Winters in the UK

it's winter now so you know what that

means time to complain about the mildly

cold weather that we have here in the UK

on the whole we Brits don't deal with

hot weather very well so you'd think

that would be better with the cold stuff

right yeah not really well we don't

really have air conditioners over here

most houses do have heating which is

nice and failing that you can break out

the good old hot water bowl one of the

things I've spent my money on this year

instead of going to therapy is this

really long hot water bottle it gives me

the warmth that I like from having no

human interaction you remember how I

stuck with hot weather right well it's

not much better when it's cold mostly

because the potluck that is unisex gave

me something called Raynaud's syndrome

thanks mom and dad

haha just a side note 99% of the time I

would say that self diagnosing is not a

good idea but I literally have no idea

what else this could be so I'm fairly

certain that's what I have the air

Raynaud's this means that when my hands

and sometimes toes get cold my body

freaks out and causes my arteries to

spasm and reduces the blood flow to my

hands oh that's horrid which makes them

super numb and turns them white as if I

couldn't already get any lighter I just

realized that this part would be very

hard to convey if I still have my old

character sorry

hooray for having a skin tone now so I

can flex on you all with my obscure

medical conditions I've had this ever

since I can remember so I'm just kind of

used to it it's not really that big of a

deal it just means I can't really build

snowman I'll have snowball fight so very

long until I have to go back inside and

literally defrost my hands over one pack

it used to do it in school quite a lot

so whenever it happened I'd get too

freaked out all the other kids when with

dead hands I don't get it anywhere near

as often these days though mostly

because I was social recluse and don't

see the Sun but on the rare occasion

that I do go outside and it's cold then

it still happens wikipedia says that

full percent of people have it which

seems very high so please tell me if you

have it I'm curious and I want good

engagement rate something what there's

always a lot of changes at this time of


wrapping up warm on frosty mornings the

changing colors from all the golden reds

and yellows of brown the early nights as

the Sun sets at 4:00

can I realize I only have four hours of

daylight because I wake up at noon and

I'm a mess please help me driving past

houses in November looking in all the

windows and silently judging people to

already have the Christmas trees up

November is too early it's not natural

the fall of a single snowflake oh yes no

we're not very good at it oh but the

single snowflake sends the entire

country into chaos but an inch or two

and you've got schools closing

nationwide trains the council flights

are grounded and all Isis in the compass

of my parents home and watch the world

simultaneously freeze and burn mmm I'm

gonna have to email my boss and tell him

I can't make it into work today

oh wait I like snow it hasn't actually

snowed for several years where I live

though so I'm sad though since I can't

really go in anyway maybe that's for the


now just like to look at it oh wow this

snow is brighter than my future I still

got to fill this video up some more what

things do people do in winter hot

chocolate do you like hot chocolate I

like hot chocolate so I'm gonna share

with you Lucy's recipe for the perfect

hot chocolate hot chocolate sugar a

bunch of milk in the microwave stir in

some hot chocolate powder maybe a bit of

sugar if you feel annoyed and the most

important part a spoonful of Lindt

hazelnut creme in the bottom I don't

think you have that in the US so uh

sorry not sponsored but maybe it should

be because my videos on here keep

getting D monetize for no reason and I'm

scared for my future okay

let's conclude with some more great UK

headlines it's around late October or

November every year where you start to

see gems like this UK snow forecast map

weather chart shows more than 20

centimeters of snow to engulf the UK

this weekend UK to be blasted by snow

and torrential rain as monster hurricane

hurtles across the Atlantic UK weather

shock map Britain turns ice bluest huge

cyclone brings weakened freezing storm

UK winter weather forecasts britain

braced for coldest winter in 60 years

it's miraculous I don't quite know how

we do it but every year it seems that

the UK has its own little ice age

definitely not just taking possible

forecasts for literal mountain ranges

and stretching it to make it sound like

it's the whole of the UK no sir

all right what are the seasonal

headlines do we have today number of

pigs in blankets at risk in UK this

Christmas what meat industry is proven

particularly challenging with the

uncertainty of nothing no that's enough

you thought I wasn't going to upload

again this year all right well no it's

not going in ha sorry I took a bit

longer than I thought it would be so

excuse here Happy New Year when you see

this I got some really stupid stuff plan

for 2020 so let's do it okay thank you


this stuff in the milk I don't know

what's in the milk don't like it right I

forgot to write this in the script but I

always put like little layers of hot

chocolate powder like in between the

square cream because I have a problem