Marriage and Relationships: How Soon is Too Soon?

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yeah so we're here episode to

unconventional couple so without further

ado I'm gonna jump right into it with

people people get married after like a

year and knowing somebody oh wow listen

this is the face of someone who doesn't

care right here this face right here

don't care anyway personally I'm not a

huge like marriage guys but like for

those who do it you know good for you

pull my parents didn't her parents

didn't you know people do it oh well

like you get married after like a year

and then five years down the road you're

just like you know oh I don't know who

they are anymore so many things have


well that's because you didn't know who

they were to begin with you don't you

don't know someone in a year okay you

just I just don't

in our experience our opinion in our

opinion you need to get to know each

other better you cannot know someone

enough any air it's impossible


and even if you think again our opinion

even if you think you know this person

late a lot a lot they're gonna think

you're wrong and either you're wrong or

you're right right now and they're gonna

change because you guys are gonna have

experiences together that will change

you exactly

and the like from our personal

experience no we're not married but

we've been together for 10 years and

that never gets any easier and we have

changed so much since we were sophomores

in college well you were I was just kind

of hanging around and we have changed a

lot since I was a sophomore in college

there we go

especially like people who meet and they

you know they're like 19 20 you meet

either they're like high school

sweethearts or like they're you know

they meet freshmen sophomore year at

college or something like that like you

don't know who that person is because

they don't know who they are why are you

staring at me like that you're talking

okay I don't know I've been trained to

believe that you think I'm an idiot at

all times

oh yeah you know I'm saying like they're

still developing who they are

so there's no way that you could know

who they are they're constantly changing

so I just think that's insanity to me

you're gonna sign a 4life contract some

NW oceans and right that's good oh you

wanna sign a contract and be like till

death do us part

yes are you really gonna take Jesus took

what could be

this this is why would you married then

I can't even have my own come down

anyway um but yeah like that's that's


that's insanity like and then you know

there's there's a whole concept of

you're not supposed to cohabitate before

marriage again that's insane

do you know how many little things a

person does when they're in the privacy

of their own home that can drive you

batshit insane

he cleans as air is every two seconds I

mean every like right now right now my

ears kind of bother me like I would like

to clean them right now right as we're

talking like on camera I want to clean

my ears I'm not going to don't go

anywhere I'm not going to but I want to

little things and like you pile on a

bunch of little things paper is not that

heavy individually but you put a good

stack of that together and it starts to

get a little heavy dog could you imagine

it's like literally everything that

someone did on a normal basis their

morning routine everything about it

drove you nuts

but you didn't find out until after you

said I do why why would you spend

$20,000 on a car and you don't know

nothing about it

no people won't even spend $60 on a game

they don't know nothing about but you

mean to tell me that you're gonna stick

with somebody for life this person is

gonna be the mother or father of your

kids and you haven't even stayed in a

crib for a week say that out loud

I'll wait

doesn't that sound crazy that sounds

insane I mean like I said I'm a I've

seen marriage work um you know my boy

rube his parents just celebrated at 31st

wedding anniversary

love them to death awesome people but

you always work brah

it is work I'm absolutely sure they

didn't like each other every single day

well in a relationship you're not gonna

like each other every single day

impossible you pretty much have to fall

in love with the person over and over

yeah like you don't just fall in love

with someone and love them the same way

every single day you're gonna hate this

person one day you're gonna love this

person the next day you're gonna think

this person is amazing one day that

you're gonna think this person's a

[ __ ] idiot

the next day like it is a constant job

essentially like you're you have to put

forth a lot of effort just because

you're getting married or just business

person proposed to you or just because

you're living with this person or just

because you're getting along with this

person right now doesn't mean it's gonna

be like this forever and I think a lot

of people don't think about that

like there's nothing wrong with being

with someone for long-term before

getting married there's nothing wrong

with that I hate when I hear people say

like oh how long I've been together

three years two years five years and he

married you yet yeah the proposed shut

up shut up you've been engaged for how

long like okay I get to know this person

first we're both completely different

people from when we first started

meeting and if we had gotten married

Oh God even if we had gotten married

when I graduated two years later it

still would have been a mess absolutely

it would have been a huge mess

and we would have got I will boo guys

divorced or something like it would have

been a super mess because there is this

pressure to be this amazing couple when

you're Mary there's this pressure to

make everything work and to not be a

failure and you're when you're married

and it's silly it's silly absolutely if

you just focus on the person and do what

you feel is right and take your time

there's absolutely no rush at any of

them there's no rush in getting married

there's no rush and having babies you're

the one putting pressure on that and

that's why things tend to fail yeah and

your mom who can't allow other people's

expectations for themselves to change

the way you look at me yeah I know

dictate your choices exactly like just

because someone else wants to be married

by a certain time and have kids by a

certain time or whatever they're

scheduled to is if they're trying to

impose that on you you have to

immediately and and passionately tell

them to shut the [ __ ] up and live their

life while you live yours you know I'm

saying like you cannot allow or those

people like especially like older folks

I'll be the first ones to tell you you

know you gotta get married you gotta

have grandbabies and this day and a

third tell me tell me shut the [ __ ] up

tell them thank you for having my mom

and dad and you know whoever whatever

and getting me here thanks but shut up

seriously because that might not be for

you that might not be your cat and

that's okay yeah like that's fine but

the amount of times people have asked us

oh when are you guys getting

oh when are you having kids never hold

it oh ho

you can drop dead at this moment we have

no interest in getting married or having

children oh I'm good so don't rush into

marriage it does not make anything

better to take your time get to know

each other and it'll happen there's no


unless the Stein is crashing into Earth

oh yeah totally get married then just go

ahead bang that out you know so I get it

off your bucket list know you'll find

the time but you have time yeah just

enjoy each other yeah enjoy each other

and you will have a much much better

relationship in our opinion in our oh

yeah you know um once again it's been a

unconventional couple episode in me

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spades she is still why not

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