4 Tips for Managing Tomatoes in High Temperatures: Physiological Issues, Watering & Shade Cloth

welcome to the wrested garden homestead

time to talk to you about tips to help

your tomato plants survive high

temperatures when your temperatures

start getting into the mid 90s 95 100

degrees and your heat index is a hundred

hundred and ten that's what's gonna be

happening here in Maryland zone seven

over the next five or six days first

thing I want to talk about is what

happens when high heat starts coming

when it gets to 95 degrees and it sticks

around you know for four five six days a

couple of weeks your tomato goes into

survival mode it's a subtropical plant

it likes the heat but not that high so

when it starts getting hot you may see

your flowers dropping off you may see

fruit dropping off that's perfectly


it's not a disease it's a response to

the heat they're trying to survive if

you take a look at this plant what do

you think's going on well I forgot to

water it so watering is gonna be ten

times more important when the

temperatures go from 85 90 to 95 to 100

you think it's only five or ten degrees

but these plants can dry out in half of

a day so well gets watering in second

I'm going to show you how to make sure

you're getting one to two inches of

water in your garden on your tomato

plants I'll show you a trick but I also

want to show you something else that

happens so you may get flower drop and

you can see all the tomatoes are nice

and green lots of flowers but now with

this week of heat coming there might be

an issue with the fruit not setting if

you see your leaves curling that's a

physiological response there's no

disease there's nothing for you to worry

about I'm gonna point out different

physiological responses to the heat as

we go along so you're not worrying about

do my tomato plants have a disease or an

infestation so you've been watering

regularly taking care of your plants now

you got the heat coming in in some zones

I understand you may have four weeks

five weeks is 90 500-degree 110 degree

temperature these tips will help a

little bit with that but this is more

geared for kind of the Maryland zone 7

area where you'll get a week of heat a

little bit of a break the heat comes

back watering so as soon as that heats

coming check your probably weather calms

easiest look for a 10 day forecast

and see what's going on you want to

start watering your plants even more

often common sense when the heat comes

because they're gonna dry out really

quick and if this dries out say for two

days then you come back and you water it

a whole lot that's what often causes

fruit cracking and it can also cause

blossom end rot when the water issues

start getting messed up your plants can

get physiological issues cracking fruit

blossom end rot so heats rolling in you

want to make sure you're giving each

general plant area 1 to 2 inches of

water we'll talk more about watering as

I move down my garden all hoses are

different so of course you want to water

but how long do you hold the hose there

easiest way to do it is to get a

container that's about a square foot at

the bottom

visually figure out where in inches or 2

inches are or mark it I have a video on

that which I will link and you just put

on the hose I don't like the lens to get

wet and you start counting 1 2 3 4 5 6

you get the point and you look to see

how long it takes for an inch of water

to form and then you just repeat that in

your garden so you want to give these

guys a good inch or two of water and you

would just count 1 2 3 4 5 however long

it takes for your hose to put out about

an inch or two of water and you would go

in and water all your plants you're

gonna want to water at least every other

day and again it's just stressing

consistent water you don't want it to

let it go three four days and then give

it a ton of water you will see your

fruit crack and it will possibly cause

blossom and rock nice consistent

watering more originally of course when

he comes kind of common sense this shade

cloth this is a forty percent shade

cloth which means it blocks out 40% of

the Sun and you can sort of see my hand

through there you can get 40% 50% 60%

70% shade cloth if you're in hotter

zones in Maryland zone seven you're

going to want to use this probably doing

that whole period when it gets hot and

you're basically gonna put it over the

tomatoes it's good to shade them off and

I'm going to set that up and show you

how to do that and it's not rocket

science this is ten feet long six feet

wide if I'm putting it in say the bed

right over there that's a four foot wide

eight foot wide bed I would just put up

some posts put the shade cloth over it I

could go ahead and just run it over

these stakes of this hedge and then put

the smaller posts out here but you're

just creating shade also when the heat

comes you may see your plants start to

do this especially when your plant is

producing heavily I've already harvested

a lot off of this tomato plant and you

see some of the leaves are dying back

that can come with the heat two

different varieties may start losing

leaves and the pattern is usually a

yellowing no brown spots nothing that

looks like disease the leaves are just

going to die out that's perfectly normal

don't panic the heat is coming all the

tomatoes in there are ripening the other

thing you want to do is go and pick all

your fruit so I'm going to harvest

everything that's in my garden just

about except for plants I need to shoot

videos on and you want to remove all the

ripe fruit because that will help your

plant deal with the stress of the heat

that's coming they're not gonna have to

worry about taking care of the tomatoes

