How Soon Is Too Soon to Sleep with Someone? - Dating Advice for Women

With all the advice out there telling women when it's the appropriate time to

give it up, I want to get to the truth of truths about this subject because I

think it can be dangerous to assume all women are the same. But since I have a

lot to say about this, let's get started.

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channel so you don't miss a thing. So just how soon is too soon to sleep with someone?

I'm so excited to shine some light on this topic, because it irks me

to no end to hear some of the advice given to women about why it's important

to wait until they have sex. This idea that men won't respect you, or that

giving it up shows a lack of respect you have for yourself is complete Bull@&!t

Yeah I said it. The truth is to wait or have sex is completely dependent on what feels

right for you. What makes you feel most empowered, so what this really comes down

to is self-awareness. Recently someone asked me what the most important key to

a lasting relationship was and assuming I'd say the typical communication,

respect, blah blah blah, I said knowing yourself. Why? Because if you don't know

yourself you are going to be in seeking mode. Pleasing the wrong people and not

doing what feels right for you.

Self-awareness is the best gift you

could give yourself ladies. Truthfully, self-awareness is knowing yourself and

having the confidence to back it up. Now let's take this back to why this matters

when we're making the decision to sleep with someone or not. When you are

self-aware, you will never think about how another person will see you. You will

make an empowered decision because you know it's best for you. Here's where we

get ourselves into trouble. Making any decision out of fear. I've seen it both

ways. Ladies having sex right away because they think it will keep the

attention of a man, and ladies waiting because they think it will be deserving

of respect from a man. Both are done out of fear and not congruent

to your truth. As corny as it sounds, remember the quote "Self-respect gets mad respect."

No matter what you choose to do, as long as you make the decision feeling

good about who you are, you are showing self-respect and that translates to the

right people. With that said I want to give you a few questions you can ask

yourself before making a decision to have an adult meeting.

Number One: Do I want to do this?

Number Two: Is it someone I want to do it with?

and Number Three: Am I going to feel good about myself afterwards, no matter the outcome.

If the answer is yes to all of the above,

it doesn't matter if you have sex with someone right away, or six months from now.

Like I said as long as you have the self-awareness enough to make an

empowered decision, you are making the best decision. I've seen beautiful

relationships that have started from sex on the first night, and I've seen

beautiful relationships that made the choice to wait. The right partner is

going to respect you, because you are worthy of respect

already, not because you chose to wait or not. Now I want to ask you what was the

most empowered sexual decision you've ever made? Comment below!

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