We Are Afraid to Move For a Job!


let's go to dan who joins us

in milwaukee dan you're on the ken

coleman show

hi ken thanks for taking my call you bet

how can i help today

oh the question i have is is really

about relocating kind of in the midst of

job opportunity uncertainty and like a

family planning

uncertainty and so uh i was a finalist

for a position last week i did not get

the position

but the manager will call to you know

give me the news

basically said you know everything was


dan i encourage you to to apply to other

jobs that are that are getting posted


and all that and so which is very very


um but then over the weekend you know my

wife and i were thinking

more about it and you know the the

the challenge that we're having is we're

also in the midst of family planning and


you know we we might be pregnant or

might be getting pregnant soon and so

you know i don't i don't know i get

concerned about relocating

you know in the midst of this kind of

uncertainty about job opportunities

there the jobs that that the manager

last week was referring to

got posted today and they look really


but again now i'm taking a step back and

wondering am i are we making the right

choice should we wait until

you know maybe we have a baby or or all

this kind of

is it your first child yes

yeah that's the problem you're just

you're up inside your head and you're

just you're just all

you're all scared about a bunch of

nothing the baby doesn't care

where he or she lives okay the baby

cares about

food and sleep that's it

so if this is the job you want go after

i just don't see any reason

why you're concerned about relocating

while your wife's pregnant we don't even

know if she is pregnant is that right

she's not even pregnant is that correct


yeah yeah yeah yeah okay so

what's really going on is there

something that i'm missing or did i just

well the no that's a really good point

the the job opportunities are

um a little bit less pay a decent amount

less pay

than i'm making now so the minimum right

now is about

uh well is it about 16 000 less than

what i'm making now

okay well why are we looking at

something that's sixteen thousand

dollars less is that what it takes to

get in and then eventually you

recoup that and make more yeah that's


that's the thing so so right now i'm i'm

in a job that i enjoy

i'm in a management position but it's

not like you know you talk a lot about

finding finding you know your your

jobs that are that are matching your

talents and your skills and all that

stuff and

and to be fair i'm much more motivated


you know the jobs for example that i

applied to last week was uh

was more of a career advisor for for

college students so i'm working in

higher education

college students are huge for me uh

going back to my hometown

um and serving people that look like me

that came from my same background like

that is what i want to do

but you know the the pay cut is a


yeah i get it is it is it a temporary

pay cut meaning

over a one to two year period the pay

would get back up or is it just

it is a it is a pay cut because that is

a an industry that's capped

so it's a pickup because i'm going from

a management position down to more like

a coordinator level position right

um and and you know the

the i'm confident that the

school that i would be at you know can

can eventually get me to where i want to

be in terms of

the salary but then the debate is

whether the salary

is is worth the um it's worth uh

is is the salary the only issue or

should i do no

that i really really want to work on

well here's what's interesting

anybody watching right now and listening

it's very clear

what you want to do and why you want to

do it and so the sixteen thousand


shouldn't be the deciding factor because

you can stay in your current position as

a manager and you can do that type of

work the rest of your life

probably go up incrementally but are you

going to get to the end of your life and


not doing what it is that you want to do

no i'm asking i i

think the jobs that i'm looking at or

going to get me to where i want to be

there they're going to get me back home

they're going to get us back

back closer to family they're going to

get us you know their hand

because you know working with college

students and being more high touch

and being working at their level and not

as a

manager then it's a no-brainer so how do


okay so that's a no-brainer you should

do this so now we look at what do we do

with the income situation because i

understand that's not ideal

okay but i think you should do it and

you know you should do it

in fact you know you should do it you're

just calling me to go is it crazy to

entertain a job that pays me sixteen

thousand dollars less

yeah no it's not your validation right

yeah well let me say this

follow your heart now does your wife


currently uh yes okay

uh what does she do she's a


okay so so you guys make how much


uh we make close to 100 if not more she

just kind of switched over so

we're probably going to be making a

little bit more than than 100

so so she's getting ready to get a raise

and theoretically she would move

and stay in that psychotherapy role


all right does she want to continue to

work as a mom

uh part-time part-time okay so you're

gonna take a hit there so you guys have

to plan this out yeah

okay and go what what would part-time

work look like

plus your sixteen thousand dollar

reduction now the reality is

we don't know how long it's going to

take for you guys to get pregnant trust

me stacy and i tried for seven half

years you guys don't have much control

over that

okay yeah so she's gonna work in the


okay um so

the question is how do you make up for

the 16 grand does your cost of living go


it it would it would um that helps most

likely and and

to be fair we're we're in like we're in


uh one of the best situations we're in

baby step 3b

um no dead nothing we're just stop

filing cash now

so you know we did the budget yesterday

and and we can we can we can make it

on a on a lower salary but again we're


we're just you know concerned about the

decision because

i guess you know would it would it hurt

in the in the future and then and

and then to complicate it you know

there's there's a there's a manager

level job that

that seems kind of attractive but it's

not necessarily

you know i'm hesitant to apply to it

only because

it's not necessarily exactly what i want

to do but it's a foot in the door and

it's a eight thousand dollar

cut instead of sixteen and so well

now wait a second now you didn't tell me

about that you didn't even mention that

it's a foot in the door it's a foot in

the door

so to me it's all about the latter

you're trying to get on the ladder

that's why you're considering this move

yeah so the managerial position gets you

on the same ladder as the move

as becoming an advisor correct

uh no cause it's it's it's more so

managing over like student activities

and not necessarily

um like employment advising or career


oh okay so it's not the same okay i got

you well

well here's the deal you've got to make

adjustments so you make adjustments in

your cost of living you make adjustments

which you will

and you make adjustments in your

expenses and you adjust for the 16 000

difference you just do you have to

that's the life you want to live if

that's the life you want to live

then live it don't let it be about money

and i listen i'm so glad you called dan

because so many people

go why is dan doing this no dan's doing

what he wants to do

there's no difference between you and a

missionary or a person that goes into

ministry we go oh well they're

they're doing it for less money because

it's what they were created to do

they're called to do it well so are you

yeah so there's no difference so you

have to adjust your lifestyle

it's that simple but that's it adjust

your life

and we we've done it before right you

know obviously you have to when you

when you go through the baby steps right

and you will move up

so this isn't like a 10-year deal you

said eventually you'll be able to get in

a position where you move back up


so you know this is a very strategic

and purposeful decision and i applaud


follow your heart dan you know what

you're supposed to do and uh

all i did was validate your heart it's

good stuff