that are on there this is AG fabric or

garden mesh there is not a lot of shade

here but you could double or triple it

over if you're in a pinch and you have a

lot of that and that will provide some

shade you can also use sheer curtains

you could use blankets that lets some

light in at this point to be honest with

you even if you put something up that

gave 100 percent shade to your Tomatoes

they would survive a good 4 or 5 days

with the shade they're gonna do

perfectly fine but you'll help keep the

temperature a good 10 sometimes 15

degrees cooler under your shade cloth

and your Tomatoes may not kick into that

physiological response of dealing with

the high heat so I have to get rid of

all those Tomatoes so let me harvest

everything and they get the shade cloth

set up

so a lot of people ask me how to keep a

guard in this large water well here

Maryland zone 7 we get these storms all

the time and we may get one to three

inches of water dumped within an hour

sometimes four or five inches so

watering isn't a huge issue and our heat

again here stays around maybe five or

seven days and we get some cooler

periods in the 80s and the heat comes

back but where the heat just beats down

on your garden you could have to set up

something a little more elaborate with

the shade cloth but I just wanted to

show you what it is how you use it and

how you can take care of your Tomatoes

when the heat starts rolling let's go

over the tips real quick first tip pick

all the tomatoes you can even if some of

them aren't quite ripe you can just let

them ripen inside and we've been dealing

with this rain as I showed you this is

how much we rain we got let's see I can

show you in about an hour's time

sometimes it's gonna rain and you think

it's enough that's almost enough water

but you still want to give your Tomatoes

on the days that's breaking into the 90s

one or two inches of water almost daily

in some cases and you can see right in

there that's not mulch we'll get that to

that in a second so tip number one take

off as many Tomatoes as you can now my

shade cloth is what's actually smaller

than I thought because I used half of it

I cut it in half when I was shading off

my seed transplants so I originally

wanted to cover this space because I

have to do videos on these Tomatoes and

I wanted to protect them but the shade

cloth wasn't big enough

also in my zone I don't necessarily need

it it would make a difference so I

decided to shade off the tomatoes that

are in my grow off contest that I have

with Jess from roots and refuge and Kim

from Cali Kim the whole key to this is

to know how your Sun tracks and let me

go to the other side and I'm gonna show

you how the Sun tracks so it comes up

over to the left and then it goes behind

the shade cloth all the way around and

then the Sun stays up there

that's the major Sun that's the late

morning early afternoon Sun so you want

to set up your shade cloth really so

that it comes out about two feet past

where you tomatoes are on the side where

the Sun isn't really going to sit so the

Sun comes up comes over here Early

Morning Sun that's fine it can get that

Sun comes around here now we're starting

to get the intense Sun you really want

your shade cloth to come out a good

three or four feet so that the sun's not

getting in there or have enough that it

drops down and will provide protection

for your tomato plants and again

Maryland Zone seven you may or may not

need to use this it's great temporarily

just to put it up also in Maryland Zone

seven or any place you could use and in

case you're interested if you want to

subscribe I'll be showing you how I turn

this into cucumber tomato salad a simple

recipe gonna be making spaghetti sauce

again simple recipe and I'm going to jar

these not can them because we could go

on refrigerator all the cherry tomatoes

are going to go in with an olive oil

basil mix jar to put in refrigerator

it's a great way to easily take care of

all your produce and have something

great to eat over the week a fabric like

this even if you block the Sun out for

four or five days it's not going to hurt

your tomato plants and you just got to

decide what you want to do now when you

come down here it's all mulch so that

would be really the third tip is to

really use mulch tomato roots go

straight into the ground they look for

deeper water and then they spread out

across the ground by putting mulch down

you're going to keep that consistent

water you're going to keep water more

consistently on the top of your soil

your roots will be able to pull it in

regularly and it's gonna stop a lot of

your fruit from splitting and it's also

going to help prevent blossom end rot

from starting shade cloth can really

make a difference in allowing you

tomatoes to battle the high heat and if

you're in areas were you getting four

six weeks of ninety five hundred degree

temperature shade cloth will really make

a difference and you'll extend your

growing season

because it's like being at the beach

when it's really hot and then you go

under your umbrella or your shaded space

it can be 1015 degrees in degrees cooler

under there and you appreciate it your

tomato plants are gonna appreciate it

hope you enjoyed the video it gives you

some ideas of how to manage high

temperatures that come in and it's

really all based on how long they hang

around what you might need to do in your

garden don't forget to water regularly

mulch will make a difference the shade

cloth will make a difference and pick

off all of your fruit that's starting to

ripen your plants will appreciate that

thanks for watching check out my seed

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