Should you buy a hybrid car in 2020? | Auto Expert John Cadogan

should you buy a hybrid this obviously

depends on you what you want and how you

drive and this report is inspired by

common questions I get on this from

people like you full details next

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for that now Toyota and to a lesser

degree Hyundai have really inspired many

mainstream new car buyers right now to

consider a hybrid for the very first


Toyota with all the hype surrounding the

new rav4 hybrid pity about the

production botched there but also with

the company's affordable Corolla hybrid

and the Prius which has become something

of a coca-cola of hybrids owing to smart

positioning and just long-term market

presence he and I also lobbed relatively

recently with the ionic which was just

upgraded as well as a straight evie

version ionic is available in two

flavors of hybrid the self-charging one

that recharges the battery with

regenerative braking and the plug-in

hybrid evey ionic which also recharges

by plugging into the grid optionally so

more people than ever are considering

hybrids for the first time and Tim Basha

is one of them we live in regional

Victoria my wife drives about 100

kilometres per week locally and has a

weekly 250 kilometres own trip to the

city at freeway speeds so her annual K's

are a bit over the average I have asked

a couple of dealers about the pros and

cons of hybrid cars for the above type

of driving mix and their responses seem

to be largely [ __ ] what is your take

and when does the price premium for

hybrids make them a realistic

proposition in part I'd suggest Tim is

committing a venial sin a violation of

the Ten Commandments of car buying it's

a burn in automotive halibel offence -

thou shalt not ask a car dealer for

advice ever it's in the big book because

doing that right it's a great way just

to get

reached up by Satan in a suit there are

plenty of places to get reliable

automotive information and I'd suggest a

dealership is just not one of them I'm

not saying that all car salesmen are

scumbags but there are sufficient

smooth-talking scumbags in the

population of car salesmen for this to

constitute a salient risk to you

they don't wear a badge to identify

themselves or anything they're just out

there there is a predominant class of

car salesmen whose mission is to do or

say anything to sell you a car any car

but especially one that's in stock now

regardless of whether or not said car is

right for you and the only

countermeasure you can deploy here apart

from never asking for advice on the

showroom floor is to imagine a clock up

there on the wall in these places

because of dB TD dealership [ __ ]

