Clearwater Beach Florida 2020: Can You Swim Here In The Winter?

so this is Clearwater Beach in Florida

and look how many people are here if you

would guess what time of the year would

you think this is


well it's actually January 3rd 2020 and

I'm surprised at how many people are

here at the beach

I don't even come to the beach in the

winter just because the water is kind of

cold and the water is cold but

apparently not cold enough for all these

people that are swimming here I don't

know the actual temperature of this

water but I would say it's about the

temperature of the water at the beach in

New York around late June early July so

it is cold but you can get used to it

but I'm kind of spoiled living in

Florida so only like when the water is

really warm but I am really surprised at

how many people are out here like I said

I don't normally come out here I'm only

out here because I have somebody

visiting from out of town and so this is

the kind of default Beach that you have

to take them to to show because of

course this is known as the number one

beach in America usually every year

and I didn't hear many people but I was

when I was out by the bathroom just a

few people that passed by me and in a

bathroom they were speaking different

languages so I think there are a lot of

tourists here from other countries even

at this time of the year which pretty

surprising for me I guess

really the only place you're gonna find

really warm water this time of the year

is in South America where it's summer

right now so like Brazil or something

like that but again by the amount of

people you see in this water it's not

it's not super cold I mean I've been

walking in this for a few minutes now

and you know my feet are not cold it's

it's something that you can get used to

pretty easily so to answer the question

many people might have is it even worth

it to come to Florida in the winter do

people go to the beach is it too cold is

it dead is it empty over here well I

hope this answers your question because

you see how many people are out here so

it's definitely a good time to come to

the beach even in January now of course

the better time to come is in the summer

maybe June or so July even may even May

the water is warm here

and there's a lot changing on Clearwater

Beach I was just here in the summer and

I parked at this little hotel parking

lot and I go to park there now and it's

no more hotel it's all torn down it's

just an empty lot because they're

probably building some high-rise hotel

or something like that

and coming over here I didn't think it

would be this many people and crossing

that bridge there was a lot of traffic

so I kind of knew ahead of time that

there was gonna be a good amount of

people here and that's the problem with

coming to Clearwater if you're a tourist

it's definitely some place to see and

there's a lot of people and stuff but if

you're a local you might want to go to

some of the lesser known beaches like

the Soto Park st. Pete Beach depends

what you want and if and there's plenty

of hotels here that's the real draw for


is the hotels are right here on the

beach and there's a lot of restaurants

and everything whereas the other places

it's more like you drive here for the

afternoon and drive back although there

are hotels like st. Pete Beach around


so I don't know this border is it's

actually growing on me maybe I'll

actually even take the dip in the water

who knows if all these people are in

there it can't be that bad

and also if you stay in Clearwater Beach

you have kind of a little strip of bars

and everything down the street over

there so you have some nightlife so you

can pretty much do everything all on the

little Clearwater Island here without

having to leave we got the beaches the

hotel's the restaurants and a decent

amount of somewhat nightlife out here

and there's a crane over there they're

doing a lot of new construction out here

another crane in the distance

on the ride over the bridge there

there's some new big building that

they're building I don't know if it's

apartments or a hotel or what

I'll tell you even though cleaner water

is usually ranked the best beach along

with siesta key in Sarasota and they do

have the really nice white sand it's a

little it's a little compact it's a

little hard especially see us the key

you don't really want to be lying down

on it it's a little bit like lying down

on concrete so I this speech would be

perfect if the sands a little softer

also it's very windy today so that may

be part of makes it a little colder

however the weather today is about about

80 degrees 80 82 degrees and it doesn't

mean it's that temperature every day out

here just a few days ago it was like in

the mid 60's which is a little chilly

especially at night

so this might have been one of the first

above 80 days in a little while and that

may be part of the reason why so many

people came out here today just because

one really good above 80 degree day and

sunny so terrorists are taking advantage

of that a little bit like I was just in

New York and it was a rainy day

and I went to the Metropolitan Museum

and every other tourist had the same

idea and there was a huge hour long line

so kind of the same thing good day out

here people come to the beach bad day in

New York people go to the museums

so I'm almost at the pier this Beach

also has a real nice sunset you can

watch I don't know what time sunset is

in the winter but definitely attracts a

crowd for the evening

to see the sunset and then maybe go hit

one of these restaurants alone that

having you over here one problem with

clear water of course is the parking so

if you're not staying at a hotel or even

if you are I'm sure the hotels charge

for parking but there is a public

parking lot but that gets filled up very

early usually but even today it was

completely filled when I got here around

4:00 p.m. so I ended up parking at the

edge hotel for $20 which I wasn't too

happy about but it actually turned out

to be a good thing because along with my

parking ticket was a coupon for 50% off

at their bar restaurant on the tenth


so if you spend $40 your parking is

essentially free I mean if you spend $40

at the restaurant 50% off is $20 so it

takes care of the parking and along with

that you also get a great view from

above Clearwater Beach and the sunset

was around 5:30 p.m. so if you time it

right you can enjoy the beach and then

come up there and watch the sunset now I

doubt that deal is available during the

summer when they have a lot of demand

but if you come in the winter there's

there's probably some incentives at some

of these restaurants and hotels all in

all this was a good day to visit the

beach even though it was in January and

if you ever been to the beaches in

Florida in the winter let me know in the

comments if you think the water is warm

enough for you to swim in if you like

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