Tulip Fields in the Netherlands // Amsterdam travel vlog


good morning guys welcome back to my

channel it's Ellie from Elsa's wholesome

life and today Alex and I are in amp

stem and we are going someplace very

exciting that I've always wanted to go

and so I wanted to do a little day vlog

to show you guys our trip just hoping

for some good weather today I window in

a hotel Amsterdam and this guy is is

there not looking a horrible but it's

not looking amazing but I really want

some clear blue skies who fingers

crossed for me guys okay we're on our

way out to the chillip fields

I got a oat milk latte I remember how

much I love oatmeal and it's like

everywhere here it's like their national

milk this is table milk it's everywhere

it's so delicious so try guys but we're

heading out to a place called yes and to

a flower-filled called I think it's

called flower Sam

to a place called fam flower farm and

we're going really to get some nice

light photos yeah so back to so it is

about a 30 minute drive from AM stem I

actually thought it was really far but

when I looked it up it was really quick

so that's why we've just hired a car

while we're here so we can drive out

there because if the weather's bad

we will probably come back because it's

literally like we came yes yes so we

came here just to go to the flower

fields but also I wanted to visit the

city because I haven't well I've been

here once but it was many years ago and

Alex came a couple years ago and he said

it's like one of his favorite cities so

I really wanted to come with him and

check out the cute little city


these are all flower fairies at the

round continues look at the colors out

the back there we're not even there yet

let's just be like flower land

yep look at all these rows of flowers

and this one right

pretty out here and so called where's

the temperature nine degrees whoa okay

we've arrived and the sky looks pretty

so you think and it's breezy this is

like a really cute little country out

here and you can actually came back here

I've seen a couple of like RV parks or

if you're doing the RV thing that would

be the guard make sure we've parked here

and there it is all right so my tours

are currently freezing to death but it's

gonna be worth it Wow so I am currently

in a tulip fields actually need to get

this jump off do you have a pretty dress

underneath but look how beautiful it is

and we just learnt that actually the

flower season only absorbs only lasts

for two weeks and we're just about to

miss it like they're all starting to

drop because of the heat so we got super

lucky with the timing that were actually

here for it I would have cried if I got

all the way here and they weren't here

but yeah so we're just gonna take some

photos now




so I cannot get over how beautiful

theses I'm gonna go do a dress change

now because I can't have like a million

photos in the same outfit and I tacked

about three others and I can't wait to

show you guys what is that we got but

it's turning out to be really pretty and

I just changed it to this blue dress

because I think it'll contrast nicely

with all the flowers




all right drone pilot out is getting it



it looks like it's gonna start getting

busy now so I think we came at just the

right time when you prearranged them to

arrive at 8:00 a.m. before they open to

the public so we could get some really

nice photos so we just left the flower

fields we were there for about an hour

what and it just started to get a little

bit busy and well that's not actually

the reason we left because even though

it's like but how many people here every

military like 12 but you not really in

each other's way because there's so many

flowers but I was too cold that's why

I'm sorry I'm kind of things right my

toes are like freezing off of my fingers

were like blue we I think we've got

heaps of really nice photos first one is

off I wanted to stay and see one of the

ways and I was like let's do more let's

do more and I was like I don't know I'm

freezing to death and I kind of

disappointed rug up it was really

calling it I was 9 degrees and I was in

the field in a dress for over an hour

and it was a little bit like there's a

bit of a breeze that come through and

yeah it's just I was just getting the

best to me this definitely the spot we

got I think sorry

we're heading to the bed technical

gardens called coup keukenhof although I

don't that's how you pronounce it why


I didn't do focus on this camera it's

really thought um but so for those the

dived I think we're just going to check

out I don't actually know what the plan

is for today I think we're just gonna go

check out this Botanical Garden I want

to find a nice coffee shop tour my soul

probably need to have some breakfast at

some point - there's some really cute

cafes that I want to check out so we'll

probably head to a nice cafe for

