Jamb 2021 Date, Registration And Everything


hello how are you today I am flash Isaac

today I'll be taking you through John

CBT is domination days jump roof I jump

caps and everything you need to know a

bath John what I are writing down for

the first time the second time or the

third time or you've not yet written

Jeremy just want to get information

about jump this video is for you because

I will give you a complete guide on what

it means to know so long jump is

concerned now firstly first

what is jump jump stand for a joint

admission a matriculation board it is an

examination that qualifies you to gain

admission into higher institution in

primary school you take your primary

system Oh junior or BC as the case may

be second school you take whack or Neku

overworked and Neku after work and Neku

the next thing you have to take is jump

so Jam is what qualifies you for

tertiary admission it enables you

portion or further your education what

does it imply you cannot do without John

so look a Nigerian John is compulsory

you'd have to take John

it doesn't matter whether you are going

for Polytechnic or a college of

education or even university there isn't

been that John is what of us admissions

the body offers you admission to study

and without jump admission later you

have issues serving during the return

trip or other stuff you need to know

okay I've been able to establish that

John is compulsory so now you want to

further your education I've been able to

establish the job of a submission to

universities and

mission later and I've been able to

establish that John stands for joint

admission and matriculation board

general is a computer-based examination

this implies that you write down with

computer before now job used to be

profound pain you go to the exam hall

will be given a booklet and question

paper then if aliens are you said a

business I should be but these are

improved so John is not computable

that's what we see John c.b.c after John

registration you go to the exam hall in

the SMD you'll be assigned to a computer

and one person is assigned to one

computer you get your computer you log

in with your job registration Oba after

John registration we begin a

registration number and this is what you

use to take a jam resort

online to check your jam admissions

tutors and to even write the exam you

needed to log in although they

alternatives you can check your damn

results in other ways with our data but

your registration number is very

important even when you gain admission

during clearance your jumper nutrition

number will be required so you to keep

that side then you begin to write your

examination so that's a background to

John and John of I use setting resources

lady jumps levels you have to get the

jump ask questions to see if they do

Brooke you're the broker tells you the

various schools in Nigeria and their

requirements and the number of subjects

you have to write in Java is for the use

of English is compulsory and the other

sub-tree subjects is basil because you

wish to study in one of my videos as

well just a good combination for all

courses in Nigeria I will link to that

in the description so check it out if

you don't do the combination for your

course and I also give you a link to go

to jump levels I've released

videos for all jumps novels you can set

that playlist is that okay now let's go

straight to John registration is um did

and everything you need to know about


okay fasting John registration Jam

registration is the process of

registering for John you can't sit for

jump without registration so this is the

reason why John reduces registration

form and this registration usually

starts between November and February if

the film is not out in November to be

out in December if it's not out in

December to be out in January if it's

not as in January it will be out in

February so this is the normal timeline

for John registration but due to

circumstances or for issues or on

special cases when there's elation or

pandemic or crisis in the country it

goes a long way to affect the job or

institution did and even school calendar

effects John did if schools are closed

down or break or on strike certainly

admission process is on post as a result

of that they owe big delay in John

registration but there is action that

registration is between November and

December so one of the modes in between

John registration would take this the

worst case is much as John registration

takes up to three weeks it takes up to

two movies so you register how do I

register jump the first step in John

registration the first step in John

registration is creation of jump to five

you can also call it jump account will

create the jump off I do not have

accounts with John which we can login to

check your duties to correct your name

the local government of origin to check

your jump resort to check your admission

status and on

everything you do after will be done on

your jump profile or jump account there

are ways you can create your general

profile you can visit jump site which is

don't go energy you see an option to

create your account a facility account

or login that's one method

another method is sending SMS to five

five zero one nine send your name we

don't need your Saudi middle name a

forced me to five five zero one and

you'll be charged that's around fifteen

era for them to fight creation and with

introduction of n I invite John Clayton

your jumper fire is even simpler and

even registration it has been made

simpler Justin and I aim to five times

the room one night you get a reply with

pin so this jumping or confirmation code

is what you not take to banks or approve

civic II sent us John registration is

done at uproot CBT Center are proof

computer-based testing centers and every

year generally this list of computer

centers and it is updated yearly so

there's a chance that you know it center

around you where you can really start

channel so after creating your John

profile the code you get the pin you

take it to disability Center all banks

so there are many banks around that says

down pin so just go the attorney auto by

jump in or evening epi8 and is strip

Java reduce registration fee so if

political jump from Phi you've taken

your PIN or code to bank or a pub Santa

to get you're eating so this pin is what

we need for final registration after

getting appeal you proceed to your

approved registration Center approved

jump CBG Center

note John has tops Ibaka fees from

registration so you don't need to really

start any cyber cafe

go to App Engine centers I will give you

a link to approve the registration

Center below

can also take that and simply one around

you when you get there you complete your

registration so you provide and your

details and your resort if you have your

own level results you submit it if you

don't have you can tell them you don't

have it so you use our waiting resort so

you can register jam even when you don't

have all level results after the

registration you'll be given a broker on

syllabus easy that was and other rich

materials and on the SMD be giving

Capilouto to solve so practically you

are not taking anything to example so

after a time registration then you come

home we are done with that

next off is assam did John did okay job

registration period is usually between

two to three weeks I think we have said

that and the as ammunition takes up to

two rupees with introduction of mall

Santas John will get to a week or two


so as time goes that goes by the

examination period drops so when you

register you'll be given a slip but it

