Traveling While Pregnant: A few tips from Dr. Jagdip Powar


hi there I'm dr. pol our OBGYN and I'm

here to give you some tips on travel

while you're pregnant whether you're

going by airplane bus a train the safest

time to travel is between 12 to 34 weeks

of your pregnancy that's when there is a

least chance of complications try to

avoid traveling after 36 weeks of

pregnancy to stay comfortable while

traveling it's always good to wear

loose-fitting clothes and shoes that you

can slip on and off support stockings

can help for leg swelling and varicose

veins also it's important to get up and

move around a lot go to the bathroom

frequently and of course hydrate well

and always be certain to discuss air

travel and extended trips to their

physician in advance and to get as much

information as possible from the CDC

website for more information on

traveling during pregnancy please click

on the link to my article which is this

in the description thank you