time dilation a clock up there is always

locked on [ __ ] o'clock in a

dealership when you get told anything

that does not seem reasonable or does

not accord with your understanding of

reality it's [ __ ] o clock do not

suspend disbelief and swallow it or just

go with the flow okay and the other

thing is this is a fairly technical

subject you have to understand energy

management and how hybrids work in

practice and frankly there are not too

many applied science laureates out there

who wake up one day and they just go I

want to sell cars I've always just

wanted to sell cars that's what I want

to contribute to humanity what I'm

saying is that even that rare bird the

non scumbag car salesman is likely to be

somewhat out of his depth on a question

such as this so even then the likelihood

of getting a robust answer is low you

far more likely to be the recipient of

face-saving [ __ ] because DB TD you

know the clock here's the answer that

lines up with reality right the hybrids

do their energy management voodoo by

regenerative lee breaking when you break

or even just coast to slow down they

convert some kinetic energy to

electricity and they store it in a

battery to help you get going again

presumably when the lights go green

normal cars cannot do this it's a

philosophically different way of doing

business with kinetic energy its proper

energy management voodoo when you think

about it very clever and that's if you

use arthur c clarke s-- epic definition

of magic right and if you don't use that

definition look it up it's friggin


hybrids are therefore far more effective

at saving fuel when you are driving

around town because that's where you do

all of that voodoo invoking coasting and

braking on the freeway at a constant

speed all the hybrid equipment the

battery and the motor and the control

and management architecture it all tends

just to become excess baggage it's just

not very effective when you're driving

you know out there in Tim's case seventy

percent of his wife's driving is on the

freeway so she probably get a better

result on fuel economy and emissions in

a small diesel car like an I thirty

diesel because Diesel's really stretch

their fuel economy legs on the freeway

and that kind of driving is just

Goldilocks for keeping the DPF the

diesel particle filter happy and healthy

along the same lines now a question from

dr. Lewis Williams I'm trying to get my

head around so-called environmentally

friendly cars not a simple task I work

from home I go to the gym and shops

occasionally infrequently I undertake an

interstate trip I see my choice as high

plug-in hybrid and pure electric /

battery which is best suited to my needs

I'm assuming that the plug-in hybrid

Eevee is more like a battery Eevee with

an internal combustion engine as a range

extender a hybrid seems to be a

conventional car with energy storage

recovery system battery EVs and

Australia scene here's away from

viability because of a lack of

infrastructure and significant charging

times your thoughts okay so in addition

to what I just said - Tim battery EVs

are totally impractical for that

occasional interstate trip but I suppose

you could fly or hire a car if you want

to do that and the infrastructure is

still some time-off agreed on that

totally the price is also pretty hard to

swallow right

EVs are not economically rational you

have to want to be green first and even

then that's questionable plug-in hybrid

evie right is a hybrid with a bigger

than usual battery that you can plug

into the grid overnight and recharge so

it's kind of battery V + internal

combustion engine as a range extender as

you say right but I'd categorize it more

as a hybrid with a big fat battery in

comparison to hybrids generally that

gives the vehicle additional but still

somewhat short distance low demand

battery only operating capability that's

generally how plug-in hybrids roll you

might get 30 or 40 caves or something

maybe 65 or 70 of battery only operation

at low loads but if you pull out to

overtake right the internal combustion

engine is going to kick in because the

electric side of the plug-in hybrid is

really only good for low to moderate

performance levels on the battery in a

plug-in hybrid evie it's a big battery

in the context of hybrids generally but

still quite small compared to v's

batteries are so expensive right which

is why for example in the plug-in hybrid

evie here

Bionic it's so much cheaper than the

full on ionic TV it's all about the

production cost of the battery so

there's fuel economy right and then

there's being green and Greeners are

kind of related but substantially

different question and quite a complex

one on a lifecycle analysis basis it

might take 100,000 k's or more that's

about 60,000 miles per acre brexit stan

wherever it might take that kind of

distance or more to break even on co2

battery evey versus internal combustion

but this is highly dependent on many

variables including the grid composition

where you live and the size of the

battery and maybe even whether you've

got a big fat solar array upstairs if

you live in a city battery v's and

plug-in hybrids operating in battery

mode have no tailpipe emissions which is

tremendously positive for urban air

quality that's a bit of a euphemism it

means they're really good for human

health and in straigh yeah we are

totally self-sufficient nationally on

electricity right so battery EVs are

also a real plus for our national energy

security these are vitally important

social issues too but kind of outside

the green box and they don't get a run

nearly enough in my view I'd suggest

however one very green option is just

keep the car you already own if it's

still viable

thus you avoid all of the upfront

emissions from manufacturing another car

of any kind

another economically rational green

option is buy the smallest internal

combustion vehicle you can get away with

preferably at Diesel if you're driving

long distances most of the time and

drive gently for maximum fuel efficiency

this is advice average Australians don't

take incidentally you know Hilux Ranger

Land Cruiser the Toyota rav4 Mazda

cx-5 Hyundai Tucson and Nissan x-trail

were seven of the top 10 vehicles last

month what we do I'd suggest without

wallets tells you a lot more about how

green we are than what we say if you

don't want to upgrade at all right when

you go out in the car and you want to be


get as many things done as possible per

trip instead of making multiple trips

you will save 100% of the fuel and

reduce a tree Zeus and reduced emissions

to zero on every trip you can avoid

making in this way wouldn't it be so

nice if he could just get the friggin

words right for a change

the car industry and of course does not

want you to consider that it's about

being green and efficient without

upgrading obviously because they want to

detain you with the myth that you can

green up the world by buying a new car

preferably theirs and that is a

world-class con

I'd suggest more consumption is not the

green solution perhaps they should

detain themselves instead by designing

cars that are able to be upgraded

instead of just thrown away that's all I

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