Girl Chat: How Long Should a Couple Wait Before Cohabiting?

here's something couples moving in

together should discuss

are we ready to live together oh and how

are we going to split and handle the

cost of this new living arrangement now

according to the mic comm close to 30%

of couples break up after living

together for three years and 14% never

make it past the first year of living

together now some things you may want to

consider before moving in is you know

how will you split the ring who pay for

the groceries and what do we do with the

apartment and things that we brought

together if we split up right now that's

true now I want to say something because

I'm a numbers person they say 30% yeah

don't make it after you know three years

what that means 70% make it that I big

difference on the mega crash because I

always want to keep up but ladies do you

think couples should wait how long do

you think couples should wait before

moving in together and should financial

rules be laid out before moving in with

your man y'all ask first i'ma let y'all

talk to crack no no I'm gonna take a

backseat with you Loni because I want to

know what you ladies think because when

I was dating Freddie

we didn't move in neither did I Oh Adam

well you're doing I don't know where you

are but I regret that because when we

moved in together yo there was a lot of

things you men do that I wasn't ready

you remember you had never lived with a

man before I have but I haven't

it's not about another man I haven't

lived with Freddie before so I was

trying to be the good girl I was trying

to keep my kitty in it's like little

pocket and I was trying to be good and I

just didn't you know I didn't get

married I didn't want it you know I

didn't want to get tempted so we didn't

to me give a kitty and hot

we're ready cat we need our city cat

minority guy my job we've given your

kitty in the pocket with your husband at

home no I have not located somewhere


yes I was fell over re on there I got

behind live together and you go to bed

it's a very easy hard hard ok I'm gonna

be real be real yeah it was real hard

the boys do things that I wasn't used

yeah it is and so it's David challenging

but I wouldn't regret my decision

so I regret it I want to know today I

would tell a couple I was doing I would

say let's get it I look but first I want

to know why do you regret it because

people are different when you live

together when you live together and how

that yes how that man is when he lets it

all out how I am when I let it all out

you know saying when you just get you

had no being all those things

now when you live the other slip up your

bag I did cuz you know girl women you

just you just you take out your pasties

you take out your bra and you're just

gonna let it all out he had not seen I

want all of that before you guys ever

have sleepovers like be honest Jeannie

we are home leave overs but it's not

like living together I don't get what

you say you can sleep over with each

other you can Netflix and chill but it's

nothing like living overnight a first so

I have to ask you okay this would be

really real yeah what was he doing

that was so it's not just him it was me

too how do you see honestly it's getting

used to the rhythm of living with

someone else

and sometimes the rhythm is not what you

expected well there we go yeah what not

actually I'm not talking about that

Lonnie sorry for you no I'm just saying

I feel like I feel like when you get

married that first year you're kind of

figuring each other out

yeah for me honestly this is the biggest

thing like I loved sleeping by myself I

helped my god beg you you know what I'm

talking yeah don't you let your legs

oh and not only that our times of

getting up was different you know I I

didn't have a regular job when we first

got married so I used to sleep in a lot

and he would get up like at 5:00 a.m.

and I'd be like dang it now I'm up yeah

what is general little things like that

would would bug me

it doesn't matter honestly how long

y'all been together or how long y'all

been living together right once you get

married that's when you truly know who

that person is that's what I been yeah

it doesn't matter it's like something

happens and everything comes out and

here's another thing statistically you

guys I read up on this okay

statistically it's so weird it's

interesting and I and I tried to figure

it out they say hear me out

they say that people who live together

before they get married

actually have a higher divorce rate

however people that live together that's

been engaged are the same

isn't that interesting I feel like

because maybe they've been living

together for a while and then when they

do get married they're like forget this

I lived with him before I don't want to

go through that right does that make us

whereas people who are engaged been

living together or people who have

waited they're like you know what I

invested in Michigan and I'm going to

try my hardest to make this work and

that's what I've realized that's what I

thought and that's the kissing yeah this

isn't me this isn't you know my my

opinion but it's really interesting it's