will continue Assam did it's one

continuous on center its reduction your

duties fourteen days or a week to jump

jump open spotter for reprinting so

that's me not reprint your sleep just

blog into your profile a reprint of

snippet it will show you exempted

exam veining and time so different

passages right jump different these and

different time so stick to your time

when you seal Assam did go to your

Center and right

so don't go dear when it's not yours um

did and when it's not your some time I

want you should do is make sure you

visit your Center before the exam is

very nice as free so that you don't be

looking for your centers and finally

miss your Assam cool so that's it for

example are not taking anything to your

jam center no calculator

nope your personal personal Cognito are

no resources no phones no books no note

you go there and write new ism one

person to a computer you see them you

log into your computer with your red

number then use the jump key if you are

better with keyboard each keys you can

see it keys

I also use your mouse or trackpad that

works fine when you are done you submit

John reduces results within to this -

one week depending on your mood or

circumstances and to prepare for your

zone you can get flash and I'll jump up

it contains a lot of questions that will

prepare you for a job like repopulation

you go to the practices and the class

web visit flash no sat-comm

for jump series and jump guide and I

have classes tutorials on your jump

subjects just follow my youtube channel

flash the nuts and subscribe you see all

my teachings so this is enough to make

you do very well in your job you see em

and jam you TM e is for admission into

111 white direct entry is for admission

into 200 level it is cool if i suspected

to take general you ta me and not jump

direct entry to take john direct entry

you should already have your MD and C IJ

v or du pape certificate these are the

things that guarantee you or qualify you

for John Garrett and three secondary

sauce is very easy you can send results

to five five zero one nine to be sent to

you or a link will be available when you

do that is arts or follow the link

entirely choice or Nova and you take

your results

and also reprinting also yes Holly a

link you get a link for John reprinting

so even if you focus on your email you

can see do reprinting and we're editing

John please make sure you use your

personal email and the email is

accessible even you can log into and log

out to our west or east at Tosh and also

use your own phone number don't share

number with anybody

is that cool yes it's very important the

hunk of man is a minimal score you need

in jump to gain admission if John cut

off four universities is 160 this

implies that if you score 150 you can't

get gained admission into any University

if jump cut off Martha polytechnics is

130 this implies that you need 130 to

gain admission into Pulu techniques

however some schools can choose to cause

above jump cut off John

in general cutoff mark don't go below

this so as to soon go below where they

can go booth so your best bet in jump is

to score 118 and above or 200 Andrew

with a score of 200 and a booth we are

qualified to take food to tme in almost

every schools in india was to tell me is

simply not post jump after jump schools

we said their entrance is done for you

screening if you've pat if you pass down

and you pass out screening and you also

pass the cutoff mark of the school and

your department the admission should be

sure yes so with a good score a good

scoring position it should be good to go

however some schools are very


the first if you are good for you depend

on medicine and you score or 200 in jump

all UI medicines cost more than jump

because that cost is very competitive on

the squeeze very competitive the is slim

chance that you will gain admission to

make life easier for you you can go to a

lesser schools state universities they

are not very competitive or Phaedrus

school that people don't apply that much

okay we could do to be easier for you to

gain admission school a uni Laurine UI

you newzik abbas aria uni brain

and most of will be big names we have a

lot of candidates so it's very

competitive if you have apply for

admission in those schools then you

should be competitive or soon start the

school hi John

Scott hi push near me do your best to

make sure you blast if you are not ready

for pressure for serious work to choose

a lesser competitive school today you

don't keep writing job for two three

four years it's a good precaution it's a

good precaution down admission process

after a job we ready start jump jump

since your name to video schools that I

look at it - John is John you know john

wants to study here do I look hot sauce

ready here you need Lawrence wants to

study here you dream to study law suit

you want to study yeah last boutique

Marty want to study here so John sends

all the names so the schools are now we

have the number of persons applying to

study day so after a jump jump also sent

this cost of videos candidates to these

schools and religious cutoff mark then

the school related supposed to tell me

from to screen the students and mr. -

okay and qualify for admission the

school of choice

admits the school changed the name to

jump lamb dem cross-checks video and

upload it to the estaba which is jump

cups pata John Kahrs water is jumped

central admission processing system this

system uploads your name got it from

video school - we will not check you

admission status admission status is

checked on jump

cups pata so if you see jump cups you

check whether you admit it or not if you

are admitted click accept

if you like this school if you are not

admitted or if you don't like if you got

no admitted it don't need to do anything

just keep checking if it says admitted

and you don't like the screw it onto

studied it you can click

two digit the admission now I take his

jump cups they are issues to may come

across for example when you defeat the

jump site you see welcome on the piers

and no option this is because I easily

moved by a fashion it's a visible

advisable to use desktop fashion while

visiting jump cups required desktop

version or use your laptop this will

give you all the menu then you'll be

able to check admission status you can

do that when your phone is no every time

you go to cyber cafe to check things you

can check admission or yo so if you are

okay getting admission

then you will for school to announce

clearance do you clay you let us cook

now if you do not provide your own level

results like during registration

if the result is out of whack Nicole or

whatever Oliver isn't your dream and

using you simply upload it to John

Porter go to our crew CBT sent us just

giving the resources I want to upload my

results do do that for you you upload it

then you are good now jump do was jump

apart from illustration we hand over the

person across your mind is literature no

dramas introduced use of novels in the

use of English so if you are taking

English in general every year that


Deauville sumo novice is ready for you

to read and questions compounded in

neutral in the use of English so if you

started Nova very well you should pass

do registration you'll be given the

novel some novices by John in the past

the Potters we sweet sixteen and a lot

of us let us so you study the know where

you are good to go

I think that's all about John for today

yeah if you think I missed anything or

something you wish to add please feel

free to let me know okay

comment below on our answer your

question thank you for watching enjoy