breakfast or lunch and I'll show you

guys that tomorrow is actually Kings day

in the city so didn't realize this but

that's probably why everything was

booked out and it was really expensive

over the weekend but Kings day is kind

of like Australia's Australia Day like a

day to celebrate their king and everyone

dresses in orange and goes out the

streets and drinks lots of beer and I

think there's like some markets on in

things so that'll be really interesting

to experience because we did not expect

this so we are at the Botanical Gardens

not that way that's a very busy area

right oh I thought you're handing me the

map so I oh are you doing it so yeah

we're at least pretending for gardens

which is just like so many different

kind flowers it's very beautiful

put your economics in paternal account

what wait you to see really we're just

being told people all these styles

pretty in microfilming




have a shot I have never seen so many

beautiful flowers so many different

types this place is really so

lit it's beautiful it would be so nice

if it was just a few degrees warm of her

I think as the Sun comes up it would be

even more beautiful cherry blossom meow

I found a woman coffee driving to the

city Alex's first CD driving experience

ready to find a park and I got the

parking meter in another language she's

done well



so we're at a place called schmuck 11:12

so we got a chocolate smoothie bar

avocado toast and oat milk coffees

you're gonna take this so now we're in a

little health food store looking for

snacks and looking for exciting things

to try and eat

just wants snacks I want to try the

white one but it's the small ones don't

coming white ones alright so here is my

selection of snacks I went with before

my camera dies I had this in Finland and

it was actually insane so I'm very

excited to try it again and then I got a

ginger shocks I think I'm still feeling

a little bit sick and I'm only good for

me this is the chocolate I picked

because it has a creamy hazelnut cream

and I've been seeing is everywhere and

they are like a national treat where's

the front so stroopwafel and I got this

one because it's a vegan one with wheat

syrup so interested to try these because

I've been seeing them everywhere

would you get chocolate

which is a local dutch chocolate do any

else this you did okay yep

good afternoon o1 so my camera died

while we're out but we basically just

came back to our room to charge

everything and have a look at the photos

we talked I'd give you guys a room tour

but it's it's very small in here and

we've already made a huge mess of it yep

there's a sneak peek by staying at a

hotel called conscious hotel and it's a

hotel chain here and we've booked a

cusper humming books there was not much

left and because it's Kings the Kings

what is it King's day tomorrow I think

the city was really busy and really

expensive so we've booked this hotel

room for the four nights and like it's

fine and it's a good little hotel chain

because they're all about being

conscious and saving water and

electricity and all those kinds of

things so I think that's a really cool

concept but now it's actually dinner

time and it's still so bright out there

I'm not gonna show you 6 p.m. we're

going to dinner but it feels like the

middle of the day it's so bright going

for a restaurant for dinner called mr.

and mrs. Watson which is us and it

actually also happens to be a vegan

restaurant so what are the odds of that

but we're gonna get an uber over there

because driving and parking in the city

can be not fun but I will bring you guys

along for our dinner to show you guys

because I think it looks like a pretty

cool restaurant so we've made it to the

restaurant Oh

uber driver was extremely entertaining

it's so much information it looks like

it's closed oh my god don't tell me it's

closed come all the way here oh my god

okay oh no it's okay oh good


what is this


I'd like to with Ellie

walking into the wind it's never a good

time in the fringe there you got to get

down me too tall for me do you know so

walking away from dinner over there but

we're gonna walk halfway because Alex

reckons digestion he's gonna digest his

food while he walks uh-huh

anyway dinner of you boggles those not

delicious Alex had the sloppy joe burger

got to fix it was really good it looked

it was very sloppy right not not kidding

when they say sloppy joe oh really pale

hello I don't even know what my dish was

that was gravy there was a potato that's

filled with mushrooms and there was I

think it's called celery AK it's like

the one vegetable that I do not like

this is very bitter but otherwise

delicious she's born was absolutely the

best phenomenal I'm gonna wrap this vlog

up here cuz I'm just doing a little day

vlog I wanted to just mainly make it

about the flower fields so I'm gonna

leave it here thanks for watching guys

hi boyfriend