

get and what I mean by this is ask them

about is the caulking included on the

inside and the outside do you put foam

around the frame when you're installing

the windows to seal the drafts those are

obviously things that are going to be

taken care of in a window installation

but you need to know for sure what's

getting done the big thing that I often

see that isn't talked about her cupboard

is not so much what's included in the

basic installation but the what is and

this is basically saying okay you take a

window out you put a window in what if

my sheetrock is damaged around the

window who's going to fix that is that

covered under the installation what if

there is a ding or a dent on the window

stool at the bottom of the window who's

going to take care of that if trim has

to be replaced on the outside is

painting included in the cost of the


again seemingly obvious things but

details that may not necessarily be

included in your basic installation

package so before you go and decide on a

company and decide on a window make sure

you have those details as far as what

exactly is going to be covered in that

installation because nothing can be more

frustrating than getting through a

project and you go outside and you look

at your house and you've got these

beautiful new windows that they had to

replace all the trim and none of the

trim is painted and the company is not

going to paint it for you because that

was not a part of the installation now

you got to get a painter involved one

more step in the process and while it's

not the end of the world it can just be

a little more frustrating than it needs

to be so again don't be afraid to ask

the questions don't be afraid to get the


choosing your replace your windows is a

pretty major home-improvement and

there's a lot of cost involved with it

so it is in your best interest to make

sure you ask all the little detail

questions because once things are

underway once you bought the window once

the installation process has started

it's a lot harder to turn the ship

around if you're not if you find out

that you're not getting exactly what you

want or not everything you were

expecting was being covered ie in the

service in the service labor in the

warranty or just the finer details of

the installation project so keep those

things in mind don't be afraid to get

out there and ask the questions the good

replacement companies out there will be

more than happy to answer them in fact

guys like myself like answering those

questions because it shows me that

there's a consumer that's paying

attention and in the long term

everybody the contractor the homeowner

the installers everybody involved is

going to win when we're asking the

questions and everybody's on the same